Monday, July 30, 2012

Are We Skipping August?

Nah...but Whisperwood Cottage is having a contest, and today is the last day!

They are looking for Fall Decor.

Don't worry, I know we have a whole month of August, and till Sept. 20th before Summer ends, I am not going to rush it.

An informal Fall dinner was had at this leafy table.  A wood lantern, nubby textured cloth, and Fall colored dishes and glasses set the scene.

Picture 889

A more formal dinner was served at this table, Fall wreaths adorn the white porcelain pumpkins.


Augyst and dinner dance 462
And something in brown, taupe and gold.

Augyst and dinner dance 467
Or this one, all aglow with copper!

October Witches 268
The mini peach roses with some Fall foliage adds a warm touch.

October Witches 271
October Witches 275
We have to have some Fall foods for these autumn tables, and apple pie is one of my favorites!

October Witches 199

October Witches 201
And some shortbread filled  cookies made in a nut mold are a tasty treat ~

table 1115
Ok, back to summer!

Augyst and dinner dance 201

See you Wed at 7 for Let's Dish!
Joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday
Kathe for Your Gonna Love This

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's Dish # 19~Christmas in July and More

Welcome to Let's Dish, dedicated to devotees of delightful dishes and doo dads.

Thanks so much to all those who took part in the DESTINATION tablescape challenge.
 The amount of planning that went into some of the scapes was amazing!
 So creative!
The number of visits to many entrants  was high, some in the 50's and 60's, which is great!

You are the best visitors , thanks so much for taking the time just not to link, but to visit the other entrants!

And thank you to those who visit me, and leave a comment.  I certainly do appreciate it!

Some of our friends are hosting  Christmas in July parties.  I actually thought about setting a Christmas table, but the heat brought me back to reality!

Picture 1203
I thought this one was very icy and would be cooling!
Picture 1210
And I think we are supposed to show some holiday treats too...
Picture 1406
How about some snowman soup ( hot chocolate), whipped cream and marshmallows?

My tabletop tip, look for ornaments that can be used for napkin rings, like these rocking horses.  After dinner, put them back on the tree!  :)

On to something more current, my friend Gail sent me these wonderful April Cornell napkins, runner and picket fence napkin rings.

Let's Dish 782
I have picket fence  lots of picket fence votive holders, and a picket fence centerpiece holder, so they will be showing up soon in a tablescape.

Thank you Gail!

My last trip to CTS netted these straw placemats with gingham ribbon inserts.

Let's Dish 1097
Let's Dish 1098
I am thinking Scarecrows for Fall, and yee haw... a cowboy Christmas theme and of course, summer.

They were marked down to .69.

After I got home I thought I should get some of the blue and white checked too, so as Alma was in a CTS , she picked some up for me.

So far the setting above totals 2.69!

75 off these napkins brought them down to .25 per napkin.
Let's Dish 1096
The last doo dad to show is this cute watermelon salt and pepper shaker, in clearance at HG for 3.00.
Let's Dish 1101

I will be linking up to Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict's  Cowgirl Up Christmas in July Party,

and Yvonne's at Stone Gable for the Christmas Linky and TTT.
Susan for Tablescape Thursday, Diann for Thrifty Things Friday.

Alma and I will be doing an all day Bargain Hunting Marathon Wed., so if I find anything good, I'll show you this weekend.
***Any suggestions for next month's challenge, Ladies?

Thanks so much for visiting!

Let's see what you have for us this week!

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  There is plenty of room to write what you want after your blog name.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Perfect Summer Sunday

The weather here was wonderful!  It was a perfect beach day!

Let's Dish 1062
We are blessed to have the place to ourselves.

How about an early dinner at this cute place on the Canal.

Let's Dish 1056
We can watch the boats go by,

Let's Dish 1059
or we can go down to the cut and fish or sit and enjoy the view.

Across the water there is a County Park where people can bring their  campers.

 I have heard it is very hard to get a spot, you have to reserve early.

  You can see why, what a beautiful spot to spend a few days!  The Ocean is on the other side.

Before we head home, we can watch the sun set on the Peconic Bay.

table 2458
DH made some fresh peach blueberry muffins today, so come in and have a cup of coffee or tea.  The end to a beautiful summer Sunday!
I hope you enjoy your day!

Oh, in case you are thinking about Christmas, ( I am NOT!) check out Yvonne's Stone Gable,

 and Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict for details on two different link parties this week

Christmas in July linky parties.

Let's Dish 1084
Christmas Tree Shop has started putting their stuff out, OY!

Joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let's Dish # 18 Destination Challenge

Hello, Ladies, I hope you are staying cool!

It reached 95 here by the Bay, and the humidity was brutal!

I had planned an outdoor table, featuring these.

Let's Dish 1050
But, it is even too hot under the palm trees in a tropical paradise!  I came back in, rescheduled that table and I am taking you to somewhere air conditioned!

Tonight when you link up. please put the name of your blog, followed by your DESTINATION!

Guess where we are going?  Start spreading the news!

Let's Dish 1037

NEW YORK!  I know, it is not  a great destination for me, as I live in NY.  But I haven't been on a vacation in 25 years, so I have nowhere interesting to take you!

Tonight we will dine at a lovely air conditioned restaurant in NYC.

Let's Dish 1047

I filled a silver compote with water and floated some white hydrangea and white lobelia as the centerpiece. 
Let's Dish 1044

Candlesticks by Mikassa, stems Waterford Lismore.
Let's Dish 1043

I used my mirrored chargers, black plate and scene from NY salad plate.
Let's Dish 1049

*Black cloth with a black and white topper.

My tip for Yvonne's TTT party!
The topper is a square scarf from the .99 store, gives the table an extra pop.

Let's Dish 1039

The salt and pepper shakers are crystal skyscrapers , we have a lot of them in NY!

Let's Dish 1048
I used white napkins with a black fringed sheer overlay.

Let's Dish 1045
Silver napkin ring, glass butter domes.

Gold trimmed flatware.

Let's Dish 1040 
Let's Dish 1033
I can't wait to see where you are taking us tonight!

Let's Eat!
Since it is so hot, let's just eat cold things!

A nice ice cream soda with homemade ice cream...

table 2643 
 table 2649 
table 2640
Homemade cookie ice cream sandwich...

table 2652
And some cookie sicles, made in this.

table 2638Take your pick, or have all 3!

My gkids prefer store bought ice cream to my homemade!

Thanks for coming to our weekly meeting of Let's Dish!


I visited all entries who left a comment.  I may be slow, but I get there!

Please leave a comment, and link back to this party. Have fun on your travels!

Table info:
Scarf as Topper .99 store, I gave Alma one too!
Salt and Peppers by Shannon, CTS
NY scene plate HG clearance 5.00 for 4
Silver compote, bought this week at Savers, black as coal!
Napkin rings CTS  Black sheer napkins, Century 21  99 cents

I am joining Yvonne for TTT
Susan for Tablescape Thursday
Diann for Thrifty Things Friday
Gollum for Foodie Friday

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Dish 17~ Seaside Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to Let's Dish, Wednesday night's meeting for devoted dish dames.  I love alliteration!

Hope you had a good holiday week!  Yes, it went on here a whole week, fireworks could be seen and heard from one weekend to the next!

So after all that noise and activity, how about a little r and r at a seaside bed and breakfast?

Let's Dish 978
Let's Dish 979It says,
May you always have some sand between your toes, and a shell in your pocket.

Let's Dish 1019 
Maybe you would like a cool drink before dinner.
Let's Dish 1004
Even the birdies have a Beach House!  Barbara, your birdies would love it here, no cats allowed!
Let's Dish 957
Take a swim at our beach...

Then walk back and take a refreshing outdoor shower.
Let's Dish 1007Let's Dish 1008
Let's Dish 1009  
You can leave your towels hanging there, one of the staff will take care of it!
Relax a while on the porch, and enjoy the lilies and hydrangeas.
Let's Dish 977

Let's Dish 986
Let's Dish 983
Let's Dish 1016
Or maybe you'd like to get some sun on the front porch.
When the Bay breeze blows you will get the sweet aroma of the roses.Let's Dish 984
By now you must be ready to eat.
Let's Dish 987In THIS  Seaside bed and b, bugs are not invited, but just in case some   crash, we have pretty white lace edged food screens to protect our meal.
Let's Dish 988
A soft blue patterned quilt over a white cloth covers our table.  Rattan chargers, white plate, pale blue salad, and shell shaped bowl for our bisque.
Let's Dish 1025
A pale blue and white striped napkin, and cwappy white flatware that moves when the wind blows!  :)
Bubble glass, and blue stem.
Let's Dish 1027
The seaside bucket filled with fresh mums with some starfish swimming on top.  :)
TIP.  to arrange the flowers easier, find a vase that will fit inside your container, plop it in and you are good to go.
Let's Dish 1020
Let's Dish 1022
Let's Dish 1014Let's Dish 870
Let's Dish 1013
Meet the House Boy!  :)
tom selleckLet's Eat!
Summer salad with sliced chicken cutlets and fresh pineapple, feta and bacon.
Augyst and dinner dance 233
Augyst and dinner dance 227
Carrot Cake done in a Heritage Pan, and swirled with cream cheese icing.  Bad pic, good cake!  :)
Recipe here.
Augyst and dinner dance 246
Now we can walk down to the beach and watch the sun set!

I hope you enjoyed your stay!

Don't forget next week is the DESTINATION table challenge.  Paris, NY, Italy, where ever you like. 
Take us away to somewhere FUN!

Thanks for coming to the meeting, now let's see what you bring to the table, dish wise, ie!  :)

Same rules, one dish/glass related link, link back to this party, blog name first, leave a comment, and visit as many as you can.  I'll be around to see all those who link and leave a comment.


I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday, Yvonne for Tips and Tutorials, Gollum for Foodie Friday, Diann for Thrifty Things Friday.

Let's see what you want to Dish about!


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