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Welcome to Let's Dish, hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of Summer!
Let's Dish 1306On the East End of Long Island,
On a warm and humid night
The lighthouse blinked a message,
With its beam of blinding light.

Now what could be so urgent
That bloggers need to know?
I'm passing on the info,
Don't kill the messenger, though!  :)
Let's Dish 1302
And so, as it is a beautiful day for the beach or boating, I present a little nautical table.
Let's Dish 1292I started with a cotton quilted sail boat throw, over  a white cloth.
Let's Dish 1273
Blue placemat, red charger from PB, blue dinner, nautical salad, and boat bowl.  Bowl from CTS, salads via Pfaltzgraff. com   Each has a different design.
Let's Dish 1296 Let's Dish 1297
Let's Dish 1298
 Let's Dish 1299
Let's Dish 1288
A little buoy from CTS holds the napkins.
Flatware from HG.
Little fish butter plates from the Tablescaper.
Glassware from Dansk.
Let's Dish 1279
Whale salt and peppers from CTS.
Let's Dish 1308The centerpiece are twin lighthouse votive holders, a top a life preserver and scallop shells I collected from down the street.
Let's Dish 1266  I hope you enjoyed my Nautical Table.  Here , the boats will stay in the water till October, and people will enjoy the water and beaches that surround us here on the Island.

My tip is, if you have an idea for a table, no matter the season, go for it!  It is always summer or winter somewhere.

It is always nice to see something different when everyone is posting Halloween, a refreshing change.  No rules!  :)

I am linking to Stone Gable's ,  Tidbits, Tips and Tutorials, with that earth shattering pearl of wisdom! :)
It will be summer a few more weeks here at CK's, so don't put away your flip flops yet!
Let's Dish 1303 I found this crabby soap at CTS, it looks happy it is still summer!  :)
Have some dessert!

Let's Dish 1189
I had some fresh whole cherries and apples left from a cake I made.  I mixed them with some sugar and cinnamon and put them in a small skillet baking dish.

I topped it with a mixture of ricotta, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla, and topped it with some crumbs made with flour, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Bake till the crumbs are nice and brown.
Let's Dish 1191
It was delicious!  The whole cherries bursting in your mouth with the apples, cheese and crumb mixture was a winner.

Let's Dish 1225
Here is the same idea made as a cake.  No cherries, just apples.

Make a yellow cake, let it bake till it is firm enough to hold the sweetened sliced apples.  Spread on the cheese mixture, then top with crumbs and bake in a spring form pan.

Let's Dish 1235 It was moist and delicious. Apples, cheese and crumbs with a little cake, what's not to like?

I am so glad you stopped by, I always appreciate hearing from you!
Joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Fruits, vegetables, you know!

Your turn!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's Dish #23 Stripe and Dot for Not A Lot! Another Bargain Adventure!

Last week Alma, The Tablescaper and I went on another bargain hunting marathon.
This time it wasn't for dishes, and even though we were close to Christmas Tree Shops, we didn't go!
I know, you are shocked!
But, the itinerary included a stop at 2 fabric outlets I frequent here on LI, and CTS will have to wait.
(Umm, I think we are meeting there tomorrow, as The Tablescaper is already back at  her winter abode.)
Anyway , we did well.  She wanted Fall inspiration, I am not in the Fall state of mind, it is still summer, warm and beachy!  I've got perspiration, not inspiration!
If you can stay with me through my tablescape , I will share.  Anyone, anyone?  :)
Let's Dish 1256
The pale yellow and green striped polished cotton is a remnant from Duralee.  I hemmed it, and it fit my round table.  One dollar!
Let's Dish 1223
Let's Dish 1244
The charger and plates are from clearance  CTS.  1.00 for the dinner, and .50 for the salad size.  I got them in blue and orange too.  Wouldn't you at that price?
The flatware is by Cambridge and from CTS as well as the hobnail glasses.
The fish napkin ring is from Pottery Barn Outlet, a few years ago.
Let's Dish 1253
My centerpiece is a pierced lantern from clearance in CTS, 1.49. I like to find things I can use as a vase or a lantern.
I filled it with unbloomed Sedum, Peegee hydrangea, and one lone gladioli.  I bought the bulbs last month cheap at CTS, and planted them, and they bloomed!
Let's Dish 1248Let's Dish 1246
I used 2 yellow, and 2 green napkins.  The little bowls for our rolls are from Target.
Let's Dish 1252
Did you notice my new white bench?  It is my Mother's Day gift from my son and dil and 5 kids.  It is Polywood, from One King's Lane, very heavy and will outlast me!
On to some bargains...
Let's Dish 1234
Literally sweated for this one!  No AC in those fabric warehouses!  2.00 a yd, 60 wide.  We both got 10 yds to make tablecloths, we can share if we have a big group!
Can you picture all the tables done outside with white dishes and aqua napkins?
Let's Dish 1231
These bandanas, made in the USA, yeah!, were 50 cents.
Let's Dish 1230
This was 3.50 a yard, but 60 in wide and great quality.
Let's Dish 1233
This was a remnant, enough for my dining room table.  Tan and black, great weight to it, one stinkin' dollar!  :)
I have lots of ideas for this one!  I am sure I will get my dollar's worth.
TIP, Tid bits and Tutorial at Stone Gable entry...
Have a BELT?
Let's Dish 1264
This was .99 cents, the placemat was too!  Cut it up and make napkin rings.
The black napkin is one of the bandanas for .50.
Some will have holes or you can just not use that part if you are fussy.  I though I could make a name tag and tie it with thin black ribbon through the hole.
When dh saw me doing this he gave me this one that was on a pair of pants he bought.
Let's Dish 1265
I think it will go well with the black and tan plaid fabric.
That's it for tonight!
Thanks you so much to those who took part in the Summer Fun Table Challenge.  I loved the ones who really stuck to the theme challenge!  Very creative!
Thanks for visiting the entrants.  Please try to visit a lot of the entries, don't be a link and runner! :)  That's like an eat and runner, lol!
Same rules, leave a comment, link back, no word id, blog name first, table related.  Visit , visit, visit! :)
Your turn!
I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday 
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Yvonne for T T and T
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's Dish #22 Summer Fun Table Challenge

Welcome to Let's Dish, tonight is the SUMMER FUN table challenge.

Today's thunder storms and rain meant no boat table for outdoors that I had planned.

Instead we will have an Indoor Garden Party!

Let's Dish 784

Remember I showed you these April Cornell napkins, and runner, as well as the picket fence napkin rings my friend Gail sent me?  I just love them, and decided to use them tonight .

Let's Dish 1204
I just happened to have a picket  fence centerpiece, and I filled it with Black Eyed Susan's .

.  They are blooming profusely on the hill on the side of our property. A few purple verbena for a pop of color.

Let's Dish 1211
Yellow placemat the long way, red square plate and yellow square plate from Pfaltzgraff.  com

They were both 1.00.  I got the red last year and the yellow/gold last week!

Green handled bowl from CTS, 1.00.  Same ones in HG for 3 times as much!

Flatware is Fiesta mixed with a set I got at HG so I would have soup spoons.

Let's Dish 1220 Green and yellow stem and tumbler were gifts from The Tablescaper.
Bird salt and pepper from Pier One.

Let's Dish 1210

Picket fence candle holders are 12 yrs old.  I have a lot of them, and they were .99 complete with a candle in a ceramic holder that I removed.

Let's Dish 1220Let's Dish 1209
That's our indoor Garden Party on this rainy, dark day!

Last week, Alma and I went bargain hunting and I found this.
  The place was 10 grades below a Thrift Shop, definitely an adventure!  DIRTY!

Let's Dish 1194
A large ruffled platter in pastel colors..
Let's Dish 1195
The bowl matches it, so it could be a chip and dip,
put the bowl underneath and it becomes a cake plate.

TIP, look for pieces you can use for different purposes.

Let's Dish 1221
Let's Dish 1222
They are from Pottery Barn, and the platter was 2.00 and the bowl 1.00. Made in ITALY!

Let's Dish 1198
It held a good amount of iced brownies that I made for last weekend.

Let's Dish 1193
Flip the brownies out of the pan to cool.  Ice with chocolate icing, I have posted the recipe before, and when totally cool, cut into squares.

Let's Dish 1199
That's it for me this week.

I am joining
Yvonne for Tips ,Tidbits and Tutorials
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Diann for Thrifty Things Friday
Gollum for Foodie Friday
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Now Let's see what you have for the Summer Fun Challenge!
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let's Dish #21 Edible Centerpiece

Welcome to Let's Dish!  Next Wed is the Table Challenge,

Camping, Boating, a Picnic, whatever you do for fun in the summer!  Some may pick an indoor event as it is so hot in parts of the country!
Tonight's table was inspired by this basket I have had for many years.
Let's Dish 1146
Let's Dish 1184
Black background with strawberries painted on both sides.

I filled it with washed berries, and put them on a toothpick and stuck them into the oasis filled basket.
I'll serve a little fruit dip and we can eat them as part of the dessert!

TIP:  Wash your berries with one part white vinegar to 9 parts water.  They will last lots longer without getting fuzzy, the vinegar retards the mold from growing.

I keep a spray bottle with a vinegar/water mixture in the kitchen.  I use it for wiping down the counters, as well as the frig, floors, etc.  So I spray and rinse all the fruit when I bring it home.

Let's Dish 1175
I started with a black cloth , square charger that I got at Pfaltzgraf .com during their Dollar Day sales for 2.00

The red plate is also from there, $1.00

Square white plate CTS, square bowl Pfaltzgraf.

I surrounded it with a strawberry wreath that was $1.00

Let's Dish 1164
The strawberry napkins are from PB Outlet on sale, about 1.00 each.

Let's Dish 1159

TIP:  Pachysandra makes wonderful filler for centerpieces. I tucked some white portulaca and diamond frost, and a  few strawberry leaves in with the greens.

Let's Dish 1158
Let's Dish 1163

Green flatware from World Market.  My friend Susan at Savoring Time in the Kitchen sent me settings for 4 and I added to it so I have 12.

Little strawberry candles from the .99 store .

Let's Dish 1172

Green chrysanthemum glasses by Anthropologie via the .99 store were, yes, .99!

 Bubble glass stems filled with strawberry iced tea from Pfaltzgraff Clearance Outlets years ago.

A little white bucket holds a big fat strawberry as a take home.

Let's Dish 1186
It opens up to this handy dandy shopping bag!

Let's Dish 1185
The wrinkles will come out when you fill it with goodies!

It was .80 at Cmas Tree Shops.  Very handy to keep in your purse
. Out here the supermarkets charge you .05 for a paper bag as plastic is banned.  Sounds like  good thing, right? 
BUT, we pay by the bag to get rid of our garbage.

Almost 3.00 a bag, and they are plastic!  Ironic!

Let's Dish 1168 Pull up a chair and pop a plump berry into your mouth !

You can see my strawberry table from 2 years ago HERE.

Looking forward to seeing your entries this week!

Marigene from In the Middle of Nowhere had the most visits last week, 57!

 Those polka dot napkins were very eye catching!  Lots of other entries were close to that, so THANK YOU for visiting so many entries.  I am so glad this isn't a link and run party!  :)

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It doesn't have to be a table, last week Christine wowed us with an amazing amount of table  goodies purchased at an estate sale.  It was unbelievable!

I'll be back tomorrow for Foodie Friday.  This was long so I decided to split it.

I am joining Yvonne at Stone Gable for Tips, T and T
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