Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cherry Pie~ It’s About the Pits!

Last year I tried to get a cherry pitter.  Everyone was sold out!  So when I saw this on sale at WSonoma Outlet, I got it to make less work for mother!

table 4242

I had visions of mangled cherries, but it worked well!

table 4247

The cherries were 1.79 a lb here on sale.

table 4243

It pushes the pit out and they collect in the bottom of the pitter.  Nice and neat!

My friend, Carol, at There’s Always Thyme to Cook, sent me a cute little pocket pie maker awhile ago.  I was saving it for when I had fresh cherries.  It is supposed to have a heart in the top, but my heart turned into a circle when it baked.

table 4264

Looks like an eye, LOL!

So I made it a flagpole base.  Thank you, Carol! 

table 4258

I made a big pie too. I think I will freeze it for the 4th.

table 4260

table 4259

And since I had peaches and was rolling dough…

table 4263

A little peach pie for 2…

And a peach crumb to freeze.

table 4256

Before crumb topping…

table 4269

And after.  I think it will be good with a dollop of vanilla ice cream!

table 4268

Crumb recipe

3 sticks of butter or margarine or a mix, softened

1 cup brown sugar

3 t cinnamon

3   heaping C flour

2 1/2 t vanilla

Blend together till pea size crumbs form.


Use on pie or cake.

I keep some in the frig for quick apple crisps etc.

Pie Crust (single crust)

1 1/3 heaping cups flour

1 stick butter

Jce of 1/2 lemon and the zest

2 T ice water or a bit more

Whirl together in the food processor.

Form a disk, wrap and refrigerate.

Roll when ready to bake.

Great for open faced tarts too.

Using fresh summer fruits is a Favorite Thing and perfect for a Summer Sunday!

I am linking to Designs by Gollum’s Foodie Friday, Laurie’s Favorite Things, and The Tablescaper’s Summer Sundays.  Thank you for hosting, Ladies!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Whites…

Last year around this time I did a Let There Be White Tablesetting party.

Since this is the start of summer, and we can wear white officially, I am showing it again.

Why?  MY CAMERA IS MISBEHAVING!  When I press the button to take a shot, it goes dark!  It does it off and on.  More often than not!  I see a new camera is my future!

After all the color in my last post, it may be a welcome change!

table 2534

table 2527

table 2540

table 2545

table 2544

So get out those whites, it’s summer!

I have a little bargain to show you.  I was in the supermarket  last week, and they had these nice cloth lined baskets as you checked out.

table 4239

$2.25!  I went back to get more, but they were gone!  Of course, it was a good price! See, even the tag was telling me to buy MORE!  :)

table 4238

Anyone up for another all white event?  Let me know and we can pick a date.

Thanks for visiting and please stop by at Susan’s Between Naps on the Porch for the other entries this week.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Arrives ~Whoa, that’s a lot of Color!

Today summer officially arrived and it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

table 4219

The flowers are blooming…

table 4190

And so it my table!

table 4230

Some purple hydrangea for the centerpiece.

The cloth is called Elizabeth Exotique by Duralee.  It is a remnant I got at the outlet.

And it has A LOT of colors!

table 4225

The little casseroles are a dark purple, not black!

I used a yellow plate, red charger and green napkin.

table 4234

Purple stems and antique tumblers…

table 4232

table 4234

table 4233

table 4228

The blue hour outside the window…;)

Please stop over at Marty’s A Stroll Thru Life for more Tabletop Tuesday entries, and I am also joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.  Thank you, Ladies, for hosting!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Sundays are a Favorite Thing!

table 150

Fresh Peach Crumb Loaf…

table 943

Corn on the cob and Fresh cherries…

table 2503

Fresh strawberries injected with whipped cream…

table 2749

And a little quiet time at the beach after a busy Summer Sunday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I am late for Laurie’s Favorite Things , and The Tablescapers Summer Sundays… but my favorite people, my family was here for the weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lookie, Lookie…My new Cookie!

It’s Foodie Friday at Gollums and Flashback Friday at Suzy’s Kitchen Bouquet.

My friend Pam gave us some wonderful gifts for our anniversary.  She knows I am a fan of WSonoma Outlet and put together a lovely assortment of goodies.

table 4212

I can’t wait to make it…

 img85mcookie pan oreo

I hope mine looks like that!

I plan to make it for the weekend, so come back and see if it worked!

My Flashback is to last summer, and another cookie pan.

The Cookiesicle

table 2651

Tasted good with an Ice Cream Soda made with homemade ice cream! I made these for an Ice Cream Social Suzy had last summer.

table 2643

Suzy is going to have another Ice Cream Social this summer, I hope you’ll think about joining in!  I am digging out the ice cream maker this weekend!

Stop over at Designs by Gollum to get lots of food ideas, and Suzy at Kitchen Bouquet.  Ask her the date for the Social!

Thanks for visiting!  See you for Favorite Things at Laurie’s and The Tablescapers Summer Sundays!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pink Hydrangea~ And a Lily for Lily

Once in a while I know what I am going to do, but usually I am trying to think of something I haven’t done!

I mean dh yells  asks 10 times a day, “What are YOU doing?”  Somehow I don’t think he is referring to my tablescape of the week! :)

My inspiration this week…

table 4173

By Waverly, pink hydrangea with shades of green…

And this…

table 4187

Pink Hydrangea by the good Lord!

I started with a  soft green tablecloth with a flower design. (clearance at BBandB because the pkg was missing!)

table 4207

The plates are a rosy pink and are from Portugal via TJMAXX. They are oval shaped, and marked down to $2.00

table 4195 

The salad plate is a soft mossy green.  I got service for 4 for 12 dollars.  Yep, clearance section of Home Goods!

table 4185

Complete in cute little hat boxes.  Makes it easy to store!

table 4186

table 4196

The glasses are from Lenox.

table 4200

Flatware by Dansk. Beaded  napkin rings from CTS.  20 cents!

table 4204

I also have these, same color, but wood by Park B. Smith, whatever!, also 20 cents at CTS.

table 4203


Little pink and green ceramic buckets I have had . They are from a no longer store, Odd Lots or Job Lots.  The price is still on them, 99 for the small, 1.99 for the large one.

table 4199

table 4198

My friend Marigene at In the Middle  of Nowhere loves green, but I hope she will excuse my pink! :) I am trying to convert her!

table 4202

Saturday was my dear little gdau Lily’s dance recital.

She was in 3 numbers and did a great job!

My mom always made a nosegay for our recitals, and I continue the tradition.

Hydrangeas, Baby’s Breath and of course, a Lily for Lily!  Last year, the deer ate all my flowers the night before, so I was guarding the blooms closely!

table 4172

I made a little one for The Tablescaper’s sweet daughter who was in the recital too.

table 4165

My 3 little gsons sat for the 3 hour recital!  Thanks to DSI’s, those electronic games.

Please visit Susan, our hostess  at Between Naps on the Porch for all the other tables this week!

And since I have pink this week, I am joining Beverly for Pink Saturday. Thank you, Beverly!

Gollums Foodie Friday, Suzy’s Flashback Friday, Laurie’s Favorite Things and The Tablescaper’s Summer Sundays are all coming up.  Maybe you will be joining in this week?

Thanks for visiting!


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