Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Time to start getting the Halloween tables going!  I know I have more ghosty stuff, but I didn’t get to that bin yet!

Picture 585

The centerpiece is a foam ghost from Michael’s, nested in a bowl with lights and veiling.

Picture 592Picture 591 A cute little place mat, (WSonoma outlet) over a black tablecloth.

Then a black charger (CTree Shops) white square plate, and patterned salad that I found in the clearance at HG  for.70

Picture 570

Black soup bowl by Nautica that I found when Pfaltzgraff had a clearance center next to the outlet. 

Picture 593

.48!  Made in the USA, see that Pat, Mille Favioriti!  :)  I got the mugs for that price too.  I sure miss that place!

Picture 586

Black checked napkin, really a bandana from Walmart.

I used a white alabaster napkin ring and I will write the names on he little ghosts.

Picture 572

Ghost salad plates, 1.00 at CTree Shops.

Picture 573

Black stems from Pier One a few yrs ago, on sale for less than 2.00.  I think they were 5.00 originally.

I have a set of  battery operated lights from QVC lights in the netting, but I have to work on hiding it better!

Picture 582

For dinner we will have Ghost Pie…

 ghost pie

Which is really Shepherd’s Pie with the mashed potatoes piped on and pulled up to look like ghosts.

Ghost pie2

Use your imagination!  :)

And for dessert…Cookies made with nut molds.  I will do a post on those soon!

table 366

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Monday, September 27, 2010

PEARings for a Pair

I am like Cathy at Wives with Knives.  In her last post she said how she bought so much produce at the market where she has her booth on Sat.  and then has to cook them all!

I do that too, and I don’t like too many veggies.  I can list them on one hand!

But I love going to the farm this time of year and bringing home the fresh veggies and fruit.

Picture 549

I got this pair of pear chargers a few years ago.  They are wood.

They were in the clearance section. for 2.00 at HG.
Picture 555

Some pear candles for a simple centerpiece.

Marked down after the holiday last year.

Picture 552

A pear side plate from Target, green flatware from Cmas Tree Shop.

Picture 553

Green napkin, Villeroy and Boch,  in a black stemmed  chunky glass .96 from the Pfaltzgraff clearance outlet store a few years ago. Sadly they closed all their stores., green placemat over yellow cloth.

I used clear glass plates as not to cover the pretty pears.

To go along with the theme…

Acorn squash, stuffed with pears, apples and nuts.

(Cut the squash in half, deseed, place cut side down in a baking pan with some water.  Bake for 30 min, fill with the poached pear, apples, butter, cinnamon , brown sugar, s and p   and nut mixture.  Return to the oven and bake another 15 min Drizzle with pancake syrup if you like it sweeter.)

Picture 558

Picture 561

For dessert, a pear baked in puff pastry.

Picture 565

I drizzled some caramel sauce on after I took this pic.


A little table for the pair of us!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just an Apple Pickin’ Minute!

With apologies to my Southern friends who have cotton pickin’ minutes!

We have been going to the same farm to pick apples for 20 years.  It is down by the ocean hidden in a residential neighborhood.  I guess at one time it was mostly farm land.

Picture 434

This is a Mutzu, very similar to a Granny Smith.  There are about 10 different varieties you can pick there. 

This one weighs a whopping 1 lb and 7/8 oz!

Picture 535

Lily picked this one.  She left it here by mistake and called to remind her Nana not to turn it into pie!

It doesn’t take long to fill the bag.  Here’s my youngest gson selecting the perfect apple. They are low so even the littlest can pick!

Picture 403

But I did turn some into this…

Picture 524

Picture 529

Dipped in chocolate, slathered with caramel, and dusted with toasted walnuts.


It’s a big apple, so when we have company I make  a few and slice them to serve with the other desserts.

Picture 536

Last year, after Tgiving these pans were marked way down at the WSonoma Outlet. (My friend Carol from There’s Always Thyme to Cook told me I was talking about CTS so much WS was going to be mad at me! )

She has a wonderful apple recipe posted there!

Picture 517

Picture 518

I made some, using a pumpkin, nut, recipe.  Cream cheese icing in the middle.  Some are dipped in chocolate, others dipped in glaze and sprinkled with sugar.

Picture 498Picture 519

Picture 503

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Very warm here on L.I., beach weather.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bushel of Apples

It is Apple Time!  Time to dig out the old apple dishes, a bargain purchase from Christmas Tree Shop years ago.

Picture 473

Not the best quality, but at 15 dollars for service for 12, I got my money’s worth from them!

I had A LOT of trouble with the light today, don’t know why!

They are more a burgundy than red, so I layered a black cloth, a burgundy topper, black charger, rattan charge and then the plate.

Picture 474

I decided to add in the natural charger as I was using a wicker rocker filled with apples as the centerpiece.


Picture 464

There’s a band of green on the plates, so I used apple green candles.

Picture 453

Apple salt and peppers sitting on little green glass leaves.

Little resin apple scatters on the plate. My friend Marigene at In the Middle of Nowhere gave me the idea to use them as knife rests!  So that’s what they have become!  :)  And I found them at CTS.

Picture 468

Black napkin

Picture 458

I used a green bee stem and a tall clear with black bottom stem glass. There is black in the basket and around the apples on the plate.

Picture 446


Picture 456

An apple pick marks the place.

Picture 486

Picture 483

Picture 487

For dinner, panko fried chicken with apple gravy. I just made the gravy with apple cider and some chopped apples, a few minced onions.  Brown the onions and apples in some butter, add the apple cider and some chicken broth, thicken with a bit of flour and simmer.

Picture 477

And an Apple Tart.  So easy!table 320

Here’s last  year of the apple table. Light was much better that day!table 199

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Tabletop Things~ Cart Content Expose

I promised a peek at some of the things that were in my cart.  I know you are dying to know!  :)

Picture 427I just had to have ANOTHER cake pan!  This is  by Nordic , called Harvest Pumpkin , and it was 4.99.

I sure hope my gkids grow up to love baking, cause they are going to have a large inheritance! ( of cake pans,  ie!)

I can’t wait to see how the cake comes out!

Picture 429Lime green embroidered spider web napkins, 1.00

Perfect with the green apples in the spider web cupcake stand I showed you in the last post.

Picture 430These gold plates were 1.00 in the supermarket, and I thought they would go well with these mats and napkins, all 1.00 at CTS.

Picture 415  

Picture 431

These are lined in burgundy cotton, $1.

These burgundy rings were 1.00 for all of them at Savers.

Picture 432

Picture 376

I didn’t buy these, but my friend, you know who did!

Picture 368

I did buy a set of these cute Nikko salt and peppers, 8 for 1.99.

Picture 380

How about these high heeled Christmas stockings.

A must have?  :)

My sister who lives in TX called me this morning to say she was at the new Christmas Tree Shop that just opened in Dallas.  She was having a lot of fun!  So all of you who are waiting for it , it’s coming to a spot near you, someday!

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