Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seasonal Sunday

Today is a perfect Fall Sunday!  Sunny, crisp, great for all the Trick or Treaters.  We don’t get many here.

On the other hand, my son’s neighborhood gets 100’s.  No  kidding, it goes  on all day!

Picture 826

My 4 gkids are up there at a neighbor’s getting their treat.

Picture 827

My 2 youngest, Batman and Robin.

Tomorrow starts November, yet I still have a few roses blooming.

Picture 814 The window boxes are still going strong…I left that warning sign in the pic so you wouldn’t fall out the window.  :)

Picture 811

The mums bloom amongst the summer annuals that are on their way out!

Picture 812

Perfect for a Seasonal Sunday, fresh baked blueberry apple muffins baked by the mister…

Picture 732

Hope the week coming up treats you well!

I am joining Seasonal Sundays at The Tablescaper.

Friday, October 29, 2010


I like white wicker.  Not the new all weather kind, the old kind that has to be on a covered porch and embalmed with a few coats of Krylon every Spring.

DH does not like wicker.  He says it is uncomfortable and makes him itch.  Really?

All of my pieces are at least 10 y o, some are 20 or older. 

Some I bought, some are anonymous donations, ie, somebody wanted to ditch it.

I have shown you this, but my dear cousin gave me this great chair and  a matching sofa.  She got it at the museum sale out here, but when she moved she had no use for it.

Picture 808

The ottoman opens for storage.

Last week while I was sick, my friend Pam spotted some things she thought I might like up for grabs by a neighbor who was moving.

Picture 807

Bar table and 2 stools

The little 3 tiered stand  against the wall was also rescued by my friend Pam from the dump!

Picture 805

Side table

Picture 806

An octagon shaped hamper, great for storage out there!

Another neighbor saw this sitting on the road side, and dropped it off while I was sick.

Picture 809All of it needs a good cleaning, and some work, but that will wait till Spring.  As you can see the leaves are falling and there won’t be much porch sitting ! We are starting to pile the furniture up to cover for the winter.

table 2577 

You have seen this before, but in the free category, the rocker brand new complete with cushion with a sign, FREE! It was pale pink, so a few coats of Krylon , and that was it! (the sign was done by my talented friend Kay from the Holidays forum)

Linda at A La Carte  is having her first meme, Junkin’  Finds.  I think some of my wicker qualifies. 

I am also joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things.  Wicker is one of my favorite things!

Thanks Laurie and Linda for hosting!

And thank you for visiting!

Blog Labor 290_thumb[5] HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Devil Made Me Do it~ Witches Part 3

Picture 788

The witches dine at The  Devil’s Inn

They like the atmosphere.

Bellies full, they burp and slurp

The remains of  their last beer.

Picture 787

Those naughty witches are all a buzz

And on their brooms they slalom

Pitching lots of rotten eggs,

At Ginger, Kate and Gollum.

Picture 803

Debbie, Debby, Debs and Tess

Be sure to sit with care,

They spread a bunch of fire ants,

A crawling on your chair!

Picture 800

On their way to Jacqueline’s

They meet another coven

These little witches were just too sweet,

So they hid them in an oven.

Picture 792

Anita, Karen and Monique,

I know you like to bake

Watch out for all those spider webs

They stuffed inside your cake!

Picture 802

Now Nancys, Sandys and Cathys too,

I know you don’t like rats,

So I hope you like their gift for you

A box of furry bats.

Picture 804

Soaring off, they head out west,

To tickle Joni’s toes

Shaving cream the houses

Of Janean and Mary Rose.


One last stop at Garden Web,

The Holidayers are quite a group

They drop off crunchy crickets,

And lots of ghosty poop.


Sputtering and diving,

Their brooms they can not steer,

They head back east, to hibernate

And fly again next year!


Please be sure to read Part 1 and 2 in previous posts.  Sorry I didn’t get everyone in .  One post didn’t make it due to illness, but I’ll get you next year!

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday, and Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday.

It’s ok to play with your food!

Picture 781Picture 774

Picture 780

Oven fried potatoes cut with a pumpkin or leaf cookie cutter.

Picture 778

Mini meat loaf baked in the pumpkin mold.

Picture 773

SMILE!  Thanks for visiting, and all the get well wishes.  I am getting there!

Table notes:

Chargers PB Outlet

Red and white dishes Le Dollar Tree

Last 4 rose buds and baby’s breath from my garden in salt shakers

Red satin take out box, Pier 1

Centerpiece, tin bucket , Dusty Miller and snips of berries from the crab apple tree, and anything that was in bloom.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Customer Service is a Favorite Thing

I love it when you are surprised by good customer service!

I recently ordered 2 chairs from

Occasional chairs that will be used occasionally, :), as opposed to one that gets bodies thrown into it everyday!

Picture 736

It arrived quickly, and dh put them together for me. ( I did have to beg!)

There was tiny wood chip off the front.  We searched the box to see if it was there, but it must have happened in the factory.

Picture 737

It is a taupe color with tones of taupey stripes.

I emailed them right away and sent a pic.  They immediately offered to send a new frame, but I had fixed the chip and stained it.  So they gave me a 50 dollar credit.

We never use this room, so the chair will do just fine.

Of course, I linked through so I also get a rebate from them.  Remember to check there before you order on line.  And check out too, delivery was free on these, but is always less than 3.00!

So thank you, Overstock for giving such great customer service!

(I have no connection to either, just passing on a tip for saving a little moola!)

This seasonal Sunday finds me with pneumonia again, so I have nothing special.  I am using my down time watching QVC food and cooking equip etc. Sunday.

I’ll share last night’s dinner.

Very seasonal  !  Any season.  Rotelle and meatballs made by Mr. Cuisine. :) He is the sauce maker and meatballer in this family!

table 2992

I am late visiting your blogs, but as soon as I am feeling better, I will catch up.

I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday, and Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things.

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Come into My Parlor~ Witches Fly 2010 II

Come into my parlor

Said the spider with much glee

Another Witches’ fly  by

Will soon be history.

Picture 728

They stared in witchy wonder

At the candles’ webby glow.

Then made tonight’s “ uh oh “ list

Of the places they would go!

Picture 718

Their brooms are freshly slicked and slimed

They’re feeling in the pink

Scribbler, Podso , Kim and Rach

Get a pail of bugs that stink!

Picture 719

Marigene, Ellen, Lulu and Donna,

Your driveway may look clean,

Be very careful when you walk

It’s slicked it with vaseline!

Picture 727

Nellie, Kathy and Katherine,

Yvonne and Butter Yum,

Are very busy cleaning up

Globs of witchy gum!

Picture 712

Marsha, Sherry and LDH,

Those witches chalked your door!

And spread a pile of spider webs.

All over Christine’s floor!

Picture 720

Marty, Karen, Cindy and Mary,

You’re going to need a wizard,

Those witches cast a bloggy  spell,

And turned you into lizards!

Picture 713

Can you believe they had the nerve

To fill Barb’s car with trash?

And gobbled down every bit,

Of Joyce’s chocolate stash!

Picture 725

Time is short, they must move on

And complete this evenings’ caper

They steal a ton of dishware

From my friend, The Tablescaper!

Picture 718

They’re getting tired, they need to rest

“Let’s crash at Jo Jo’s house”

And since it is her birthday,

They bring a birthday MOUSE!

Picture 724

They’re running out of stinky worms,

And almost out of chalk

They head  up North to get more tricks,

At Kathleen’s in New York.

(To be continued next time!)

BTW, chalk and New York rhyme, in NY!  :)

Thanks for visiting!  Please stop by Susan’s at Between Naps on the Porch for more Tablescape Thursday.

Table notes

Web from Michaels

Green butter plates, gift from Karen at Garden Web Holidays forum

Green plates WSonoma Outlet, witches monkey name card holders WS

Purple stems, HG

Purple casserole dishes, HG

Black chargers, Spider web cupcake holder with candles , napkins, Witch Hat spoons …Christmas Tree Shops


Picture 623

Spaghetti Squash Pie  ( the witches like spaghetti squash, like some people like zucchini!  And it was on sale!  :)    )

Picture 628

Squash , egg, salt, pepper, garlic, evoo, grated cheese, mozzarella.  Sprinkle the top with mozzarella and bake .

Let set before slicing like a pie, use a very sharp knife.

(Last week’s post shows how to prepare the squash)

Be sure to check out Foodie Friday at Gollum’s!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kathleen’s Kitchen

Dad yells…

Wanna eat out??

Kids scream , YES! 

Dad yells…

OUT in the Kitchen!

Kids groan, father laughs!

My dad, rest his soul, had that in his repertoire of corny jokes, and we fell for it more than once!

My kitchen works for me.  Lots of counter space and a big island to prep food or serve from when we have a crowd.


Picture 659  You can sit at the island and eat, but we don’t.  We eat at the round table in the breakfast , lunch and dinner area that you have seen many times in Tablescape Thursday posts.

Picture 708

We built this house in 2000 and one thing I knew I wanted was 2 dishwashers.  It is really a convenience to have them when you have company, no pile up on the counters!  And I know half of Blogland is painting their light cabs, but I am not!  I like them, so it will be many years before they get changed.

Picture 667

This is where our table is, you can see the chair peeking out!

Here it is decked out for Christmas.

table 450_thumb[7]Cmas buffet

Picture 702

My computer is on a built in desk in the kitchen, too!

Picture 653

Right next to the refrigerator, which we just got.  A super bargain, post worthy for sure!  :)

Picture 656

Nothing special about my kitchen, it does what it is supposed to do!

Picture 658

Picture 671

You can’t be in the kitchen without snatching a snack!

A piece of mile high apple pie?

Picture 704

Five varieties of apples and a shredded dough crust.

Thanks for visiting!  Please stop in to Note Songs’ kitchen to see the other kitchens! 

Tonight those witches are on the fly again! Come back, if you dare!


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