Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Look Back to Christmas Past, Part 1

Tomorrow is Dec. 1st, hard to believe.

I am joining my friend The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday, a look at Christmas Past.

Actually, I don’t change my d├ęcor that much from year to year.  That’s part of the tradition of Christmas, doing many things the same way from year to year.

The Christmas mantel…


I have a double mantel that dh built when we built this house 12 years ago.

The Precious Moments Nativity always goes there, surrounded by a mixture of faux and fresh greens.  I use oasis for the fresh greens and fresh flowers, and weave lights throughout.

table 430

December 2011 045

Another tradition is my front porch.


Dec 2012 066061

After all, Santa needs a place to sit and cool off after squeezing down the chimney in that hot suit.

Dec 2012 064

Dec 2012 053

Our home would not be complete without a Nativity, and  outside must have one too!

Dec 2012 060

A light in every window to welcome the Christ child’s arrival on the 25th.

I have always wanted to put every Christmas table I have ever done in one place, and tomorrow I hope to do just that!

Thanks for visiting, be sure to check out The  Tablescaper’s  Seasonal Sunday .

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Let's Dish #89

table 1257
We’ll stay home this year, dh is recuperating and needs his rest.

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.
 He is coming along.

We will miss seeing the children and their antics!

table 1313
Whether your gathering is small…

table 1247
Or large with many guests and many tables…

Let's Dish 1698

Let's Dish 1662

table 3641

Enjoy and count your blessings!  You are amongst mine!

October Witches 365
See you next week, when everyone will be into the next holiday!

I will be pulling out the Cmas, not much Tgiving actually got pulled out.

Don’t forget the Dec. 11 challenge.  Find at pic on the net or in a mag or book of a Holiday table.

 Show us the pic, then your version.

Thanks for stopping by, and Gobble, Gobble!

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  I did have to delete a few craft posts last week.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Blues~Let’s Dish #88

Good evening, Ladies!  Thank you for all the prayers for my dh.  He is home, 20 lbs lighter and very weak, but getting stronger every day!
I appreciate all your good wishes, those of you who have taken an ambulance ride at 2 a.m. know how very frightening it is.  ICU was the best place for him as he needed transfusions for blood loss, and they took good care of him.  Thanks again to all those in nursing for all you do!
I managed to do a little table today while he was resting.  Not the usual Fall colors, are you all FALLED out?
REMINDER!  DEC. 11th is the next challenge.  You must show us a picture from the web or a magazine, and show us your interpretation of the Holiday  table.
Have you found yours yet?  I have 2 in mind.  I save old Christmas magazines for just that reason. 
I started with a blue and white cloth I have had for years from Villeroy and Boch.
Next came a blue glass charger, then the pierced plates from Horchow.
The glass Bormioli compotes top the stack, they were .99 , a great find!
The napkins are from the WSonoma outlet, and the white pearlized flatware is from Horchow.
I haven’t been out for a week, so I couldn’t get flowers, so a simple glass hurricane surrounded by small white pumpkins and some acorns is the centerpiece.
The blue stems were a great deal from the Pfaltzgraff dollar sale. They are a pretty color blue with a large bubble before the stem starts.
Look closely and you will see the bubble.
The white butter domes are from  Christmas Tree Shops.
A pair of white turkey salt and peppers are also from Christmas Tree Shops.
I hope you are all well into your Thanksgiving preparations!  We won’t be able to celebrate this year,  dh isn’t up to it.  I will miss being with my family, but I am very Thankful for God’s blessings!
Next week, Thanksgiving Eve, I am starting with Christmas.  I know many of you have already started your decorating for the holidays!

Skillet o Rama…
I am still finding lots of uses for those individual skillets I bought.
Macaroni and cheese, hot and bubbly.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let’s Dish 88

Nothing from me, dh is in ICU , but improving.  Just putting up the link so you can share amongst yourselves.

Thanks for all your good thoughts.

Same rules. Some of you are forgetting to link back to this party. Please remember to do that and put your BLOG name first.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving is in the Air! Let’s Dish # 87


What a week!  DH got sick last Thursday, and I have been a nurse all week.

  Today we again went to the doc, and the news was good.  The tests came back, and it is an infection, and he should be better in a few days.  I will have to fatten him up, he has lost about 6 lbs, so I will be baking him something good this week!

table 1308

Some individual apple crisps are on the menu, I already peeled the apples.  A big scoop of ice cream will help.


Needless to say, Clara Barton didn’t get to do a table.

Here’s to all the nurses out there, you work hard!


table 318

Time to pull out this pretty Lenox Cake plate, a gift to myself a few years ago.  I know I have shown this before.


table 319

I love how the bottom is shaped like a pumpkin.

These are shortbread cookies made in nut shaped molds.  You fill them with chocolate or jam. Molds came from King Arthur.

table 366

They would be good piled on that pretty plate.

Or maybe this cornucopia pumpkin cake…

October Witches 371

table 1242 (2)

As TURKEY TIME draws near, I find myself leaping ahead to Christmas planning.  After this week I realize how illness can throw schedules way out of whack, so I want to try and be prepared early!


FIND A PICTURE OF a Christmas , or a Hanukkah   HOLIDAY TABLE AND  TRY TO DUPLICATE IT.  It can be from a magazine, book, or Pinterest or a blog.  Be sure to give credit to where it came from.

Show us the original, and your version.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

I didn’t do a challenge for Nov.  I know everyone is doing Fall tables, so we will skip this month.

Hope things will settle down this week, lots to catch up on, and I sure hope dh will be well enough to go to the dump!  I hate that job!  :)

Have a wonderful November week, busy times ahead for everyone, it sneaks up quickly!

Same rules to link up.  A dish related entry, link back to this party, no word id, BLOG NAME FIRST and please visit at least 5 entries.

Thanks for stopping by!


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