Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This and That~Let’s Dish # 86


WHHHOOO wishes you a Happy Halloween?  I do!

You may remember this little couple from last Christmas.


Dec 2012 091

Well, they have morphed into an owl and an angel!

The owl is my gson, the angel , his cousin.

My 1 year old owl won first place for his costume!  What a HOOT!


A few more of my gkids and their cousins at the annual Halloween party.

Picture 886

Are your thoughts turning toward Thanksgiving?

Picture 921Picture 889

Picture 847

October Witches 337

I don’t host Tgiving, so I have been browsing Christmas inspiration.

I know, too early, but I am slow!


The newest flyer for CTS has lots of dishes to tempt, and an adorable Debbie Mumm throw, which I couldn’t figure out how to get the picture to post!  :)  You can see the whole flyer on line, and as I said in my last post, you can shop limited items online.

I bought some new pink dishes from Pfaltzgraff on sale, and had hoped to do a scape for October Breast Cancer awareness…but life comes first.001

Sorry I am late, I was out all day, had a looong lunch with some HS friends, and we chatted for hours!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas Tree Shops is on line! CTS and BBB offering 20% off the whole order Nov. 9-11 for all military, past and present!

Saturday I was browsing and discovered they are now on line.  Not much of a selection, I think they will add more.  They have a daily deal, and 4.95 shipping per order.

So for all those who have been lamenting you have no CTS, it’s a start.

Don’t you just LOOOVE a Bargain?

table 1293

Also, Nov. 9 to 11th, Christmas Tree Shops and BED BATH and BEYOND  is giving 20% off the whole order to our military.

ATTENTION U.S. MILITARY & VETERANS! Active Duty, DOD, Reserves, Guard, Retirees, Veterans and Military Spouses IN HONOR OF VETERANS DAY U.S. Armed Forces Appreciation Weekend! NOVEMBER 9-11th

Now that IS NICE!  Thank you for remembering our military , they deserve it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let’s Dish #85~BOO STEW~

Good Evening, Ladies!

Loved visiting everyone this week and seeing their white challenge entries.

Thanks for all who entered, and so many of you nailed it perfectly and stuck to the challenge of only ONE other color.

I know it was hard, but many of you aced it! A +!

Tonight I went with a traditional orange and black.


I started with a floor length black and white check cloth.

Next came a placemat.


It is cotton with the web painted on and the skull and crossbones sewn on.  I got it at Tuesday Morning.


There were 4 in the pkg., so 1.00 each, and very nice quality.


Next came an orange plate from Dollar Tree I think, a black print from HG clearance, and a white with orange stripe by Syracuse china for 50 cents from Ocean State Job Lot.



The checked flatware is by Pfaltzgraf and my friend Gail found it at Burlington House and sent it to me!  Thanks, Gail!


The skillet that our dinner will be served in is from a restaurant supply store.

The black with orange rick rack napkins are from HG, and the black footed ribbed glasses were from the Pfaltzgraff Clearance Outlet for .96.

The centerpiece is a large metal jack o’ lantern that is spitting out battery operated lights, topped with some Montauk Daisies and a bow.


I scrunched a black spider web lace cloth under it.


Eyeball salt and peppers from Christmas Tree Shop.


The little orange and black treat bag at each place are from Factory Direct Crafts.  You could write the name on the spider as place markers.

I find really good bargains there, you have to take the time to look, but they are there!  They have 20 off sales every so often too.  No, I am not being compensated.


I hope you are hungry for some BOO STEW!

Continuing with the Skillet O Rama…Part 4


I had a small piece of filet mignon left.  I cubed it, tossed it in flour and seasoning and browned it. 

Into the pan with some browned onion, carrots and some pan gravy.

Covered with foil and baked for 45 in.  Made mashed potatoes and piped them on, with some ghosts coming up!  :0

Returned to oven and baked till they got a little color.


Dig in, unless you are AFRAID!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I am rushing to get this up, repair man here for the burner, and every time he has to go by I have to move!

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Winner of theWSonoma leaf cutters is Diane’s CREATIVE TABLE. Please email me your address!


I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday, Yvonne for TTT, Gollum for Foodie Friday, and Diann for Thrifty Things Friday.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Golden Autumn~Let’s Dish # 84~The WHITE CHALLENGE~WSONOMA Baking related give away!

Fall greetings from Long Island, where it is still pretty summery!  I’ll take it as long as possible, the cold will come, it always does!

Tonight is the all white dish Fall table.  ONLY ALL WHITE dishes can be used, no trim, borders, etc.

I know, it was hard.  A few times I had something I was going to use, and then realized it didn’t comply! 

Who made up these rules??? lol!  But it is a CHALLENGE!

  You could use one other color for your linens, utensils, glasses, etc. and charger.  Of course, clear glass and regular silverware is allowed.  Big of me!  :)

I picked GOLD and these pierced edged white dishes from Portugal.


Blog Labor 319_thumb[2]4 witches

This week’s poem dedicated to all those who are Sweet…and  Savory too! 

The saga continues!


The Witches don’t like this table

It’s white and very mild,

You know they’re into MISCHIEF

And like things pretty wild!


Their tricks are not so darling

They turned Blogland’s icing BLUE,

They left those bakers SNARLING,

What a witchy thing to do!


Some think that they are funny

Quite persuasive, that’s for sure

But when you get to know them,

Enduring  them’s a chore!



Oh, they’ll get their comeuppance

That old saying is quite true,

Only do to others

As you’d have done to you!


Some bloggers got together

They’re planning an attack,

So Witches do get ready





Table info

White Battenburg Placemat, .99 store I thought about a tablecloth…but decided I liked the contrast of the wood.  Yippee, now I didn’t have to iron!


Gold charger, CTS last year

Gold flatware, Mace’s Place years ago, by Pfaltzgraff

White pierced dinner and salad from Portugal

White porcelain lidded  pumpkin bowl, 1.99 CTS 5 years ago

White lace edged napkin, Horchow sale

Gold leaf napkin ring and leaf  name holder, WSonoma Outlet a few years ago

I sprayed a Fall leaf garland gold…had the paint.  Garland was from $ Tree .  Used that as a wreath around the bowls.

Bonus, I now have gold fingernails! I sprayed those little $ Tree pumpkins gold too.

White butter domes from CTS last month.

Gold butter spreaders , gift from The Tablescaper

Blog Labor 135

Gold trimmed etched stems from Pfaltzgraff outlet years ago. 1.96

Thin rippled water tumblers were my moms, so they are really old!

Centerpiece…gold mesh ribbon looped around a pierced compote filled with gold filigree spheres, mini white pumpkins and a gold candle, an extra gold leaf tucked in.

Leaf porcelain dishes filled with GOLD Dove candies.

My round breakfast nook table is oak and over 35 years old.  It is solid, and we bought it unfinished and dh stained and poly’d it.  He has refinished it few times.   I have been known to give it a quick sanding and coat of poly when he is gone for the day if I feel the scratches are showing!  Don’t tell him, he doesn’t trust me to do a good job!

It has a leaf, and dh made another to add in so we can fit 8 and a highchair, or 10 tight, if I use smaller chairs.  I can fit 14 at my dining room, so between them both, we are set!

I know some of you don’t like Oak, but it is staying, and I would never paint it!

It has seen much use and abuse, 5 gkids banging toys on it, markering it, etc.  It has heard lots of laughter, and tears, and good and bad news has been shared at it.  So along with my solid brass, it will stay!  :)

I must say, this  WAS a challenge, fall colors kept wanting to creep in! And the plates I was originally going to use had a trim, so I had to change.

Thanks in advance to all those who took the challenge, and those who come to look and see what people did with it!  So many creative bloggers out there!

Skillet O Rama  PART 3

What’s in the pan this week?? 

Crispy hashbrown  cheesy egg and Bacon Bake



I made hashbrowns and baked them till crisp in the pan.  Added the eggs, cheese and bacon and returned to oven till all melty and crisp.  You can see the crisp edge on the potato, yummy!

Please only link up this week if you took the challenge and followed all the rules, and mention you are doing it in your post.  That encourages others to come take a look, and see what others have  done! 

There will be a WILLIAM SONOMA  baking related giveaway this week , open to all followers who leave a comment.  Be sure to check if you are a follower, if your name is picked, and you aren’t, another name gets picked.

Can’t wait to see who was brave this week and took the ALL WHITE DISH Fall Challenge. I know not everyone had the time to do this one.

Just think, you may be dreaming of an All  white Christmas in December, LOL!  Did we do that already?  I have to go look!

Same rules, no word id, link back to this party, BLOG NAME FIRST, plenty of room to add a title too!

One table related post per week, and please visit at least 5 other entries, more if you have time!

Leave a comment if you wish to be entered into the give away!

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday, Gollum for Foodie Friday, Yvonne for TTT, Diann for Thrifty Things Friday

OK…White ON!





Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Witchy Silver and Black Table~Let’s Dish # 83 Those Witches are Flying!

Blog Labor 319_thumb[2]4 witches
Hello, fellow dishers,
The naughty four are back
You know they’re getting older,
They’re really cutting back.
No more bloody fingers
The scary skulls have vanished.
Now they just talk food
Of course they’ re always famished!
Filling up on spiders
Just doesn’t do the trick
A bit fat tasty toad,
I know!  It makes me sick!

Tonight the table is subtle,
All shiny silver and black
Not a hint of mischief,
I know something’s out of whack!
But see those little monkeys,
The ones that hold the names?
You know that witches’ monkeys
Are really quite insane!
Remember the monkeys  in OZ
Who were owned by all those witches?
Man they were scary
Enough to wet your britches!  :)
So tonight they may be calm,
A bit laid back for sure
But keep your eyes wide open,
And be sure to lock your door!
For those of you who are new to my blog, these witches  have been annoying bloggers for years!  Every October they fly about causing mischief in Blogland.  One year they pignapped Earl, Lynn’s pig!
So beware, you never know where they will fly!
Silver tablecloth with spider web cloth on top, both Christmas Tree Shop.

Silver chargers and silverware, also CTS

Busty, Rusty, Dusty and Musty had these witch broom servers made especially for them at HG.  :)

Sterling silver salt and peppers, from my mom.

Silver trimmed stems, a shower gift from my mom.

Black dinner plate, silver salad.

Silver napkin ring…my mom and I used to save Land o Lakes box tops and send away for them.

Wicked monkey name card holders and toile napkins from the WSonoma Outlet.

Silver Jack O Lantern from TJMaxx this year.  I put LED candles in it, and fit a bowl filled with mums from the yard on top.

Spider holding apples from CTS too!

Mugs for the witches grog are by Nautica, and I paid .26 for them at the long closed  Pfaltzgraff  Clearance Center .

Mini Skillet O Rama Part 2  (see previous post for explanation)
White cake, sliced apples tossed in cinnamon and sugar, topped with sweetened sour cream.  Bake, and eat!
Share it or eat it all yourself, it’s small!
I announced the winner of the Apple Challenge gift in my last post.
She won a set of pie cutters from WSonoma.
I haven’t heard from her yet!  Maybe she will check in tonight.  :)

Were YOU the winner?  Can’t wait to see what she does with them, I haven’t tried my Holiday sets yet. 
Alycia, I hope you are ok!  We miss you!  I sent you an email and it got kicked back.  Has anyone heard from her?

NEXT WEEK is the ALL WHITE  FALL DISH  Challenge.  ONLY white dishes, but one other color for linens, flatware, glasses etc.
Chargers can be your OTHER color.  I know some have finished already, I haven’t started!

Thanks so much for visiting, and leaving a comment.  I do appreciate them!

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday,  Gollum for Foodie Friday, Yvonne for TTT, and Diann for Thrifty Things Friday.

Same rules to link up.

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they like your blog.  If you just put Fall Table, you are not getting name recognition.  Sometimes I go

 back and fix it for you, but  I don’t have always have time to do that.  I just fixed 5 of the links.


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