Wednesday, February 29, 2012

YeeHaw! Rolling Into March~Rigatoni Pie

As it is Leap Day I wanted to do something Kangaroo ey , but I really had nothing that would work. :)
So we are rolling instead!
Feb 2012 025
A little table for the cowgirls and boys!
Feb 2012 033
The tablecloth is Country Living from Kmart.  It was half price, and it is that fabric that can be used outdoors too.
The napkins were in the clearance at Kmart, .50 cents each.
Feb 2012 036
Blue flatware by Cambridge, rattan charger from Pfaltzgraff, navy dinner from CTS, pale blue salad, .26 from Pfaltzgraff outlet, and covered bowl from CTS, 2 for 3.00.
Feb 2012 043
Little skillet  for the butter from CTS, .69
Feb 2012 042
Feb 2012 030
The blue stems are from CTS clearance .99  White mugs because a cowboy has to have his coffee!  :)
An old blue water pitcher to quench our thirst after a day on the prairie rounding up our filet mignon, lol.

The centerpiece is a Conestoga Wagon from Vt. from a long time ago. The gkids have crashed it a few times, so it is a little worse for wear!

I raised it up a bit and covered the riser with a bandana, some tumbleweed for  the cow and dog to play in.
So hitch up your britches and roll into March.

 Not time for Spring yet here, today was rainy and raw.
Something to stick to your ribs...

I made some individual rigatoni pies.

table 3731
You make it in a little spring form pan.

table 3646
This is the big mama size.

table 3648
Each rigatoni is filled with a seasoned meat mixture then topped with cheese.

table 3734

Here's the individual size unmolded.

 Perfect size, a good green salad and some crispy bread and you are done!
DH always makes homemade sauce, he won't eat the sauce from the jar, but if you like it, go with it.

Don't make it when you are rushed, it does take some time to fill each noodle, but it makes a fun presentation.

You can find the recipe and instructions HERE.
My changes were that I added finely minced onions to the meat, and I did a layer of ricotta, parsley, grated cheese mix on top, then the mozzarella, like a baked ziti would be.

Thanks so much for visiting!

I hope you are getting your MARCH ing shoes on for the 4th Annual St. Pat's Blog Crawl on the 13th.  It should be fun and some prizes too!
table 1980leprechaun
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

You are SO Invited!

I hope you will come!  It's almost March, time to show the green.
Picture 1994
It's the Fourth Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl, right here.  Anything to mark the holiday of grand and glorious St. Patrick!  Or, just some green to get in the spirit.
Picture 1619
There will be prizes too.  I didn't celebrate my 3rd blogaversary in Dec, so I am rolling it into one big party.
I'll be giving away this oreo cookie pan...
img85mcookie pan oreo
And a few other goodies just to make it fun!
table 696 (Small)
Last year two of the entries were from Ireland.  That was a long way for a blog crawl, but we didn't feel the pain!  :)

Over 100 bloggers took part in the crawl last year, you can see it here.

IMG_0277 (Medium)
The party wouldn't be the same without you, so I hope you will mark the date!
table 691
A table, a cloche, food, a poem, a video of you doing the jig, all would make me green with happiness.
table 3456
table 3287
table 1937
Thanks for visiting!
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table 1980
Fourth Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl ~ March 13th

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Oughta Be In Pictures! & Donuts

Mardi Gras is over, I did a MG table last week,  too early for St. Pat's for me, so what else is on the schedule?  Academy Awards!

I bought these "accoutrements" 2 years ago in the clearance bin at Cmas Tree Shops, I think they were 20 cents a package.Feb 2012 014
I started with a black cloth over a white longer one.  I used a package of stars to criss cross  the table.
Feb 2012 021
The food safe trays were .20 also.
Feb 2012 005
The centerpiece is fresh mums in a black glass with old film swirled through it and a mirror movie projector tucked in. There's a mirrored clapperboard leaning against it, hard to see.
Feb 2012 011
My kitchen nook is now...

Feb 2012 012
I know, it is only pretend!  :)
Feb 2012 015
My everyday Dansk flatware, I was thinking of red, maybe I should have?

 A black and white charger from Pier One sale years ago.
 The star plate is from Pottery Barn, and the little red Lionshead bowl for our condiments is from Sur la table on sale, I think they were .50.

I will write the name on the clapperboard with white marker, and a movie related question on the back.  Makes for good conversation!
 It will be an old movie, as I don't go to the movies anymore.  I wait for them to come to the library and borrow them for free.  :)

A chunky stem with a silky red napkin tucked in. (Pier One after Cmas, cheap!)

Feb 2012 022

I'll stick some of those skinny grissini bread sticks in the trophies.

Feb 2012 018

It may not be award winning, but it was fun!

My friend Rett from The Gazebo House is waiting for the doughnuts.  I had planned to make Pazcki, pronounced Punch key, but I switched to Alton Brown's recipe.

Here's a video on Pazcki   recipe, I will try them soon.

Alton Brown's recipe is here.  It is a yeast doughnut and is deep fried.  I got out the deep fryer I gave dh 10 years ago, he never used it!

I dipped some in chocolate,  filled some with jelly sprinkled with powdered sugar, and some dipped in butter and then sugar and cinnamon.

Feb 2012 032

Feb 2012 034
Feb 2012 032

Feb 2012 040

The verdict?  Ehhh, we didn't think they were that great.  As good as Dunkin Donuts, but we thought they would be better than that.

Next time I will try the Polish recipe for Pazcki.  My college friend's nana used to make great ones!

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  Thanks to all of you who have the St. Patrick's Day Blog  Crawl button on your sidebar.  Hope you will all join in on the 13th!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll!

In a few days it will be Mardi Gras, the next day starts Lent.  Not a big deal for most, but for me it means meatless Fridays, I dislike fish immensely,  and no eating between meals. 
When we were growing up, it also meant going to the 6 a.m. daily Mass.  Oh that was brutal, we used to roll up our pjs, and wear a trench coat and sleepily head to church.  Come home, shower and get ready for school!
My oldest sister reasoned that you could have liquids between meals, so she would melt ice cream and drink it!
Needless to say, none of us will be nominated for sainthood, though my parents who raised 4, not so docile girls, should be.  :)  Well, one was docile!
So tonight, a bit of the gold, green and purple associated with Mardi Gras. 
January 2012 297
January 2012 283
I started with a deep purple cloth and a candelabra with fleur de lis on it.   It came from Villeroy and Boch.  I add a few clip on gold tassels,  and gold candles.  I sat it on a vintage gold linen tea towel, with a mask and some Mardi Gras coins.
January 2012 298
Gold flatware, gold square charger, green glass charger by Gorham, Lenox Eternal plate, green glass bowl, purple napkin, and colorful blingy napkin ring from CTS.
January 2012 287
Green glass with gold ball by Gorham, via the Lenox Outlet. Purple stems from HG.  A mask at each place.
January 2012 306
Little gold buckets hold fresh mums with a gold tassel added.
January 2012 294
January 2012 302
Before next Tuesday, I hope to try a recipe for Paczki, a yeast donut traditional in some parts before Ash Wednesday.  I'll post it if they come out well!  :)
The other  night I made a chicken, baby spinach, onion, cheese taco.
January 2012 271
Toast your taco, add a layer of fresh spinach seasoned, one grilled chicken breast in strips, 1/2 of small onion , done in the pan with some PAM and salt and pepper till nice and brown.  Drizzle it with Lite Ranch dressing, and some  freshly shredded reduced fat cheese.  You can add a sprinkle of crumbled bacon too.
January 2012 273
Put on your bib, roll it up and dig in!  It was a quick, easy and filling dinner.
January 2012 272
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

Heart Day is getting closer
So join me for a treat
                                          A heart cookie on the cup  (cookie on a cup cutter from WS Outlet)
And plenty more to eat!
January 2012 257
Maybe some heart shaped muffins
January 2012 165
Made with berries oh so blue,
January 2012 159
Or perhaps a slice of home made bread,
With raisins and cinnamon too!  (recipe here)
January 2012 157
table 543
I set a simple table
Or does this one catch your eye?
table 1659
Perhaps a bit more fancy,
January 2012 240

A  Top Hat and black tie. ( See this table here.)
table 567
Whatever you choose is up to you
table 1813
table 581
I  just hope your day is fine
table 1740
Sharing lots of heart felt things
table 3127
With your special Valentine!
January 2012 250
Now if all of this is just too much,
And you're not into glam,
Keep it something simple,
Like a sandwich made with Ham!  :)
January 2012 260
I hope you'll join Laurie's party
She's always so much fun,
You know you are invited,
And there are prizes to be won!
I am joining the Valentine Party at Bargain Hunting with Laurie

Seasonal Sunday with The Tablescaper
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