Friday, January 28, 2011

A Little Pink on a Snowy Day~Tea or Lunch?

I know, most of us are in the same boat, a snow boat that is!

Picture 1626

We can't sit under the gazebo, check out  the snowdelier!

Picture 1627

So come inside for a hot cup of tea, and  a pretty pink cupcake!

Picture 1631

The teapot is  Rosanna  by Villeroy and Boch.  I got it on sale when we had the outlet here in town.

Picture 1586

There's plenty more cupcakes, I had to work on that technique Gail showed us here.

Picture 1632

Picture 1636

Maybe you would prefer some lunch?

Picture 1647

We had a baked ham the other night, and there is plenty left, so Panini was on the menu.

Picture 1649

Ham and Swiss and some creamy cole slaw on the side.  Excuse the fork, dh started to eat before the pic, and we all know that's a big no no!

Hubby made the bread...being snowbound does that to you!

Picture 1675

It was delicious, good crumb and chewy crust.

Picture 1685

I hope you aren't too full, cause now we are going outside to shovel off the roof!  :)

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Greens of January~A Scape and Dinner

Sick of winter scapes?  Not ready for ♥day? Well then, here you go!  We could all use a little green!

Christmas 2009 , "A", known to you as The Tablescaper, gave me 12 of these lovely salad plates.  Very interesting color combo, but oh so hard to find things to go with.

Picture 1610

I liked how the green glass chargers by Gorham picked up the rim, and the small glass soup bowl.

Picture 1611

White cloth with dark green underneath, with matching white napkins.  Dollar Tree rings enhanced with a tassel.

A little ring of pip berries under the bowl.

Picture 1613

Gold trimmed flatware by Wallace.  Butter plates with a gold bow were from a long gone junk novelty store called Mace's.  You could find some treasures there, and when people asked where I got things, I said "Mace's".  Well, they always thought I said Macy's!  I never corrected them.  :)

Picture 1589


Picture 1599

The stemware is from Lenox.

Picture 1612

The centerpiece is in a green glass footed bowl from Villeroy and Boch.

Picture 1591

Candlesticks from Mikassa, a gift from a student many years ago.

Picture 1601

The compote bowl was a gift from an older couple we met on our honeymoon cruise, so it is about 39 years old.

It is so pretty!

Picture 1625

For dinner we are having Paillard of pork, ( which is sliced pork pounded out)  on a bed of spinach with a Balsamic reduction and Sweet potato whipped with apples, brown sugar and topped with toasted walnuts.

Picture 1481

Extremely simple dish!

Slice the pork loin and pound it thin between plastic wrap.

Picture 1479

Season it and dredge it in seasoned flour, and brown.  It doesn't take long to cook.  Overdo it and you will have shoe leather!

Make a salad of spinach, red onion, feta, and bacon crumbles.  Season to taste, I always use a little powdered sugar, (it  melts faster) and powdered mustard, s&p on the spinach greens.

Make a Balsamic reduction, and serve with the pork and salad.

Balsamic reduction ...

Picture 1480


Very easy, and tasty!

Picture 1484

Inspired by  sweet Gail at Faithfulness Farm, I made cupcakes.  Gail posted a how to for a cupcake bouquet. ( Go see it, hers is way better than the demo ) I didn't make the bouquet, and I used cream cheese icing.

Picture 1618

I added a few leaves and displayed them on a green glass cake pedestal from Cmas Tree Shop last year.

Picture 1623

Picture 1619

Picture 1625

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unseasonably Cold Sundays are not a Favorite Thing!

Last night as we were on our way home, the car thermometer read 8 degrees!  It was a little after 8 PM.

I know many of you have those temps during the winter, but it is not that often it gets so cold here on Long Island.  The ocean is supposed to moderate the temps. 

Picture 1556


Picture 1557

This is the beautiful Peconic Bay near me.  I couldn't stand out in that wind for more than a few minutes!

I will wait patiently for in 4 months it will provide us with beautiful bay breezes on a sunny day at the Beach.

But before I ventured out, dh fixed us a good breakfast.

Picture 1548

French toast with fresh blueberries and Canadian Bacon.

And for the game, an antipasto platter.

Picture 1276

Picture 1277

You can just pick out the healthy things, or take a little plate with some crusty bread and enjoy it all!

I am joining Laurie for Favorite Things, and Seasonal Sundays at The Tablescaper's.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

♫♫ Bringing in the Sheep ♫♫ Chicken Bundles & Jo Jo's Pie Party!

Some people have shoes to match their bag.

Picture 1497

I have a bag to match my table!  Guess where it is from?

Picture 1498

You knew, right?  :)

Picture 1531

The sheep wandered off the bag looking for greener pastures on the plate.

Picture 1520

A little mini birdhouse gets some paint to match the plates.

Picture 1533

A green glass cake ped with  some spagnum and a few sheep.

Picture 1529

Dark green cloth, burgundy rug mats, black charger and dark green napkin.

Picture 1530

The matching plates, salads and bowls are from Cmas Tree Shops.

Picture 1526 Salt and Peppers from there too.

Picture 1517

The glasses are from Pfaltzgraff when they had their outlet here.  They have a black stem.

You can see the sheep is by the water in this picture, getting a drink.

Picture 1518

I am always mindful of my friend Carol at There's Always Thyme to Cook.  She doesn't like too many pics of the same table!  :)

So let's eat...the menu~

Picture 1539

Picture 1538

Picture 1535

The soup

Picture 1489

The dinner is twice baked potatoes, chicken cutlets stuffed with stuffing, rolled in Panko, browned then finished in the oven.

Picture 1452


Fresh baby spinach s & p and a little cream cheese, topped with crumbled bacon and baked.

Picture 1451

And since Jo Jo is having a Pie Party...

Picture 1474

Apple Cream Crumb Pie

Picture 1463

Peel 6 VERY large apples of  a few different varieties.

Slice, sprinkle with lemon, sugar and cinnamon , a little flour and toss.

Pour into your pie crust.  I used  sheet of Puff Pastry for this one.

Soften  about 4 oz of cream cheese.  Add sugar to taste.

Dot the top of the apples with the cream cheese mixture, using  a  teaspoon.

Top with crumbs.  I use butter, flour cinnamon and sugar  and a little vanilla in mine.  There are many recipes for crumb mixtures.  I like to make a double batch and keep some in the frig for a quick apple, pear or cherry  crisp.

Bake at 350 till browned. 

I know the food police are thinking that's a lot for one meal. :)

We had  the soup for lunch. 

One more, sorry Carol!  :)

Picture 1516

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Maria at Calm Energy is the winner of The Snowman movie.



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