Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Tablescape Party~We’re Chasing Away the Cold!


Last week I posted that I’d host a little SPRING tablescape party to insure the cold and ice we have been having would leave us!  It is still barely above freezing at night, and the only things that have bloomed are the daffodils and forsythia, but we will get there!


So tonight, I’ll put up the linky, might as well, paid for it for a year.  Smile

Everyone is welcome to link up a new, non Easter table tonight!

It will be small, didn’t advertise it much but that’s ok! We may be able to hold it in a phone booth!  Oh wait, I haven’t seen one of those lately!  Where will Superman change clothes?

It has to be a new table, NOT Easter, and Springy. 

I have been reading that some bloggers are jumping to Summer, but not me!  We haven’t enjoyed Spring yet, here in NY.  I do understand the Southerners , but for those of us in the North East, we have to take time to smell the azaleas!  They haven’t even bloomed yet!

When my 3 sisters and I  asked for pierced ears, my mom told us that if God wanted us to have more holes in our ears, He would have made them that way!  If He wanted to have Summer follow Winter, He would have omitted Spring. It’s a little slow this year, we must be patient!

So I feel I am doing the Lord’s work in doing Spring posts, lol!  BTW, I still don’t have pierced ears.  My sister got hers done when she was 40 and said not to tell my mom!


I picked all these daffodils from the yard, and they were my inspiration, free flowers!


I got this pretty cotton  yellow and green striped remnant for $1.00 at Duralee.  Those of you who sew know that Duralee is a designer brand.  We are lucky to have an outlet about 50 min from here, and you have seen many of the bargains I have picked up there.  Always a fun hunt, and actually I am feeling the need to visit soon!


Lime green placemat, white dinner, pale yellow plate from clearance in HG.


A plaid with green, yellow and some blue in a picket fence napkin ring , a gift from my friend Gail.


The white handled soup bowls are Hutschenreuther, made in Germany, and were 1.00!  I found them on a bargain hunt with Alma a few years ago in Peter Andrews.

Swirled green flatware , Cambridge, via Cmas Tree Shops, and the little round bowls for a roll are from there too, .69.


The green and yellow stems were a gift from Alma.



I hope you all who celebrate Easter had a wonderful day!


We had a beautiful sunny day that began with Mike’s Cheese Babka.

(Alma gave me that pretty white runner!)


The Egg Hunt went well.  120 eggs were hidden and after each found 10, they counted up their loot!


The 2 youngest egg hunters…


My how they’ve grown!

I am sharing the recipe for my mom’s Rice Pudding. The whipped cream got piped on before we ate it. I shared it on FB so the gkids would have the recipe.  If you haven’t liked Cuisine Kathleen on FB, would you?  Thanks!



2   12 oz. Cans evaporated milk
1 Qt. whole milk
4 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 T vanilla
Cinnamon and Raisins to taste
2 Bags of Success rice cooked
Mix the milks, sugar and beaten eggs and vanilla in a pot. Keep stirring till thickened. Stir in your raisins and cook a bit longer.
Put your rice in a casserole bowl, and pour over the thickened mixture. Add cinnamon on top and chill.
Serve with fresh whipped cream. This makes a huge bowl, as each bag of rice is 3 cups. You may want to halve it unless you have a crowd to eat it!



Chocolate pound cake, with ganache and fresh whipped cream.


Cupcake eggs filled with cream, and dipped in chocolate, the tradition continues!  I have been making them since my son was little, and now his 5 kids get them.

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Stop by Sarah’s, she’s giving away a $50 dollar gift card to Anthropologie.

If you are linking up, same rules apply.  One link, a link back somewhere in your post, not on a different page. No word id, and you have to visit at least 5 of the other entries. 

It has to be a new , non Easter table tonight!  I know, picky, picky!  Small party, we can be selective! >)

Don’t forget the next Let’s Dish  CHALLENGE is May 14, wedding china is the theme, yours, your mom’s, gma’s , aunt’s , etc

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Barely Blue William Sonoma Bunny Table

First, I want to thank all those who took part in the challenge last week!  So many beautiful bird, egg or nest themed tables!  I enjoyed seeing your take on the challenge.

Don’t forget, the next one is May 14th.  The theme is wedding china, yours or your mom’s, gmom’s .  Dig it out, dust it off and do it up grand!  Give it a new spin.  Let’s see what you come up with!

I always ask dh want he thinks of my table.  Believe me, he walks by and doesn’t even look!  His response?  “kind of pale.”  He hasn’t heard about burlap , except to wrap the bushes in so the deer don’t eat them.  I haven’t gotten in to the burlap craze, honestly, it makes me itch, I think I am allergic to it. 

So here is my pale table!


I got these plates last year before Easter at the WS Outlet.  I think they were less than 10 dollars for four.  And then there is my coupon, lol!


They are joined by this PB sugar and creamer, which were also under 10 dollars for the set.

I set them on 2 cabbage plates, bunnies like cabbage I think, even without the corned beef.


A snowy white cut work table cloth to start.  I know it is snowy white cause I gave it an Easter cleaning with a mild clorox bath.

I used a natural string mat, CTS, 1.00, cut work plate from Horchow, the bunny plate, and a white egg cup and little white rippled saucer underneath, both from CTS.


The flatware is from Horchow.  The white butter domes are from CTS.

Little porcelain egg shaped bowls are from Villeroy and Boch Outlet.

Taller stem from clearance at CTS, 1.00 smaller are by Dansk, many years ago at the outlet that used to be here in Southampton.


The simple centerpiece is a PB Bunny filled with faux eggs and nestled into a PB charger, 2.00 at the outlet, with some baby’s breath.





Robin’s egg salt and peppers on a little tray from the Pfaltzgraff Clearance store, years ago.


I haven’t started the Easter baking yet, that will be Saturday.


Last year I made a Sour Cream Apple Pie. Recipe HERE


The Bunny whipped cream layer cake


And of course, the traditional eggs that I show you every year.  That’s because it is traditional, lol!

Bargains 213

I also show you the Babka dh makes every Easter, cause…well, you know, it is his tradition!


I’ll be back to show what I am making.  There will be 30 of us.

If I don’t see you, I wish you a very blessed Easter!


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I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

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Let’s have a little Spring Table Tour next week.  Impromptu , I will put the link up at 7 on Wed.  A new, fresh SPRING table, no reruns please.  Just because… we woke up to everything ice covered this morning, so we must push winter out of here with a very SPRINGY table.  Do you want to?  It will be small, but fun!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Parade of Tables

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  When you are retired, everyday is a weekend.  I always get a kick out of retired people or people who don’t have a job they have to go to everyday, saying they are going on vacation!    I know, we all work, cook, clean, do laundry and garden, but working people do that as well as go to a job everydayI am very happy those days are in the past for me, I don’t know how I did it all!  Take a bow if you are still doing it!

Here are some Easter tables from the past…

Maybe you will get an idea for something you can use on your table.


IMG_0351 (4)

table 2166

table 2167

table 2164

table 2117

table 3592

table 3598table 3693

table 3653


Picture 2043


Picture 2052

Bargains 168

Bargains 173

Bargains 111

Bargains 098

Bargains 009

Bargains 057


Let's Dish 184

030Let's Dish 251

Let's Dish 249


QRA 025



I think I hit all the colors!  My next table is going to be barely colorful!

Still making the rounds on the Bird/egg/nest challenge from Wed.  If you haven’t seen it, take a look!  SO many fine feathered entries!


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