Sunday, November 5, 2017

November Nibbles

Hello, dear friends!  I wanted to stop in and say hello and thank so many of  you for your thoughtful messages.  I am touched you take the time to write!  I think of you and even though I may not leave a comment, try to keep up with what you are up to.

I have been cooking and baking, it keeps my mind occupied!

I belong to a benevolent organization and have been doing dinners twice a month for about 35 people.  Nothing fancy, supper before our meetings.


Orzo spinach salad with feta, red onion and bacon was well received.


Usually, it’s soup, and chili, pork fried rice or an Italian dish, bread , salad and desserts.



I forget to take pictures most of the time when I make something remotely interesting!  I had 4 widow friends over for dinner and set the table but forgot to take a picture! I have some on my phone, but haven’t figured out how to transfer them to my computer.

I do get to do the tables, 8 of them for the club, but they are simple, not worthy of being called a tablescape!


Simple flowers , tablecloth and napkins and maybe a few scatters.

Two of our members are relocating to NC, so a little going away party to wish them “Happy Trails.”  I haven’t decorated a cake in a year, my skills are rusty!  Half vanilla, half devils food, filled with chocolate cream, iced with melted chocolate and piped with whipped cream. 


This week at the supermarket they had local cauliflower for $1.49 a head.  They weighed about 8 lbs!  More like a head with a body!

I have it in my Copper Chef simmering now for cream of cauliflower soup. IMG_0255


It was one of the last things Mike encouraged me to order, so I hope he is happy I am using it!  Anyone else jump in and buy one?  It is easy to clean, I haven’t used it enough to write a review though.

November 15th is National Bundt Cake Day.  Anyone planning something?  I keep adding to my collection, not buying dishes, but Bundt pans, maybe!


Thanks for stopping by, hope all of you are well.  I am taking it day by day.  Some are ok, others, not so much, but I know so many of the widows  know exactly what I mean.

Have a good week!


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