Friday, February 5, 2016

A Snowy Friday

Good evening, Ladies!  Today we got about 10 inches of snow, so it was a good day to stay in! 

Thanks to Kathe, from Kathe with an E who helped me with the Live Writer problem!  She helped me another time with a techie problem.

Rett, just download Open Live Writer.

I found something Shamrocky last week at Dollar Tree.

st pats glasses

I am starting to think about my entry for the 8th ANNUAL BLOG CRAWL here on Mar. 16th.  I am waiting for the give away to arrive from Pfaltzgraf.  As soon as it comes, I’ll share it.  You have to be in it to win it! Smile

IMG_0324Couldn’t resist this little Leprechaun for a dolllar either!  Great for teachers to take apart, make patterns and have the kids make to celebrate the wearing of the green.  I hope that holiday hasn’t been banned from the schools!  ♣

Hope you will join in! 

I promise there won’t be a bizillion entries, and people who join in are sure to visit your blog! 

It’s a cozy group, and everyone is welcome to join in, as long as the post has something Irish related!  Food, table, vignette, bring on the green!

I know some bloggers have skipped to Easter.  It is early this year, but I don’t want to skip St. Patrick’s Day!

I am playing a bit with Valentine’s Day goodies.  Might as well enjoy them even though I am not a frequent blogger!



A little chocolate chip banana bread baked in a red snowflake ramekin from the clearance aisle at HG a few years ago.  Drizzled with chocolate icing and topped with whipped cream.


Hope you are well, safe and warm, with not too much snow on your plate!



Live Writer Question

Hello, I have a problem!  When I try to publish with Live Writer it says not found.  I can't figure out what to do.
Any of you Ladies have advice for me?

Thanks!  I so love using Live Writer to blog, so much easier than Blogger.

Thanks to Kathe!  I think I did it.  We'll see!


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