Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Baby Shower

Yesterday I went to a Baby Shower for my dil's sister.
First came love!
Then came marriage,   I posted about her wedding in 2010  here .
Now comes baby in a baby carriage.  :)

My dil is the oldest of 4 girls, so this is the baby of the family.  They are 6 years apart.
Let's Dish 453
The cake was so pretty, chocolate filled with a raspberry cream.
Let's Dish 454
I did the centerpieces, baby pink roses and white mums and baby's breath in containers from an older sister's baby shower.
Let's Dish 463
Let's Dish 461
Some were booties, carriages etc.
Let's Dish 434I did 5 of those, and had some extra roses, so I did one in a wicker carriage I had.
Let's Dish 459 
Let's Dish 458
I love making centerpieces!  I get my flowers at Sam's Club, they are more reasonable than Costco and have a bigger selection.  If you are doing a large party, you can order on line and have them delivered.
I also did little boxes , Debbie Mumm design, and filled them with mints.
Let's Dish 470
The pink snapdragons I showed you ...
Let's Dish 368
became the favors.
Let's Dish 445 
Let's Dish 443
Swaddled in pink tissue, then  a white bag, tagged and bowed.  Ready to be planted in their gardens.  Grow baby grow!
We used the lime and white polka dot plates, pale pink tablecloths with pink napkins and pink flatware.
Let's Dish 082
My gifts were packed in this adorable , sturdy pink duffle bag.  I gave a few onesies, a ducky towel, soft pique rattle, child fork and spoon ,  a baby float and a gift check to put away for baby.
Let's Dish 442 The bag is from Pottery Barn, and was outside in bins. I couldn't believe the price! ( 2.97) So much better than packing it in a paper gift bag, I think!  They were able to pack a lot of the other gifts into the bag too.
I did some of the food too, but I will save that for Let's Dish, Wednesday at 7!  Hope you will join us with a tablescape, a dish or glass collection or some things you have found to use on your table.  We love seeing your treasures!
Thanks for visiting, if I didn't get to your post yet, I am coming!  As you can see, I had a few projects going on these past few days!

I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday
Susan for Metamorphosis Monday
Marty for Tabletop Tuesday
Kathe with an E for You're Gonna Love it Tues. 
Shannon for Cozy Home Scenes Party
Beverly for Pink Saturday

Don't forget the Mother's Day Tablescape Challenge, May 9th!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Dish # 6 Thrifty Tulip Inspired Table

First, a little business!
Thanks so much for all of you who linked up last week and left comments.
More important, thanks for visiting so many of the entrants.
As I made my rounds to all who entered, I saw so many of you had visited others!  That's what it is all about!
If I ever miss visiting you, please let me know!  Sometimes I lose my place on the list, but I don't mean to miss your post! 
Second, the TABLE SCAPE CHALLENGE May 9 th  is Mother's Day. 
Let's Dish 413
Last week, while scouting out living favors I need for a Baby Shower this week, we stopped at one of my favorite nurseries on the North Fork of Long Island, Gabrielson's.  They had pots of daffodils
Let's Dish 366
and tulips reduced to $1. 
Let's Dish 364
The flowers were still closed, and I immediately thought, "What a great centerpiece!" 
So the  the inspiration for this table, came from the color of the flowers, red and yellow!

Let's Dish 409
I used a yellow trimmed with an eyelet ruffle cloth I have had for at least 20 years.  My mom's yellow pitcher holds the tulips on a red ruffled plate. 
Red stems from CTS, Yellow flowered  tumblers by Anthropologie, marked $8.00, but I paid .99 at the .99 or less store.
Red Lions Head mini bowls from Sur la table, .50.
Square rattan chargers, 2.00 from Pfaltzgraff dollar days sale.
Let's Dish 416 Napkin rings are a silver metal chain from BBB, .99, napkins  are from World Market, a gift from my friend Susan at Savoring Time in the Kitchen.
Susan's blog is a delight, filled with beautiful pics and recipes.  She is also a clematis expert, so hop over and visit!
I used square red plates that were $1.00 from the Dollar Day sale at Pfaltzgraff, and a square yellow plate, 2.00 clearance at HG.
Red flatware by Cambridge from Cmas Tree.
Let's Dish 415
It was pouring when I took this, so sorry for the quality!
Let's Dish 411
These are the daffodils , the deer won't eat these, they love tulips, so I got 10 pots.  I hope next year I will have a bundle of daffs like Yvonne at Stone Gable had for one of her recent gorgeous tables!
Let's Dish 413
That's my table for this week's Let's Dish! 

Next week my take on Cinco De Mayo, which  I only celebrate in blogland!

Hey, I have these dishes I got for .50 cents and I have to justify keeping them!

The table is set, come and eat!

Last week the market had country style spare ribs on sale for .99 a lb.
Let's Dish 422
They aren't pretty, but they sure are tasty!
I do them low and slow in the oven for about 6 hours.
Let's Dish 424
Put them in a large baking pan, and just season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Cover with tin foil, and bake at 275.  2 hours before you plan to eat them, mix up some sauce, and brush them with it.
I use ketchup, powdered mustard, oj, apple cider vinegar, and duck sauce.  You can add what you like, or use your own recipe.
Recover and bake for another hour.  45 min before you are ready to eat, brush again, sprinkle with brown sugar,   brush again, and leave the cover off.

 Return to the oven till they are the degree of brown you want them!  I serve them with additional sauce.
We had them with cold salads last night.
Let's Dish 427
They are moist and juicy, and CHEAP!  But delicious!  Fall off the bone tender.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Can't wait to see what you bring to Let's Dish this week.
No posts with  word id please, and link back to this party by name in your post.  Thanks! 
Please use your name or the name of your blog, it helps me remember the tables I have visited.
There is enough room for a description, too, if you like. Only one link up.
Last week's entry 2 got the most clicks, Plum Perfect.
Everyone got at least 14 clicks, most in the 50's,  40's and 30's.  If you ever want to know, just email me and I will tell you. 
The early bird gets the clicks, :)
**Link opens at 7 PM
Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate your courtesy!
See you Sunday for Seasonal Sunday,    to see what I do with these.
Let's Dish 368

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Next Month's Challenge and a Winner!

I want to give you plenty of time to get ready for the next Let's Dish Tablescape  Challenge!

Several people, including dear Rett, suggested a Mother's Day theme, and several others agreed. 
So, being a people pleaser, lol, Mother's Day it is!

BUT,it has to  to be a tablescape, even if it just for 2, you and your mom. :)

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, your choice, fancy or not!  May 9th Wed, Let's Dish at 7 PM

My mom is gone , but I have so many wonderful memories that keep her alive in my heart.

It could include something table related your mom gave you, or a table dedicated to her in her favorite color or flower.

It would be fun to include a favorite recipe of hers, or a wonderful memory.  And of course, a picture would be wonderful!

This morning I made some cherry  Abelskivers , served with fresh pineapple, bananas and strawberries. 
Let's Dish 369
A little fresh whipped cream to top them off!
Let's Dish 374
You can fill them with apples, chocolate, anything you want, or nothing at all!
Let's Dish 373
Rootie Tootie, Fresh and Fruity!
I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday. The Tablescaper
And Kathe with an E's new party on Tuesday's. You're Gonna Love It

Ellen, Scribbler, is the winner of the surprise from the Good Earth challenge.  Ellen send me your addy!

See you Wed at 7 PM for Let's Dish, bring anything dish related to show us!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Teeny Bit of Trouble~ Let Us Pray She Has a Good Lawyer Pork Wraps!

Michael Lee West's new book a Teeny Bit of Trouble has been released.

ML is a fellow blogger, wonderful writer and gracious host of Foodie Friday.
I don't have the new book yet, which is a sequel to Gone With a Handsomer Man ,but I can't wait to read it.
To celebrate the release, ML is having a grand party.
Hop over to her blog to get the details!
She asked us to create something with a title that would match the main character.
Hence my...
Let Us  (Lettuce :)  )  Pray She Has a Good Lawyer Pork Wraps! 
Let's Dish 351
Now I know it isn't Southern like Teeny, but I am sure she would love a few!
Let's Dish 350
Start with a soft lettuce for the cup or wrap.
I used Red Leaf.
I used a few slices of loin of pork that I had brined for 10 mins in baking soda and cold water.
Then I rinsed them thoroughly.
Cut them into small pieces and season them, pepper, garlic. whatever you like.
In a scant amount of oil quickly fry them.
Add some minced onion, scallion, soy sauce and I added a little terriyaki and pineapple juice from the fresh pineapple.
Remove the mixture from the pan, and stir in some Duck Sauce, like Saucy Susan, add some sm pieces of pineapple.
Place on your lettuce leaf, add some carrots that I marinated in a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar and brown sugar, for another layer of flavor.
Serve with additional pineapple and duck sauce.
Roll it up and enjoy!
Let's Dish 357
Took longer to tell you HOW to make it, than to make it! Many recipes say to use ground pork, but I like it with the small tender pieces of pork.
Congratulations, ML, hope it makes the best seller list! It will on my  list!
Please come back over the weekend for Seasonal Sunday and the announcement of the winner of my give away from The Good Earth Table Challenge on Let's Dish! Let's Dish 355 Thanks so much for stopping by!
I am joining ML for  Foodie Friday at Rattlebridge Farm
 On The Menu Mon, at Yvonne's Stone Gable

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TWEET TWEET! Happy Earth Day! Let's Dish # 5

Howdy!  Tonight is the Let's Dish first challenge, The Good Earth, which means, a table featuring birds, bees, flowers, trees, sand, sun, whatevah, as long as it is earth y! :)
I decided to go with the birds, so Tweet Tweet!
Let's Dish 334
Let's Dish 328
I started with a sky blue cloth, and layered a grass mat with a nest shaped charger from Pottery Barn.
The salt and pepper shakers are Robin's eggs  that sit in a little tray from the Pflatzgraff Outlet, several years ago.
Porcelain eggs from Villeroy and Boch hold some candy eggs, that you get to eat if you eat your dinner!  :)
Let's Dish 329
On top of the nest charger,I layered an earthy brown plate, a white as snow square lacey plate, and a sea blue plate. 
A nest with tiny sky blue eggs holds the name card.  They are from the PB Outlet.  The eggs were gold, so I painted them blue.
Let's Dish 343
The centerpiece is a nest filled with a fresh blue hydrangea  which I elevated on a blue pedestal, some twigs, and some fresh baby's breath.
The little white bird salt and peppers sitting in a nest are from WS Outlet, but I have to return them as the little plug on the bottom is missing!  Annoying!
Let's Dish 348
I floated blue candles in flower shaped bowls, like a birdbath, lol.
The flatware is Treble Clef, that I found in BBB clearance, and then got 20 % off that.
Let's Dish 326
A rattan napkin ring from Cost Plus  holds a birdy toile napkin from WS Outlet.
Let's Dish 332
The stems are from Cmas Tree Shop.
Let's Dish 344
Let's Dish 338
That's my Tweety entry for Earth Day.  Hope is isn't for the birds!
So let's see who is playing this week!  Don't forget your suggestions for next month's challenge.  Rett, Gazebo House, suggested a tribute to our mom's, showing or using something we treasure that belonged to them. 
Linda, More Fun Less Laundry suggested a picnic and some others, I have to go back and look, or Linda refresh my memory here! :)
So even if you didn't enter tonight, let us hear your ideas! 
Tonight is a TABLE challenge, but next week it is back to tables or collections or anything related to tablescaping.

The rules are the same to link up...
USE YOUR NAME OR YOUR BLOG NAME or both. There is enough room to add the title of your table too. It makes it easier for me to remember the tables and who I visited when there is a name! Thanks.
Be a follower...
ONE LINK per week permitted. Second link is automatically deleted.

Leave a comment,  please
And don't forget to link back to this party in your post.
Please try to visit as many as possible, no LAR's! Link and Runners ie, :) 
There will be a little surprise give away, picked by random from comments from followers. Winner announced in my weekend post. 
Thanks so much for visiting! 
I am joining Diann for Thrifty Things Friday
Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday
Nastasha for G'Day Saturday

And now show us your take on the topic, The Good Earth!  I can't wait to see yours!
Let's Dish 317

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Good Earth~ Ideas and Arm Twisting! I mean Encouragement!

I thought I would post a few tables I have done in the past with a theme that could fit Earth Day.  I have received  some emails  from some saying they had NO idea what to do!  Come ON! You can do it!  Anything under the sun qualifies, if it grows or lives on Earth, including the sea!

table 973

Garden themed...lots of flowers.

table 2585

Tropical theme, complete with little monkey name holders from PB.

table 2675

Little blue flower pots, floral cloth and watering cans.

table 2883

A little fishy or beachy?

table 4050

Beachy tic tac toe!

Bargains 546

Watermelons are earthy!  Vegetables are  too!

Augyst and dinner dance 334

Bees here, but butterflies, lady bugs, you get the idea!

Everything UNDER the sun!  You all have flowers of some kind, go with it!

Augyst and dinner dance 417

Or apples!

Bargains 528

Or Lemons!

Hoping to see you Wednesday night at 7 PM for Let's Dish Challenge, The Good Earth!  Of course there will be a little give away too!

Please start thinking of topics for next month's challenge.  I'd love to hear your ideas for May! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday

Shannon for Cozy Home Scenes

Cowgirl Up
Bunny Jean for the Bunny Hop


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