Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lenox Tartan~ Let's Dish #37

Good evening, welcome to the start of the Christmas Parade of Dishes!  Many towns start the season with a parade, so why not our holiday dishes?
Let's Dish 1710
I am using Lenox Tartan tonight, with a gold charger, and gold trimmed flatware by Wallace.
Let's Dish 1718
The tablecloth is from Home Goods, and picked up some of the colors in the plate.
I used a wreath to surround the antique cream soup bowls by Noritake.  My friend Marigene from In the Middle of Nowhere sent them to me a few years ago.  They are trimmed in gold like the plate.
Let's Dish 1709
A burgundy napkin from CTS is held by the  gold ring from Target.  The gold ornament place card holder is from Michael's.
Let's Dish 1711
The centerpiece is a sugared fruit wreath with  a set of battery operated lights woven through.
Let's Dish 1722
I used a large hurricane filled with little pine cones and a candle in the middle.
Let's Dish 1712Let's Dish 1723 Let's Dish 1716 The stemware is an an etched glass trimmed with gold.
Let's Dish 1719 
I got the plates at the Lenox Outlet.  They have a sale every year, and they are 10 dollars a plate, then I use my coupon for another 20 off.  I only have dinner plates, as I have the full service of Lenox Christmas Eternal that I use for formal dinners.  I just loved these though, so I have bought a few every year.
Let's Dish 1716
Let's Dish 1722
Hope your holiday preparations are going well.  They are a snail's pace here!
Have you started your holiday baking yet?
table 1417
table 1434
A stack of cookies in a cute mug, this one has a cover, makes a cute gift.
table 1433
Tied with a bow, and an  ornament from WS outlet, makes it even better!
Time to start the parade of plates, bring on Christmas!
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Let's Dish!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let the Season Begin! Holiday Entertaining Ideas

Hello everyone, hope you have come out of your Thanksgiving food coma!
 As much as we eat on Thanksgiving, when you don't host it, you miss those leftovers the next day!

I know a lot of you have already started decorating for Christmas.  It is a daunting task!  Oh please, don't tell me you are all done!
 I started dragging out, and digging through  bins.

Do I need all this stuff? 
Am I decorating a Bed and Breakfast??

Nope, but every year I get rid of things and somehow new things sneak back into the house.  You do it too, I know!

These dinner plates hopped into my basket on my last trip to CTS, I had a 20 off the whole order, so I couldn't resist.
Let's Dish 1683
It reminded me of Villeroy and Boch Naif.  I have a platter and plate in that pattern that were gifted to me.
I love that it has the Nativity scene in it.

  Can't wait to use it in a scape soon.

One of the desserts I made to bring to Tgiving was individual Black Forest Cakelets.

I think they would be good for Christmas entertaining, make them to look like a wreath.  I am going to try!

Let's Dish 1693
I made them in the Wilton cakelet pan, it has an indentation, so you can fill with just about anything.

Picture 836
I got mine at BBB with a 20 off coupon.

I made a chocolate cake, and baked them in the pan.

After they cooled, I dipped them in chocolate, then filled them with cherry pie filling and piped on fresh whipped cream.  I use WHIP IT, it really helps the whipped cream hold its shape for hours.

Let's Dish 1691
Pumpkin Trifle ...
Let's Dish 1689
Let's Dish 1687
Layer of pumpkin raisin bread, soaked in a bit of apricot liqueur, layer of vanilla pudding, pumpkin pudding, cool whip.  Continue till bowl is full, then pipe with fresh whipped cream.
 Let's Dish 1682 I made a few individual ones for us.
Cupcakes for the kids...

Let's Dish 1685
I used my Bundt pan to make the stuffing, much nicer presentation, easily sliced for serving.

Let's Dish 1695
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and got whatever you planned to do done!  I never do, the energy runs out!

This is my 500th post, took me years to get here!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings~ Let's Dish # 36

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!
I got so busy with my chores, I almost forgot to post!  We are guests, but I have a list of things to make and bring.
Tonight I am showing a table I did when my family was here after the storm.  We were thankful to escape major damage, and counted our blessings.
A classmate of my son's from College of the Holy Cross in Mass. ,was killed in the storm when a huge branch fell on him.  He had just put his 2 little girls in their car seats  so the family could leave and go the family who had power.
A few people contacted me to see if it was my family as we share the same last name.  I ask you say a prayer for his wife and children, and for all those still suffering from the disaster.
On to our kid friendly table.
Let's Dish 1645
I kept it simple as the majority of the guests were my young gkids!
Let's Dish 1653
The centerpiece was what I keep on my table for Fall, a hurricane filled with mini seasonal fruits .
The candleholders have leaves  etched on them, and are from Villeroy and Boch.
Let's Dish 1646
Johnson Bros. octagonal plates that I got for $1 at CTS, pumpkin soup bowls, also CTS.  Everyday flatware from Dansk.  Napkin ring from BBB, .99 but they are now back to 2.99
Let's Dish 1654
Purple cloth, edges pulled through a fall napkin ring from Villeroy and Boch.
Let's Dish 1651
Pumpkin salt and peppers from CTS.
Butter leaf plates from Pfaltzgraf, glasses from Dansk.  Napkins are old, and when they got stained I dyed them this color to get a few more uses from them.
That's it!  Hope everyone has all their preparations done.
I am in the midst of a pumpkin trifle, no picture yet.
Let's Dish 1657
Tonight we are having Sweet ad Sour Pork, recipe can be found here.
I used scallions, and omitted the peppers and cayenne. 
Very easy, and very good too!
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Let's Dish!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Browns~Let's Dish #35~Challenge

Hello Ladies, welcome to the Harvest Challenge at Let's Dish.
I have lost my mojo .  I think listening to all the horror stories and seeing what people are going through after  Super Stupid Storm Sandy has gotten to me.  There will be no Thanksgiving for them, Christmas either for some.  Everyone is tired, the stress has taken its toll.  Please keep them in your prayers.

We were so lucky, and I thank you for all your good thoughts!

I couldn't wrap my head around a table for tonight.  I am not hosting Thanksgiving, so I didn't drag out the china!  I went with something casual.

Let's Dish 1660
I used the striped  linen cloth I got for a dollar at Duralee Outlet.

Let's Dish 1665
A simple brown metal pumpkin filled with faux flowers and a candle serves as the centerpiece.
The amber stems are from Villeroy and Boch.
White turkey s and p's from CTS.

Let's Dish 1670
Let's Dish 1667
Rattan charger, 2.00 Pfaltzgraf, chocolate brown dinner, Pier 1, white square plate, leaf plate and the white pumpkin soup bowls, $1.99 a few years ago, , all CTS.

Let's Dish 1662

Leaf napkin ring from Pottery Barn Outlet, treble clef flatware, clearance BBB, napkins from there too.  The name card holder matches the napkin ring.

It is a feather that has a lip where you place the card.

Let's Dish 1677Let's Dish 1678
 Let's Dish 1669
In the little cloche are come acorn cakelets.
Let's Dish 1674
Let's Dish 1676
The pan is from WSonoma Outlet,  a few years ago.
Hey, Yvonne, did you use yours yet?  :)

You can find the recipe here.
I made them this time with a gingerbread cake recipe, and put whipped cream in between.
Let's Dish 1675 My tip is to slam those pans down, I mean gently tap, tap, tap, so you don't get air bubbles like I did. :)
I think the blahs I have are partly do to a lack of shopping, or getting out of the house!

The gas supply seems to be coming back, so maybe the odd even rationing will be lifted soon.  I have been a miser with my gas, I didn't want to wait on line!

Last time I shopped at CTS I picked this up. (It seems like forever ago!)

Let's Dish 1671
It was the only one they had, and it was less than it was marked when it rang up, a few dollars.  I thought I would fill it with different spreads to bring as a hostess gift on Thanksgiving.

What do you like to receive as hostess gifts?

Don't forget if you bring flowers, bring them in a vase so the hostess doesn't have to run around looking for one while she has other things to do.  I have no time to dig around looking for one while I am trying to serve others. :)

I will try to get next week's post up early, as so many will be busy prepping Wed. night for Tgiving.
Your turn, ladies.

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Visit as many as you can.  I have been delinquent in the storm's aftermath and spotty cable service, I will do better this week!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This is Getting Ridiculous! Let's Dish #34

Hello from Long Island, where a Nor' Easter is about to hit.

The power is flickering on and off, and the tides are supposed to be 5 ft higher than normal, with 60 mph winds.

They have sent the children home from school, after just reopening after Sandy. 

Still so many without power, or heat, or phones, and it is SNOWING and sleeting!

No relief for these people who have lost so much and are struggling to survive.

They are given no info and left to wonder if anyone remembers they are there.

Churches are collecting food, cleaning supplies, socks and warm clothing. 

There has been a gas shortage since the storm hit a week ago Monday, and at this writing the 6 gas stations here are out of gas.

Lines are hours long.

It is the last draw for those who are trying to get gas for a generator to get some light and heat.

Tempers are flaring and spirits are sagging.

All the hoopla  and photo opps with politicians right after the storm is gone. 

Tonight ,those who got power back fear they will lose it again!  Those without, fear they will be homeless as so many are.

Please remember them in your prayers.

In light of this situation, I won't post a table, but open it up for those who are have prepared one, before my power goes out!

I hope next week I can report things are better.  I pray I will.

Let's Dish 1637

A little soda bread muffin and some tea in a cute owl mug I found in clearance last Fall at Home Goods.

Let's Dish 1635

There's a little owl inside too!  :)

Let's Dish 1638

Have a good week!  I am hoping the lights stay on and the GAS situation improves, there is no reason for it to be the way it is.

Let's Dish!


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