Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let's Dish #46

I want to make sure the link is up for those who want to post.

Explanations later.

Thanks so much to all those who took the challenge last week.  The theme was winter, and all but a few stuck to it.

If you haven't seen the amazing collection of Polish Pottery in the previous post, please take a look.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A neighbor asked if I would post her collection of Polish Pottery she is selling.

 Her husband served in the Army as a dentist, and while stationed in Germany, she bought this in Poland.

  The pattern is NATURE.
It is in excellent collection, having been packed away for most of the time.
She has:
17-large plates
11-salad plates
10-soup soup bowls
11-small soup bowls
4- cereal bowls
1- creamer & sugar bowl
2- jam pots with lids
1- oil & vinegar cruets
1-garlic keeper, without lid
1- round casserole dish
5- tankards  mugs
11- cups
7- saucers
2- gravy boats
1- gravy ladle
1- citrus juicer
1- lidded pitcher
1-utensil holder
1- covered butter dish
1-tea pot
Serving pieces:
1- 7 1/4" square dish
2- 10" x 7" oblong dish
1- 12" x 8" oblong dish
1- 12 1/2" x 13 1/2" square dish
1- 9" round dish with handle
1- 15 1/2" x 12" oblong dish
1- 7" x 14" oblong dish
1- 9 1/2" round
1- 12 1/2" round
bonus pieces:  several odds and ends

    New Image   
table full

The asking price is $500, but is negotiable. She will not split the lot.

NEW YORK pick up.  She doesn't want to ship.

So if there are any collectors out there, contact me, and I will put you in touch with the owner.

If you are a collector, please feel free to give your thoughts on the price.

Full disclosure...just doing this for a friend.

Thanks for looking!
Joining Beverly for her Blog Shop.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thinking February~♥ ♥ ♥

I am happy to see January end, one month closer to the start of Daylight Savings Time.  I can stay out longer! :)

I found this Thursday in the WS Outlet.  I have many cake stands, but not a rectangular shaped one.

Jan 2013 062

It was originally 69.00, in clearance for 20, but I had a 20 off coupon, so $15.00.  I can't wait to bake a cake and use it.  Very weighty aluminum.

Anyone planning a dinner party for ♥ Day?

It is pretty empty around here in winter, most of my local friends head to FL for the winter.

I think I will see who is still around and do a dinner party.  We'll see!

I love planning!  I am bugging Alma to start planning her son's graduation party!  She'll have none of it though.

I, on the other hand, have sheets of notes on thoughts for my gson's first birthday.  He is the only one of 5 born in a summer month, so I will have it here. 

So what will I do for ♥ day?

We could start with this very easy appetizer, served on heart plates.
 I have a ton of them, I bought them to use for favors for an engagement party, but we went with something different.

table 550 table 529
I could serve part of the dinner in a heart shaped ramekin from Pfaltzgraff as I have plenty of those.

table 597  Maybe a heart shaped apple tart as one of the desserts?

Picture 1760
Definitely some Linzer Tarts...

And some heart shaped cookies as take homes?

Picture 1761

I must not forget to make the Feta cheese lips for the salad!

Picture 1834

They already think I am crazy, so this will confirm it!

Then there's the table.  Do I do pink...

Picture 1847

or red?

table 3107

That will depend on the number, I don't have 12 of everything! Now if only The Tablescaper lived nearby! :)

table 1740

But what ever I decide, I'll be sure to do it with love,

table 3160

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SNOW~WINTER Table Challenge~ Let's Dish

Welcome to Let's Dish #45.  Tonight is the SNOW~WINTER Challenge.

Please link only those tables that follow the theme this week.

You can see the table used in the header here.

There won't be any challenge for February or March as we have Super Bowl,  Valentine's,  Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, ST. PATRICK'S DAY, and Easter. So many tables!

Suggestions for April are welcome, last year we did The Good Earth, so let's try to think of something different.
Jan 2013 057
Mother Nature must have heard about the challenge, we got  a little snow and it is 15 degrees!
Jan 2013 011
Jan 2013 060
Many of us have these from the Dollar Tree .  I used it to wrap a bowl for the centerpiece.
Jan 2013 015I had a silver wreath that has seen better days, so I broke some branches off, put battery operated lights underneath , and filled in with dried Baby's Breath.
Jan 2013 025I used one of the mirrored chargers underneath.

The lights give off a nice wintery glow.

My tip for Stone Gable's TTT, keep those battery operated lights out after Christmas, good to use in centerpieces all winter.

Jan 2013 019
  Pale aqua tablecloth, made from soda bottles, from BBB.  I got it the other day in the clearance, $7.98 and 90 in.
Very soft, and stain resistant.

Jan 2013 040
Flatware is Calypso, by Towle from CTS.

  Looks like little snow balls. :) It was about half the price that is was in Pier One.  Never pay full price.  :)

Jan 2013 021
Mirrored charger by Jay, aqua paisley plates from HG, with a white trimmed in silver plate underneath.

Napkin rings from Dansk, sleighs by Gorham.
Jan 2013 049

Silver snowflake name card holders from Pottery Barn Outlet, silver trimmed stems, from my mom, shower gift, 42 years ago!

So take your pick, this or a true snow scape table!Jan 2013 044 Jan 2013 001 Snow themed spatulas, clearance, WS Outlet, .92.  Good for flipping snowballs!
Picture 1406

Some Snowman Soup before you go?  Just slide that whipped cream from the rim right in, and start slurping!  Hot chocolate is good, from a bowl, or a mug.  :)

Moving on, next week...Mardi Gras or Valentine's?

The Holidays for Tablescapers are bunched close together this year.

Thanks for stopping by!

Don't forget to put a link back to Let's Dish so others can come visit the entries, if you link up.  I had to delete 2 last week. 

Your turn!

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 unlimited letters to describe your post, so please put the blog name first.  It helps others to get to know your blog.

Of course, leaving a comment is a good thing, I love hearing from you!

Thanks for visiting so many of the entries.  Last week the highest was 70 and the late entries got around 20!

I am joining Diann for Thrifty Things Fri, Susan for TT, Gollum for Foodie Friday, and Yvonne for T, T and T.
That is if I remember to link up!
Those of you experiencing this frigid weather, stay warm and safe!

Picture 1559

Bargain Hunting with Laurie is hosting a ♥ Party on Feb.  11th.  Do join in, it is always fun!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Don't You Just LOOOVE a Bargain?

I know many of you have shopped the after holiday clearance sales and found some great things!

I ventured out last Tues. with Alma for a little bargain hunting.

Where did we go?  Christmas Tree Shop, of course!

It is over an hour for me, so I have to make it worthwhile
I already showed you the extreme bargain  tablecloth I got for .98. More here

Dec 2012 270

We picked and hunted our way through the place!

Please excuse my pics, my dining room does not get much light, I have no windows, just a French door.

Dec 2012 313
Dec 2012 294
A pretty red with white embroidered tablecloth...2.50  Wintery, so it can be used for awhile.

"Thanksgiving" by Churchill....FORTY CENTS!

Dec 2012 295

Friendly Village by Johnson Bros. 1.00
Dec 2012 308

Johnson Bros. Blue Fern....salad .50  Dinner 1.99

The pretty pale aqua tablecloth under it is from BBB and it was marked down, and with my coupon came to 7.99 .
90 in round

It goes great with the dishes.

Dec 2012 302

The blue cotton napkins were 8 for 1.24 and they go well with the Blue Fern plates too!  Here I have them paired with a plaid cloth.  Blue, red, green and white.

Not just for Cmas, as I will be using it for Tartan Day, whenever that is!  I think it is April.

Dec 2012 303
2 of these covered casseroles @ 3.49.  They will be hostess gifts at Easter.

Dec 2012 293
Pretty pale pink napkins  @ .60 ea  BBB

Spatulas to save for next Cmas, .42.  Cute to stick in as a little extra with a hostess gift, or a take home for a luncheon.

Gingerbread embroidered placemats, .20

Dec 2012 290
All the tablecloths were either 2.00 or 2.50

Dec 2012 289
Many of them will be gifted.
Dec 2012 299
Blue and tan tonal striped napkins 1.99 for 4
Bell place card holders .50
Dec 2012 310
Already thinking of a ♥ scape for the pink plaid, and then of course later for Easter...which is Mar. 30 this year!
Dec 2012 292
The peppermint striped plates were .25

Gearing up for ST. PAT's, some shamrock clothespins, .44, and green napkin rings .49

Dec 2012 312

I loved these embroidered towels 1.29!  I got the last of them, I hope they get more, as they are great as napkins.

Plus, we had a 10% off 50.00, so we did well.

I have been looking for a Popcorn maker for my gkids, and my friend Pam, who is not a blogger, but reads many of the blogs in my sidebar, picked this up for me in CVS

Dec 2012 307

15.00.  I will try it out, and if it isn't easy to clean, it will go back!  Thanks, Pam!

There's more, but Alma is posting this trip too, and she has some of the same things I showed you, but some different too.  Be sure to stop over at The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays to see her Bargain Bonanza Post!  She will take hers out of the pkg so you get a better look, lol, I didn't!

Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie will be doing her annual Valentine's Party on Feb. 11th.  Always a fun party, mark your calendar! 

And of course, please remember the

♣♣ 5th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl on March 13th.♣♣

Thanks for stopping by, and  the WINTER Tablecape challenge is this Wed.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mid-January Red and Black~ Let's Dish!

January blahs...what to do?  Too soon for Valentine's Day!

The photo in my header is from Jan. 2011.

You can see the details here. It was the first time I made the rose cupcakes, and the directions are linked.
They are on the green footed plate in the top right of the picture.

I don't want you to think I am jumping to St. Patrick's Day, although I have been thinking about the 5th Annual Blog Crawl!

Next week is the SNOW~ICE~WINTER CHALLENGE, so I didn't want to do something on that theme.
I bought this red and black check tablecloth at Kohls before Cmas, and this flatware from World Market.  I hadn't used it yet, so today was the day.  Very dreary, cold and rainy,  but we escaped the snow that many of you got.

Dec 2012 277
Red and black checked tablecloth, black place mat, red square plate, white salad, and red covered bowl.

The red square plates I have used a lot, and they are by Pfaltzgraff, they were 1.00 in one of their on line sales.  I have them in yellow too.

Dec 2012 278

The flatware is from World Market, as are the little red covered bowls.
Dec 2012 282
Dec 2012 279
Short black glasses hold votives, they are from $ Tree.

Black napkins with some dried baby's breath tucked in.

Dec 2012 280Black goblet from Pier One, and black footed ribbed glass from Pfaltzgraff, both several years ago.
Dec 2012 281 
The centerpiece is my Lion's Head Tureen from WS Outlet, filled with hydrangea, sprayed black and some baby's breath .
Dec 2012 276
My tip for Yvonne's TTT is to dry your hydrangea and spray them any color you want.  I have done gold and silver for Christmas centerpieces, and red for patriotic holidays.

I didn't make anything new this week, so I will show something for ♥ day from the past.

Picture 1855
These are small heart shaped cakes.  Use a cookie cutter to cut out part of the cake. Dust with confectionery sugar. Fill with cherry pie filling.
 You could be really decadent and dip the cake in chocolate before you fill it!

Eat the part you cut out, you deserve it!  :)

Picture 1854
The Tablescaper and I went bargain hunting at CTS yesterday.  We did well!
Dec 2012 270
How about this 60x84 Nordic looking tablecloth.  The snowshoes and skis are embroidered.
Dec 2012 272
I think Debbie at Mountain Breaths
would like it!
It was a whopping .98!  I'll show some more of the bargains we found in this weekend's post.

Now let's see what you were up to this week!

The details...
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BLOG NAME FIRST, you have unlimited letters to describe your entry.

A comment is always appreciated, and I know so many of you make a great effort to visit the entries.

If you don't have time to visit some of the others, I would rather you not link up.

One of the biggest complaints I hear about parties is that bloggers take the time to link up and visit, but they don't get many return visits.  I know that is not the case here.

Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for stopping by, and see you this weekend for Bargain Show and Tell!  :)

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thurs.,
Diann for Thrifty Things Fri
Gollum for Foodie Friday


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