Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Kid You Not!

Yesterday was a big outing for me.  I hadn't been out except to the doc for a few weeks, and I decided it was time.

My friend, A, The Tablescaper was the driver and we made the most of her day out here in Southampton.

We crammed visits to  many stores into our time.

First, we stopped off for a Tattoo. I just had my hand and arm done, but A was a lot more daring!

Picture 1742

I AM kidding on this one!  This was a tattoo sleeve from my gson's bday party.  Bet you couldn't believe it! :)

Anyway, we started at TJMaxx, then to Target, Lenox, WS and PB Outlets and finally Home Goods.  We worked in a great lunch in between.  45 min drive each way, so it was a full fun day!

When we were in WS Outlet, I showed A the purchase I had made last month.

I wasn't crazy about it, but I bought 4 dinner, 4 salads and a pitcher.

Picture 1925

I showed it to her and told her what I paid, same store a month earlier.

Picture 1926

Here is the sales slip!

I kid you not! I paid 10.88 and yesterday they were 128.00!  Who would pay that, seriously???

Picture 1927


The dinner plate was marked 30.00, and the salad was 24.00. I paid 3 and 2.40 then another 15% off that!

Shopping and finding a bargain is a favorite thing!


I am not kidding, I rarely make breakfast, dh does the honors.  But there was a half of loaf of Italian bread going stale, perfect for French Toast...

Picture 1913

Add bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and oranges, a few sausage and dh was a happy man.  Perfect for a Seasonal Sunday!

Picture 1918

I made lunch and dinner that day too.    He was in a food daze.  I'll save dinner for my next post.

I am joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things and The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue With A Hint of Egg Roll

I have had this fabric for a tablecloth for a few years, from Walmart.  Never knew exactly what to use with it.

Picture 1883

Blue Willow  it is!

The centerpiece is a vase of fresh baby's breath with a touch of red.

Picture 1886

Chargers are from Noritake outlet, Blue Willow from various grocery stores.  Blue stems are from Dansk as well as the pitcher. Blue place mats are from CTS.

Picture 1889

The  toile napkins are from WSonoma Outlet, great sale, 2 yrs ago. You know my motto, "Anyone can pay retail!"  :)

Picture 1892


Knotted napkin rings are replicas of those very expensive ones, from Cmas Tree Shop, so, very inexpensive, very! 

Picture 1878

Blue and white ceramic tea light holders were 1.00 ea at Home Goods clearance.  The white ruffled serving bowls are from HG also.

Picture 1893

Red flatware by Cambridge from CTS as well as the square white lacey plate and the round blue and white bowl on top.

I hot glued a round dish to the white square dish for dipping sauce and hot mustard. Dh likes the latter, I pass on that!   The blue and white spoons are from Walmart.

Picture 1896

Picture 1887


For dinner?  My version of Pork Fried Rice.  Lots of pork, very little oil.

Picture 1543

Cook the rice and cool.  I do mine the night before and refrigerate.

Picture 1540

Saute the cut up the seasoned  pork in a little oil, add onions , garlic, soy sauce, powdered mustard.

In a small amt of oil fry the rice, scallions and 2 beaten eggs.

Add meat mix to the rice mix and continue to cook on low heat.

I add Duck Sauce, Dai Dai, and more Soy Sauce to taste.

Picture 1898

Before serving, sprinkle with  chopped scallions. Serve with Snow Peas.

Picture 1541

Egg Rolls

I ground my own pork,just a piece of pork loin,(that way you can control the amount of fat) cooked it with some minced onions and seasonings.

Egg roll wrappers from the market.

Picture 1867

Fill with the pork mixture, finely sliced scallions and snow peas and shredded cabbage.  Roll and fry.  Drain, and serve with dipping sauces.

Picture 1866

(There several egg roll how to videos on the net if you need a refresher, I did, as I hadn't made them in years!)

Picture 1864

I hope you won't be hungry in an hour!  :)

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I am trying to catch up on your blogs, I have been a little under the weather.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Are Waiting for the Green!

I know it is too early for this!  I had no intentions of posting this table yet, but this week's entry is half done.

I had to run to the doc, and by the time I got back, the light was gone!

So, I had this one I had never posted.

table 3473

I know you are so used to seeing my round  kitchen table, but it has a leaf, so it is also oval. Lots of room for the platter of corned beef and cabbage and bowl of potatoes and carrots and basket of fresh Irish Soda Bread!  :)

I used a white cotton cable knit throw as the cloth.  Green quilted shamrocks for the mats.

Plates from HG last year, and tureens for my Irish Flag Soup are from WSonoma Outlet.

Green Bee glasses from CTS.  The  moss basket is also from CTS and I put a vase with fresh daffodils inside. I put a small Irish flag underneath with an Irish Lass and Lad.

table 3342

table 3472

table 3468

The ceramic shamrock rings I have had a long time.

table 3463 Have an Irish Coffee before you go, and please mark Mar. 15th on your bloggy calendar so you don't forget the blog crawl here and a give away!  I would love it if you grabbed the button from my sidebar for your blog!

For Foodie and Flashback Friday ...Popovers

table 3271

table 3324

table 3274

Next week it will be non Irish, but then after that, all bets are off!  :)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love it or Leave It?

Lynn is having a Gadget Party!  So let's open those drawers clogged with goodies!  :)

I don't think I am a gadget person.  I have kitchen tools, don't know they are considered gadgets though!

Griddler, crock pot, mixers, food processor, those are appliances, right?  So I will try to stick to gadgets.

Some things aren't worth the drawer space!  But just when you throw it out, you find you need it.  :)

A good peeler is a must.  I love the OXO.  I think I learned how to peel potatoes when I was 5, and we would always fight for the sharper of the cheapie metal peelers.

Picture 1874

I like the silicone brushes.  So much easier to clean.

My rubber mallet is used frequently to pound out cutlets, or pork loins so they can be stuffed.

I found the yeast spoon for about 50 cents at WS outlet.  We buy the larger bags of yeast, not the packets, and this measures 1 packet perfectly.

Picture 1876

Microplanes, big and small, and one good for spices as it catches it and it comes with a cover.

Do you have a lemon birdie?  Squeezes out the juice and keeps the seeds inside.  I like a reamer too.

Picture 1875

I have shown this before, it makes a lattice top for pies.

Picture 935

Picture 923

Of course sil pats, such a help when baking cookies, etc.

This one is for the LEAVE them list.

Picture 1873

I thought it would be good for the gkids sandwiches.

From one of those Home Parties, you can read the name.

I tried it with 3 diff kinds of bread, and it failed each time.

It is supposed to cut and seal at one time.  Forget it!

Picture 1872

Hard to get the sandwich out, and doesn't seal even with just one piece of cheese.  A dud!

I am joining Lynn at in Happier Than a Pig Mud for her Gadgets Party.  Please stop over and see what the other gals like!

Thanks, Lynn, I found a little tool I have  looking for while putting this together!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Does Your ♥ Go Pitter Patter?

Does your heart go pitter patter when you think of your Valentine?table 1654 Or do you celebrate anti Valentine's Day?

table 1803

Some of the younger single teachers I worked with did the latter.  If they weren't in a relationship, they used to have Man Hater Parties.  :)

table 556

They really didn't hate men, just a way for them to have some fun at the expense of the opposite sex!

table 567 So how do you share the love?

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine?

Picture 1681

This Gnarly kind will be just fine!

Picture 1710

We play the game of hugs and kisses...

Picture 1869 Some are wins and some are misses!

If the losses make your spirits droop

Picture 1642

Just have a cup of heart filled soup!

If you  feel you still might cry

Picture 1852 Have a HEART shaped pizza pie!

Oh you still don't feel much better?

Picture 1833

Here's a salad with LIPS of feta!

We'll have a party , our diets forsake

table 3182

table 3200 

table 3178

There is always room for cookies and cake!

Picture 1854

Picture 1855

Picture 1858

Picture 1857 

Picture 1770

The game of love is full of blips,

So please enjoy these candy lips!

Picture 1870

Mmmmmmwah!  Happy ♥ Day everyone!

I am joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for her Valentine Party, The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday and the Heart to Heart Party.

Thank you for visiting!

(The cakes were made with devils food cake and cherry pie filling and a heart shaped cutter.  The cupcake you slice off the top, cut a heart out and put the cherries on and replace the top. My version of Black Forest Cake. I made the candy lips with a mold and pink melts. )

One more thing and then I'll dash...

A heart shaped egg with baked ham hash!  :)

Picture 1670


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