Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy Wasn't Dandy~ Let's Dish # 33

Hello Dishers!  Live from NY's battered coast, it's me!

Sorry I am late, but the internet is acting up, I guess due to so many outages. It was forever getting this done!

I know you have been bombarded with pics of the storm, so I will only share one.

  This is the Peconic Bay rising over the beach and flooding on to the street.  The house on the left was flooded, and they were still pumping out today.

It has been a stressful week, preparing for the storm, and now the clean up.  The city is a mess too!  50 ft of water in the tunnels. 
   DSCF0240 - Copyfloods
I don't think there will be any trick or treaters, there are trees down and live wires all over the roads.

Alma, The Tablescaper has had  no power since Sunday, several houses on her blocks have huge trees through their roofs.

Before the storm on Sat. we went to a Halloween Party at a Country Club.  They do a wonderful job, and it is fun to see all the children in their costumes!

Let's Dish 1615
My youngest gson, Eamon is a lamb, and his cousin is a pink poodle.  They were all treat!
Let's Dish 1606
We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner, with lots of treats!

I am having trouble loading pics, the cable keeps going in and out, so I will go on and let you girls share!
Same rules, remember to visit as many as you can!

Prayers to all those suffering the aftermath of Sandy!

Wish I could share some warm Irish Soda Bread and a cup of tea with you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mildly Candy Corny~ Witches Get Debroomed

Welcome to Let's Dish # 32, where we learn what happens to the wayward witches.

  If you remember, last week, they were incarcerated for flying under the influence.

 You can see Part ! and Part 2 in the the Let's Dish posts.

 Tonight, a color of candy corn table. Orange dinners, YELLOW salads and white Hutchenreuther handled soups

Flyby 2012 Continued...

Let's Dish 1594
Those witches did it this time
Their sentence made them sick
No more pranking bloggers
Not one more witchy trick!
Let's Dish 1593
"Stay off those witchy brooms," he said
"or you'll go back to JAIL!"
No spiders ghosts or skeletons,
The witches all went pale!
Let's Dish 1586
Let's Dish 1590
He threw their book of spells away
And said they're on probation,
They'd be checked on every week
And be canned for  violation!
Let's Dish 1587
The green faced four were quite upset
No more they'd terrorize,
They headed home and ate some lunch
Braised short ribs and ghoul's eyes.
Let's Dish 1029
Let's Dish 1600
Of course you know, they were quite ticked,
I think I heard them scream,
"Have a witchy finger, Judge
And Happy Halloween!"
Let's Dish 1501

Let's Dish 1595

Let's Dish 1588
The table...

 Pale orange cloth, polished cotton, 2.00 a yd white doily, .99 store, Anthropologie yellow glass from there and the funky candle holders all .99

 Orange plate, $ Tree,

 Yellow salads, HG clearance,

 pumpkin bowl, CTS, 1.29 Hutschenreuther soup bowls from Germany, 1.00!

 Felt pumpkin for name, Factory Crafts Direct

 Flatware Fiesta, via Tuesday Morning Yellow pot from Savers. Eyeballs and Pumpkin salt and peppers, CTS.

The winner of the pie cut outs is
.......Kitty from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen.

I am also sending a set to April of Dimples and Delights who was my 700th follower.

April is a new blogger, with lots of great recipes.  Hop over and tell her I sent you!  :)

Next Wed is Halloween, hope you all have a fun one!

Moving on to November, the theme will be Thanksgiving, theme party on NOV 14th.  I am thinking browns and tans, but whatever your table decor for this holiday is fine!

Please leave a comment after you link up, put your blog name first when you link, and link back to this party.
Visit as many as you can, everyone likes a comment.  :)
I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday
Diann for Thrifty Things Friday

Your turn!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's Dish # 31~ Wayward Witches and a Celebration

Picture 585
I hate to disappoint you
I think I'm turning pale,
I am so sorry to inform you
My witches are in JAIL!
Picture 568
It seems they had too much POTION
Who ever would have "thunk"
That they would be arrested.
For flying while quite  drunk!
They flew into a police car
And laughed in the cop's face
Tried to cast a spell on him,
Four witches in disgrace!
So they are grounded this week
You are safe to move about
But they'll be back here next week
I warn you, do watch out!
I wanted to share some pictures from my son and dil's 5th child's Christening Sunday.
In my last post I showed the 60 breads and 12 centerpieces and goody bags I did.
Let's Dish 1511Let's Dish 1503 Let's Dish 1547
The ceremony was beautiful!
Let's Dish 1525
He didn't cry through out the whole ceremony.
Let's Dish 1531
The reception was held afterwards, and the kids had a great time.
Craft tables...
Let's Dish 1554
Let's Dish 1560
Pony races...
Let's Dish 1562
Musical chairs.  When you were OUT you got cotton candy, so no one was upset!
Let's Dish 1551
Let's Dish 1550
Let's Dish 1564
Let's Dish 1565
The cake was beautiful, and delicious!
It was a wonderful day, shared with family and friends.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Now it is your turn!
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I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bagged, Tagged, Bowed, Wrapped and Ready

No, not for Christmas!  My grandson , Eamon, will be Baptized tomorrow,  and as I have done for his 4 siblings, I do the centerpieces, goody bags and take homes.
Let's Dish 1483
I got 15 large pots of white mums last week on the North Fork.  They were 3 for 10.99.
I got them a week early so they could sit in the sun and be fully open.  They mostly were. Plus, as it is pumpkin picking season over there, as well as folks buying mums, I wanted to make sure I could get all the same kind. 
I wrapped them in foil, made a big blue bow, and tomorrow I fill finish putting baby's breath in them.
Let's Dish 1511
Let's Dish 1516I'll take pictures of them on the tables tomorrow at the celebration.
Let's Dish 1506 
I baked 60 loaves...Irish Soda, Banana Choc Chip, Chocolate Choc Chip, and Pumpkin Raisin.
Let's Dish 1504
Bagged, tagged, and bowed.  I will be finding little blue circles from the hole puncher for days!
Let's Dish 1503
Does this seem like deja vu?  It does to me!  I did it for my gson's First Communion in May.  Seems like yesterday!
Let's Dish 485
Let's Dish 481
There will be 40 children attending, so I made the candy bags, being sure to put the same amount in each bag.  No crying kids if one got more than another!  :)
Let's Dish 1510
I admit to testing the Swedish Fish to make sure they were good.
Let's Dish 1514
I still have to finish washing down the counters, and then the floors .  After that much baking, it is a must!
That's what I have been keeping busy with!  Now to get everything into the car!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.  I am making my way through the entries to Let's Dish, but you can see I have been in the kitchen the last few days!
Thanks for visiting!
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's Dish # 30~ 2012 Witches Fly BY

Good evening, dish lovers, welcome to the 2012 Edition of the Witches Flyby.

You can see the previous years adventures here.
There's a 2010 and 2009 edition too!

A little birdie told me there was a little challenge going on
Do a Halloween table with NO ORANGE, and one with no Orange or Black.
Not one to shrink from a throw down, tonight I do the first challenge
Blog Labor witches We're Back!
Another spooky season has begun
The four witches meet for lunch
They plan their nights of mischief
And cackle while they munch!
Let's Dish 1489
They make a list of targets,
Two Birdies and a B ?
Perhaps they'll visit Kitty
Or Kathe with and E!
Let's Dish 1490

Now Lynne's poor piggy, Earl

Was pignapped by these witches
 It turned out it was his idea,
The whole thing was fictitious!
Let's Dish 1493
Perhaps you've not been visited
But don't rest upon your laurels
As Gina, Alycia and Alma found out
These witches have no morals!
Let's Dish 1498
They stole Christine's new dishes
And messed up Laurie's home,
Poor Susan, Sarah and Linda
Got sprayed with shaving foam.
Let's Dish 1488
Be careful all you bloggers,
Just ask Marigene
These witches may look harmless
But they can be quite mean!
Let's Dish 1499
I hope you'll come back next week

When you have some time to linger,
These naughty witches sent you this
A   fresh baked  warlock finger!
Let's Dish 1502
Green polka dot floor length cloth, Thrift Shop Black charger,green plate,
 white lacey plate CTS, spider napkin, CTS, black goblet, Pier One, treble clef flatware, BBB in clearance plus 20% off,
 spider cupcake holders, Target

Centerpiece wire trees HG last year after Halloween, 1.00 each. Mini pumkins, Tues Morn
.black leaves, CTS Witch finger pan by Wilton, Jo Ann's

***Tip barely fill with the cookie dough, it puffs up, so be really chintzy pressing it in! If not you will get very fat fingers!

Thanks so much for visiting!

I visited everyone's lovely tables , thanks for visiting the other links. And thank you for leaving me a comment, always appreciated.

I have an extra set of the WSonoma pie shape cutters, so every follower who leaves a comment gets a chance. Just let me know you in!

 October Witches 197_thumb[1]
I used them to make this last year.

October Witches 193_thumb[1]
Your turn, same rules...

I am joining TTT at Stone Gable
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