Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy October! Nordic Brownie Bundlet and Harvest Bites Pan

September flew by!  We had beautiful warm beach days, so no thoughts of Fall here!  Now that it is October I will have to force myself to think about Autumn.

I haven’t been tablescape shopping, but I couldn’t pass up these Nordic Ware pans.

Nordic Ware Bundt® Brownie Pan

Item image


I’ve tried the first one.  It’s called a Brownie Bundt Pan.

It is smaller than the mini bundt pan.


I tried brushing with oil as they suggested, rather than spraying, but they did still stick a bit.


I dipped them in melted chocolate.  Half with sprinkles, and the others with pumpkin candies.


Lots of possibilities!  There’s a little indentation in the top so a dab of something sweet on a plain pound cake would be good too.

I haven’t tried the Harvest Bites Cakelet pan yet, maybe this week.  I have the acorn cakelet pan, but this has a mix of Autumn shapes.  I know I gave the acorn pan as prizes a few years ago.


Look around before you buy!  I saw the Harvest Bites pan for $88.00 on EBAY!  I paid $18.00 at Christmas Tree Shops.  I have picked up several Nordic ware pans there , much cheaper than elsewhere.  Walmart sometimes has a good deal on them too.

Nov. 15th is National Bundt Day!  Last year we did a challenge, you can see it here.  Anyone interested in doing it again?  You can always freeze your entry for Thanksgiving!

Hope you are all well and having fun Fallifying your homes. 


I was so happy to see some mums next to the outdoor shower  survived the horrible winter we had here in Southampton last year.  Lots of things perished, but these look very healthy.  This week the Montauk Daisies should be in full bloom. 

Thank you for stopping by!


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