Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LET'S DISH! At The Beach, Use your Noodle!

It's official, SUMMER has arrived, and in a BIG way!

Let's Dish # 14 , very appropriate , AT THE BEACH!  It's HOT!

First for all the kids who got out of school today, esp. my gkids, :), Happy Summer!

Let's Dish 827

Inspiration for the first table is this great cotton quilt I got at Pottery Barn Outlet, for 6.50.  Double size, reversible, and very colorful!

Let's Dish 885

I also was looking at those noodles the kids use at the beach, and decided to make something table related with one.

Let's Dish 849

I slit it apart, this one had indentations all the way around.  Then I made an inner slit and fit it around a white charger plate.

Let's Dish 847

With the extra pieces I made place card holders, and napkin rings! Dollar Tree Noodle, 5 charger rims and name cards and napkin rings.  Pretty thrifty!

Let's Dish 826

I bought some beach toys at the end of the season last year, and used one as the centerpiece.

TIP:  Save those reels Christmas lights come on, they are great to elevate things on a table, just the right size.

Let's Dish 884

I used it on the Buffet table  Sunday to raise the centerpiece.

Let's Dish 798

Let's Dish 856

Green swirl flatware on the blue part of the quilt, noodle charger, polka dot plate from clearance at CTS .75
Let's Dish 824

Beach chair salad plate, .50 CTS a few years ago.

Let's Dish 849

Blue flatware on the green part.  Both sets are from CTS and were 4.99.

Blue tumbler from CTS, little green fish ramekins from Home Goods, as are the napkins.

Let's Dish 823

Hand painted s and p from CTS, .84 for the set.

Let's Dish 854

A Happy Summer take home for the kids, aluminum water bottles, 1.00 from CTS.

Let's Dish 837 

Let's Dish 851

I love to do fun tables, but I did an adult one too!

Let's Dish 857

My blue hydrangeas in some blue water in a nice big vase from the .99 store.

Let's Dish 889

Silver charger with shell from Noritake, many years ago.  White plate, pale blue textured edge soup, white shell salad.

Blue napkin with a white one inside held by a starfish  napkin ring from WSonoma Outlet.

Let's Dish 867
Let's Dish 888

The  shell shaped serving spoons and salt and pepper server from WSonoma Outlet, end of summer sale last year.
 Ceramic shell shaped votive holders from CTS, last summer, 1.00 each.

Bubble glass stems , Dansk everyday flatware.

Scallop shells I spray painted silver, from down the block, free!  :)

Little white beach pails filled with hydrangea from $ Tree.  You can write the names on them.

Let's Dish 877

Hope you will join me in the garden , and enjoy all summer brings.

Let's Dish 870
Sit for a while on the side porch and enjoy the breeze, or just shoot it!

Let's Dish 891 

Please  enjoy the season, and take time to smell the flowers!   :)

Let's Dish 892

Now it's your turn!

Gift card give away tonight.

You have to be a follower to be entered in the drawing, and tell me if you prefer Target of TJ Maxx which is good at Marshalls and Home Goods. Leave a comment to be entered.

Winner announced in my weekend post.

I've got my sunscreen and water wings on so I will join you ...

Thanks so much for attending our meeting of Let's Dish!

***One link, no word ID, and please link back to this post. THANKS!

Visit as many as you can, I know you will!

I am joining Stone Gable for her launch of her new meme, Tips, Tidbits  and Tutorials. Share a tip or show us how to do something. :) From now on known as T, T and T or Triple T!  Yvonne is doing  a sweet give away, hop over and see!
Pool Noodle Craft Party at Fox Hollow Cottage
Susan for Tablescape Thursday
Diann for Thrifty Things Friday

Let's Dish!


  1. You had your clever and creative hat on big time for this one! So many pretty things to look at and so many great ideas. Sending you a big virtual high 5!!!!

  2. First CTS, and now the beach "down the block for free"!!! I just don't know what to do about you! Is there no end to your taunting me??? :-) I would never, ever, ever in a billion and one years thought to do what you did with that pool noodle. What a cute idea, Kathleen! Heavens to Betsy, child...that is just super fun!!! I'm not sure which I like better...the kid table or the adult one! You did a great job on both! Love it that you spray painted those shells for a very sophisticated look. BEAUTIFUL hydrangea for your centerpiece, too!!! Your stemware on the adult table is gorgeous!!!

  3. Fun tables K, that's really using your noodle! Oh yea, still cracking myself up:@) Love that last pic! Happy summer, I know you'll enjoy it!

  4. Can I eat supper at the grown-up table and dessert at the fun table? Wonderful surprise. Thanks for hosting us. I'm a happy follower, and I'll choose TJ Maxx. Thanks for the opportunity. Cherry Kay

  5. Oh my! 2 fabulous tables for the price of one. I love the cotton quilt one the first table and what a fun use of those noodles! You are using your noodle for sure. The garden table is so inviting. You wowed me again Kathleen. Love all the details and the bargains you come across. I'm joining in tonight. Don't know if I'll get my link hooked up before I leave for the Sounders Soccer game tonight. Blessings!

  6. What a fantastic and creative idea using that noodle! I wonder if I will get in trouble if I start cutting up a few of ours!! You have so many cool beach accessories, I love it all!


  7. The kids table is cute as can be, the adult table is stunning, and your garden is beautiful. Love it all! You are so very creative!

  8. I'm speechless over your cleverness! That noodle idea is da bomb!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  9. Both tables are perfection Kathleen!

  10. What a clever idea to use those noodles!! Love it - Jennifer

  11. You really used your noodle.. Great tables. Love the adult table!! That quilt and the dishes are just perfection. The kids table is so cute.. Thanks so much for hosting.. xo marlis

  12. Noodle chargers & napkin rings!! I wonder if they'd float and I can dine noodling in the water? :) Of course I love that fun quilted table covering~ it's a coin toss which table I'd rather sit at! Your hydrangea and shell table is beautiful and I adore your silver shell napkin rings! I'd be in serious trouble if there was a WS outlet or CTS in my neck of the woods!
    I'm a follower, TJ Maxx please :)

  13. Kathleen, your noodle is always working overtime! I love both tables, I'd have appetizers at the kiddies and entree with the adults, dessert on the porch, where I would be secretly packing a doggie bag.......and I don't own a dog!! xo P.S. I received my HG gift card from the Tablescaper and as soon as it is bearable outside I am going shopping!

  14. I do so enjoy visiting you "house." The colors are so cool, literally, and it helps to forget about the heat outdoors here! Thanx! Cathy

  15. Wait. I have to gather my thoughts because I'm amazed at your creativity with a pool noodle and now I can't think straight! lol
    Both tables are wonderful. The first being so playful, the second being so elegant and so different from the first. You can do it all, Kathleen!

    Both giveaway choices are awesome...I think I'd choose TJ Maxx.

  16. I love all the blues and greens. Such a refreshing table. I am a follower and I'd choose T J Maxx. Thanks!

    Jocelyn @

  17. I am first of all so happy you showed us two tables! Girl you are amazing! Both are great! One oh so clever and cute and the other elegant and peaceful. Love it all. I'm happy I got home in time to join the party!!

    I'm a follower and I would choose TJ Maxx! I can't wait to see all the fun tables this week!

    :) Linda

  18. Kathleen! You out-did yourself. Both tables are wonderful and so different. I love the blue and silver one - wow. Of course, the one with the polka dot plates is adorable, too. How can you choose???? Thanks for hosting - this was a fun one!

  19. Hi Kathleen, I don't know which table I want to sit at--how about one for dinner and the other for dessert? Those noodle ideas are so great!! And I cringe every time I see something on your table that you found at the OUTLET after I found it at the store--like those shell salad servers! And of all the things I've done with shells, I don't think I have ever painted them silver! Silly me--I buy them in pewter. What am I thinking? We have buckets and buckets of them!!!! I powered through my migraine so I wouldn't miss this wonderful party, although it was very overcast and the photos are a little dark. Thanks for hosting! Linda

    1. Linda, I think they were 10 dollars. We had been watching them, and when they went on sale Alma picked them up for me. I think when ds sees them in this post they may disappear!

    I LOVE your toy centerpiece for the kiddies! My VERY VERY favorite thing is the adult table starfish napkin rings..."WANT"and have added them to WISHLIST!!!
    Thank you for hosting our fun.
    Have a beautiful week and KEEP COOL!

  21. I'll have a seat at both tables please! You are so creative with the noodle chargers & napkin rings!! The quilt was a steal! Always love seeing your hydrangea and you have a nice collection of shell ware. My hubby and his students have school until Friday. Then the 15 graduation parties begin :-)

    1. My gkids go to Catholic school, so they finished today. Public school ends Fri. So glad I am not there anymore esp in 95 deg heat!

  22. Wow, Kathleen, I love BOTH tables! That PB quilt was such a deal and it looks sooo pretty on the table. I love what you did with the noodles. Aren't you clever?! Of course, the hydrangeas with shells is gorgeous. I let my gkids decorate their own table. Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway. I love TJ Maxx.

  23. Both tables are awesome! Thanks so much for hosting :)

  24. Both tables are very nice.
    I am partial to the that lovely quilt.
    Thank you for hosting.

  25. Here I am, in all my glory. This is the third time around for this table -- I hope this is the one you meant.

    I love your kid table! So fun, using your noodle. The grownup table is fabulous -- so elegant. Thanks for hosting. Does my explanation of how I figured out how to retrieve the photos count for Yvonne's tutorial thing?

  26. Hi Kathleen! LOVE your kid's table! Very creative use of a noodle! That quilt is SO fun!!! Your adult table is so very elegant, from the silver chargers to the blue water!
    Please note that I did indeed put my blog name on my link, and since I linked up for Robin, I did hers, too! No applause necessary. :)

  27. I forgot to say that I would have to take HG here -- TJXX seems to be phasing out the home stores here! Marshall's is not around anywhere.

  28. How stinkin cute is that!~ I love your tables. The pool noodle napkin ring holder was such a clever idea. So glad you joined in on the noodle party. Do you mind adding our link as well to let others know it is going on. May give someone some fun ideas. Thanks Kathleen!~

    1. I did Debbie, I didn't know about the party, saw it on someone's blog, and added it from my ipad. You can't add links from there, but I added it as soon as I got back to my computer.

  29. That is such a great tablescape using the pool noodle, Kathleen! I love that you got so many different uses out of it. Love the color scheme, too. The blue and green with the white is very fresh and Summery!

  30. Wow! So creative of you to think about the noodles and use them as part of your tablescape. Love your quilt too, great deal! I prefer TJ maxx if I win. Love the colors and your dishes on this table...Christine

  31. Your first table is so cute! Noodles were a great idea! The second table it absolutely stunning! Love it all!

  32. That kid's table is so cute! Can I sit there? Thanks for hosting Kathleen. You always give a great party!!

    Susan and Bentley

  33. I love both tables, my favorite colors! Love the noodle chargers, cool idea :) Hope you get a nice ocean breeze tomorrow, supposed to be oppressively hot. Stay cool!

  34. Oh yeah, and I am a follower and would love to do some serious damage at TJ Maxx!

  35. Kathleen, I love the kid's table. It's so much fun, but then the adult's table is gorgeous. Your tablescapes always have so much detail and so thoughtfully planned.
    I'd love for you to enter me in the giveaway, if it isn't too late. TJMaxx works for me. Happy Summer.

  36. Kathleen, You are such a creative girl! You are really using your noodle, for sure! Thanks for your kind shout-out and joining the first TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!
    I love the giveaway. TJMaxx is my choice. Thanks!!!

  37. Both tablescapes are wonderful! You are so clever using the noodle to make the chargers, placecard holders and napkin rings!

    All the colors are just beautiful!

    Thanks for hosting the party, so much fun, can't wait to see all the beach themes!


  38. A noodle charger?!? Where did you come up from this??? Great table. Love this. Actually love both of them.

    - The Tablescaper

  39. What a clever way to use the noodle. Bet your grandkids loved eating at your table. The adult table is very exquisite. Very pretty and calming with the silver and blue. I love TJ Maxx!

  40. Kathleen, I love both tables. I'm partial to the quilt. I use quilted throws 50x60 for my little breakfast table. I have quite a collection and the more you use them and launder them, the more I love them. Your tablescapes are always so lovely. If I win the gift card, I would love TJM/Homegoods. I spend hours in our nearby store. I search every item. lol

  41. Gorgeous tables. Love all of the beachy items. I wish I had a CTS store nearby. I would love Target/TJMaxx. I am already a follower.
    Aren't you clever with the noodle? So many possibilities. Don't you just love the dollar store?

  42. The beach table is so much fun and gorgerous,you are so creative, it's incredible how you used the kids's noodles..very terrific. Loving those summer colors. Great choise of elemnts, wow. The other table is so elegant, fresh and are one talented lady Kathleen! Thank you for having me.

  43. Thanks for hosting this beach party! It looks like we went in the same direction (with your adult table). I spray painted my scallop shells silver too! This was realy fun to do and see the other tables too. Your kids table is adorable and I have been amazed this week seeing what people do with pool noodles! I love your giant serving utensils!

    Robin Flies South

  44. Both tables are darling! How creative to edge the chargers? The kids table is delightful and the adult table, dreamy! So beautiful =)

    Thanks for playing at the noodle party!!

  45. Loved both of your tables...I was way to busy this week being a mommy to set a new 'beachy' table, so I didn't link up my post. I especially love your shell serving spoons. Our outlet prices are never as low as yours!!

  46. Kathleen, both of these table are awesome ~ the first one cute and clever, the second one full of beauty. Great job! Love the blues and greens of the first and the whites and soft blues of the second. Two totally different tables and both totally charming. Gift card to TJ Maxx would be my choice. ;-)
    Sorry I didn't get a new post created for tonight. Just now time here in SF. Will be back posting for next week.
    ~ Sarah

  47. Wow! Cute, clever and beautiful!! The pool noodle tablescape is so fun, bright and creative...LOVE IT! While your adult table is simply stunning! I would have a hard time choosing where to sit. :-)

  48. Wow! Very creative. I really like both tables. It would difficult to choose. There are so many things to admire on both... to many to mention. Thanks for hosting.

  49. Kathleen, thanks once again for hosting the party! I'm sorry I blew the theme this time. But, maybe a poolside table in a land-locked part of Texas isn't TOO far off? I will have to be on the lookout for some of the fun beach items so many of your linkees have shown!

  50. Kathleen -- what a terrific and fun table. You just have too many wonderful outlet opportunities in your area -- Pottery Barn Outlet - be still my heart, lol. That quilt is wonderful - I am very partial to quilts used tabletop - and the colors are perfect for *at the beach*. You sure used your noodle with that noodle -- okay too corny, lol,

    I would love to enter in although I am not a Linky Party goer this time. Either option would be WONDERFUL :)


  51. Hi Kathleen,
    Your tables were wonderful as always! Such a cute and colorful one for the children, and the adult table was truly stunning. Love the hyrangeas with the beach theme, perfect, and the silver shells. It all looks so lovely,
    and your yard and porch looks so inviting as well as your tables.

    I have linked up with you today for the first time, because the dear lady at a cottage in the clouds told me I should because I had done a beachy
    table for Father's day. So glad to discover let's dish. So thanks for hosting it, and for always sharing your lovely tablescapes with us, cause you are a very talented lady, and we love seeing them!
    Blessings, Nellie

  52. I hope you went over and connected to the noodle party! That's the most wonderful idea, and I would never have thought of it in a million years. I can't decide whether I love your noodley kids' table or the adult version more. I've decided to call it a toss up and call them both wonderful.

    I am so busy this week that I almost opted out, but I really think the challenges are fun so here I am. Lighthouses count as beach, right?

    Thanks for hosting. I really do love the way you do your party.

  53. The kiddie table is so fun but the adult one is show stopping gorgeous! I would definitely enjoy a meal there - especially with your fantastic cooking. Happy Summer Kathleen! (Our kiddos finish Friday - they're definitely ready!!)

  54. Beautiful tabelscapes. Yes mam I am a follower and I would love a TJ MAXX card! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  55. Beautiful tables! They make me smile!
    You really know how to use your noodle!

  56. Beautiful tablescapes. I am a follower and like TJ Maxx.

  57. You out-did yourself with these two tables Kathleen!
    The noodle is amazing and so are all of those buys!
    Love the blue hydrangeas, the blue water, the beach toy centerpiece, my gosh girl you have it all.
    Can't you just shop deals for me too at CTS! Ok, just kidding...kind of.
    I am a long time follower of course you know that! I would love with a capital LOVE to win this and I would choose TJ Maxx!!

  58. Hi, Kathleen. I could NOT wait to get to your party!! Thanks for hosting! The beach table on your header is absolutely gorgeous, your fun table is...well...FUN! (Noodles into chargers and napkin rings??!! You're so creative!), but that final table....oh, my.....I want to sit at that table and enjoy every single detail--the little pails, the napkin rings, the gorgeous plates, the centerpiece, the salad servers, on an on an on. Lovely. And this party looks like it's going to be a great one!! ~Zuni

  59. How fun! I really like both of the tables but, I have to confess, the kids table is my fav! That quilt is so pretty and building the table off of it is perfect! I am a follower of course and prefer TJMaxx. Thanks for hosting Kathleen and have a great day!

  60. I love both tables but especially the adult table, it's so peaceful.
    I'm a follower and would choose TJ Maxx. Thanks!

  61. Hi Again Kathleen,
    I was just wondering, do you choose a theme every week? or does everybody
    just do what they want typically??


  62. Kathleen, you are brilliant! I can't believe the way you used the swim noodle. It added such a vibrant color to the table. The adult table is so serene and absolutely gorgeous. Of course, the tiny buckets with hydrangea blooms stole my heart, since hydrangeas are a fav of mine. How did you grow hydrangeas the perfect color for this table? laurie

  63. Hi Kathleen
    What an Inspirations tablescape for summer!
    You are always brilliant!
    Love from Brasil

  64. I forgot to tell you I prefer TJ Maxx gift card over Target (but I would take either!! LOL!)


  65. How cute is this, Kathleen! And your adult pretty! I seem to have lost my tablescape mojo, so it's nice to get some inspiration! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  66. When I see your layout I definitely think of the beach! Richard

  67. Happy to say I am a follower of your blog! I have been enjoying your tablescapes for quite some time. I have often noticed that you have found some of the same bargains I have at CTS! Love that place. And also love TJ Maxx which is a lot closer to me than Target. Please enter me in your giveaway!

  68. Kathleen, What a fun kid's table and you really used YOUR noodle to come up with that idea to use the swimming noodle to create all the accoutrements! :-) And the adult table is so pretty and elegant! After all this landscape hoopla is over on Monday, I should be able to start blogging and visiting on a more regular basis. Glad you stopped by for a visit. ~ Sue

  69. That quilt at pottery barn was a steal!! Love that along with your noodles on the kids table. As for the beautiful adult table, my favorite was the painted sea shells!! Love my Marshalls!!

  70. I think you did the blue/green table for me...I ♥ it! The hydrangeas are simply gorgeous...I only got a couple puny blossoms from mine this year. I think it may have been from having little to no rain last summer. Maybe next year they will once again be loaded.
    Thanks for hosting each week, K.


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