Thursday, October 29, 2009

Foodie and Flashback Friday

It’s Friday, time to show us the food! Please click on the pic to Super Size your portion..  :)

I am joining Gollum for Foodie Friday, and Suzy at Kitchen Bouquets for Flashback Friday. (Suzy won’t have hers up till real life Friday!)

Please stop over and see the other entrees, I mean entries…:)

I had some ricotta, mozzarella, ham and spinach left, so I made what I am calling a crustless calzone…or a calziche..little calzoney, little quichey..

I mixed the mozzarella, ricotta, grated cheese ,eggs, milk, chopped ham and fresh spinach chopped, with a cup of biscuit mix, some pepper too.

Put it into greased  a molten lava pan and baked at 375 till they were done.


table 2892 

table 2896 

Dh ate them when I said they were Crustless Calzone..he doesn’t like quiche..:)

These would be good to serve as a first course with a big dinner salad with some know, like the kind from Seinfeld. 

table 2129

And for dessert, maybe something light, like a fresh apple tart?


table 526


I have shown the stacked pear salad before…directions here

table 1254

But I made it tonight with red pears…thought I would see how it would look ..I am thinking Christmas menus…Now will I be able to get red pears in December here in NY?  Anyone know?

I think it would be perfect for a Holiday dinner party.

Blog Labor 382


Blog Labor 380 

That’s honey drizzled over it, and it is really a delicious salad.
It is not messy to eat..the pear is very ripe, so it is soft. You can just cut into it and eat it, or cut it and deconstruct it.
I wouldn't hesitate to serve this at a dinner party.


I hope you had enough to eat..thanks for coming by!

If you can, come back Monday to see what’s in the cart..

Blog Labor 375


Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Witches' Flyby Part 3~ And a Tablescape or 2

Blog Labor 319

Part I  and II are here and here


Halloween is drawing nearer

These witches just can’t wait

To spray a can of shaving cream,

On Martha, Bill and Kate!!


They huddle close to stir their brew

And mix up a double whammy..

They hide the dishes from Christine…

And steal spray paint from Kammy!


Fiberdoodle, Rhoda and Jewel,

Don’t escape this naughty caper..

They awake to find their cars

Wrapped up in toilet paper!


Spider Soup for Florida Sue,

Toadstool stew for Chandy

Jewel, Martha, Pat and Leigh

Get warty LIVER candy..


Their tummy’s badly need some food..

They tie on their witchy bibs..

Have a Perfect Bite at Mary’s

And at Gollum’s have Prime Ribs.


Still more mischief up their sleeves

They burp and screech with glee,

Throw smoke bombs at Karen

Brenda  and Ellen B!


They think they are hilarious

Fly off and  hoot and giggle

Tammy and Ceekay get hit next,

With slimy worms that wiggle!


Their manners are atrocious

Miss Janice would just faint,

Michelle, Cathy and Mary Rose,

Get covered with green paint!


Water balloons are dropping

On Bill and Dining Delight

Butter Yum, Jen and Katherine

Got very wet tonight..


A quick flyby at HOLIDAYS,

To see Luvs, Jay and Jane,

Karen whacks  them with a broom

Betty hits them with a cane!


This crazy jaunt’s now over

They stop and have a beer,

And craft a list of Bloggers,

They plan to trick next year!





A little candy corn table in yellow and orange for the kids..The goodie bag?  Candy corn of course. The eyes and nose on the plate are candy corn…see??
Little yellow ramekins are from Target

Click for a larger pic..

table 1216

Aren’t these floating candy corn candles cute??

table 1217

When the witches finished their trip, they had dinner here.. :)


table 1203



table 1225

Black tablecloth , white cut out cloth on top, black round mats they have little beads for sparkle. (West Elm, PB)

Black and white chargers..Pier One

Black plates

Lidded white pumpkins from CTS for soup

Witch cauldron, filled with white mums and little witch hats and a black bow.

Used the same witch hats for napkin rings

4 Larger witch hats around raised centerpiece

Witch hat candles in little white scallop shells, WSonoma outlet

Black bat scatters..Villeroy and Boch

Black goblets, Pier One

I made the polka dot napkins.


table 1223


table 1226


table 1224

table 1224


Please drop by Susan’s beautiful blog, Between Naps on the Porch for more tablescapes.  Thank you for hosting, Susan!

I hope to join Designs by Gollum for Foodie  Friday and Suzy at Kitchen Bouquets for Flashback Friday ..this week. I bet there will lots of Halloween goodies!

Thanks for coming..I love your visits!

Got Color? Finally..Outdoor Wednesday

For the past few weeks people have been showing their gorgeous displays of color..


But today I can share some…not the magnificent purples, but it’s color none the less!

Joining Susan , A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.

Please visit the others, I am late so you probably have done that already!

Click on the pic to enlarge


My street..

Blog Labor 372


Blog Labor 370


Still some boats at our little marina..


Blog Labor 322

The last of the crop..I am a pitiful farmer!

Blog Labor 374

And what says outdoors more than a shopping cart full of bargains going OUT the DOOR from one of my faves, the CTS…

I’ll show you what I got Monday for Merchandise Monday…can you wait?? Does 17 cents sound good??  I hadn’t been out in over 2 weeks, so it was a very fun trip..

Blog Labor 375

A bit of a departure from my 50 ways to use 50 lbs of ‘taters, which have fear, will return.. :)

Whipped sweet potatoes and apples with cinnamon and brown sugar.  Scooped, swirled with a fork, ( I tried piping them, but the little bits of apple kept getting jammed in the pastry bag tip) sprinkled with chopped pecans, and baked in individual portions.. They were very good.

Blog Labor 371

Last installment of those naughty witches’ trip through blogland coming up for Tablescape Thursday..

In case you can’t make it back, have a Happy Halloween!

(58 days till Christmas! )

Thanks for visiting..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mosaic, Met and Merchandise Monday..

I join our lovely hosts, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch


Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday…

Thank you, ladies!

Met Monday


Last Spring I showed you this..

table 2337

I think I asked you to guess what it was, but I don’t think I ever showed the end result.

I have received 100’s of emails dying to know..(not)
Click to enlarge pictures..

table 2346


table 2347


table 2353


table 2369 


Blog Labor 357


The last picture shows with the final ledge added to the top.

The first bench was from Ikea, and even though I preserved it every year, it collapsed this year.

I will be looking for one like it in the the meantime the wicker one had to suffice..

We put a trellis to soften the front, and by next summer, the plants will have filled in, I hope!

Blog Labor 356

So that’s my Outdoor Shower and changing area.  It was a big help this summer.  When we walked up from the beach, no sand in the house.  And even in the mornings, nothing like a warm outdoor shower! There’s an outlet  so you can blow dry your hair, and a light so it can still be used at night..The plastic bins slide under the bench, so the towels stay dry..Outdoor showers  are very common here.

For my Mosaic..


Soup..Lto R Butternut, Split Pea, Trio of Soups, Chicken orzo..


Just a little Merchandise this week…

I don’t know about you, but when I buy things at the end of the season and pack them away, they are new to me.  Sometimes I even forget that I bought it! Oh no, I know none of you do that..:)

So last fall the Pfaltzgraff Clearance Center was closing…not the outlet, even better..


I got a few more of these for 1.24

Blog Labor 363


A couple of these covered acorn bowls for 2.00


Blog Labor 365

And this Fall colored sugar and creamer total  .96

Blog Labor 366


Blog Labor 367

I also got these at CTS for 1.99..they are very delicate…great to serve soup..

Blog Labor 368


This larger green acorn for 3.00

Blog Labor 361

Merchandise Monday is closed for this week.  Hope to be able to get out for a shopping fix this week!

A little treat ….chocolate and caramel apples

I haven’t made candy apples in ages….  My friend Susan did a post on her caramel apples, and she gives her recipe…hop over and look..She’s a professional photographer, so you are in for a treat..

I just took Granny Smiths, scrubbed them well, dipped them in melted chocolate.  Chill.

Melt caramels in the micro wave, add a tiny bit of milk.

Drizzle over the apple, then add toasted chopped PECANS..hear that BJ?? :)



Blog Labor 348


Blog Labor 352


Blog Labor 354


Blog Labor 355

In my tummy..delicious! And didn’t cost 5.00 each like Mrs. Prindables…so easy too!


Thanks for visiting..

See you Wednesday…

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Naughty Witches~Ghostly Tablescape Thursday

The Witches Fly By..Part II

Part I here….



The four naughty witches,

Go soaring  through  Blogland,

Stop to haunt Cathy, Alma and Cass

To see what they have planned.


Cindy offers poisoned apples,

Now that's a treat they covet!

Marty gives them a lovely CLOCHE

With a skull inside..they love it!


Blog Labor 329


They head down south to visit those gals,

Hotlanta Joyce, Deb and Sue

They stop for a song at Shelia’s

Then throw eggs at  Barb’s house too!


All this zigzagging is taking its toll,

Too much for these witches to handle.

They take a nap on Susan’s porch,

And swipe a Colonial candle!  :)


“Let’s go visit Blondie !”

She never is a grouch

Then stop off in Ohio,

And check out Sue’s new couch.


“We must  not forget dear Canada!”

They flew up North with glee

Threw bags of flour on the homes,

Of Nana and Lori E!


Tonight’s fly by is over,

Their brooms are losing torque..

They crash for now, to rise again

From Kathleen’s in New York…

Blog Labor 330


The final fly by next Thursday…they could be headed your way!


Joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday…Please stop over Between Naps on the Porch to see some wickedly wonderful tables…

Here’s my table…I think it’s BOO tiful! Maybe not, but the gkids would love it!

The ghost was a gift from my friend, Ellen.


                Blog Labor 340



                 Blog Labor 346


Black tablecloth

White Ghost mats PBarn, on sale after Halloween last year

Black plates Pier One

Black and White naps..TJMaxx


Blog Labor 334

Blog Labor 345 


Blog Labor 347


For dinner, maybe some Baked worms and cheese…

Blog Labor 310

Some baked bones..


table 1341

And some Poison Apple Crisp

table 1309

Thanks for the good wishes, I am taking my medicine and I am sure I will be fine!

You know I always appreciate your visit!


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