Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don't Bug Me! & Dollar Per Person Dinner

Welcome to Let's Dish #11, where we talk tablecloths and chat china!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and took time out to honor the fallen.
Sunday and Monday we enjoyed beautiful days at the beach with the gkids.  Lots of fun!

I did a little table in honor of our soldiers, here.

Last year, Diann from Thrifty Grove sent me some adorable fun napkin rings.
Let's Dish 663 I never got to use the Lady Bugs, so today was the day!
Let's Dish 666
The dilemma was would I finish before the skies opened up!
Let's Dish 664
I chanced it!
Black cloth, red charger from Pottery Barn Outlet after Cmas sale years ago.
Check plate, HG, square red plate, 1.00, Pfaltzgraff
Little red bowls from CTS
Let's Dish 686
Polka dot napkins , I made them, and a red cotton one from PB Outlet.
Flatware is Cambridge.
Those Pier One birds are planning their dinner, they EAT ladybugs!  :)
Let's Dish 680
Centerpiece is roses from my garden in a red CTS  lantern with some ribbon wrapped around it.
Votive holders from CTS too.
Let's Dish 684
Black bottomed ribbed stems were from Pfaltzgraff Outlet.
Let's Dish 667The guest of honor!  :)
Let's Dish 668 
Diann also sent me some other napkin rings including these I used on my  BEE table. If you want to see more click HERE.

Augyst and dinner dance 320
Augyst and dinner dance 340
Thanks so much Diann!
Let's Eat!
A few months ago, the supermarket had a sale on whole boneless loins of pork, .99 a lb. I took several for the freezer/
Let's Dish 624
Cut into chops and pound.  Place in a bowl with cold water a heaping tablespoon of baking soda.  Let it sit for 15 min.  This tenderizes it, you can google it for more info.
Remove, rinse and place them in a bowl of cold water for 5 min.  Remove and pat dry.
Season, dip in milk, dredge in a mixture of seasoned panko and flour.
Heat your oil and brown on both sides.  Finish in the oven.
Let's Dish 625
Bag of Poppies Pierrogi .99, serves 4 .  Serve with carmelized onions.  Brocc crown .99 a lb.
6 oz boneless  pork chop  .38 
3 pierrogi and onions .30   serving of broccoli .20

You can throw in some applesauce for the chop, a dab of sour cream for the pierrogi  and a glass of iced tea and and you are still close to a buck!

Let's Dish 627
Easy, inexpensive , and delicious!

You gals are so good!  Thanks for putting your blog name first, and you can add the name of your post , there's plenty of room.

Let's see what you have!  Keep in mind that although we are done with Memorial Day you can get inspired from those posts for July 4th!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Every Day is Memorial Day

My local newspaper, THE SOUTHAMPTON PRESS, had that headline today.
The story was about the mom of a young Marine who was killed in Afghanistan.  I remember when his body was brought home, the highway was lined for miles with police, service people and friends.
Time passes, people forget, but the parents never do, and their hearts are heavy every day. 
On this Memorial Day, I hope we remember not only the men and women who gave their lives, but the families they left behind.
May God bless them all!
I did a little table in their honor.
Let's Dish 654
A  red striped duvet cover from Pottery Barn with a blue cloth on top.
Let's Dish 658I used a blue glass as a vase for some red roses, bacopa, and flags.  I placed a dark blue napkin with white embroidered stars under it, and surrounded it with red star cookie cutters from Pottery Barn Outlet.
Let's Dish 648
Red flatware from Cambridge, white charger Noritake, Blue plate CTS, covered soup bowl World Market.
Napkins from Kohls, napkin ring, CTS.
Let's Dish 661
The red stems and red candleholders are from CTS also.
Let's Dish 658
I would invite my classmate Whitey who was killed while serving with the Marines in Vietnam shortly after we graduated.  He had white blond hair, hence the name.  He was a gentle giant.
Let's Dish 659
I would also invite my friend Marine Gen. Frank Libutti.  We grew up together in Huntington.  Frank retired a few years ago after many years of service to our country.
We can never thank them enough for the sacrifices they and their  families made for us.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day, fly your flag, and say a prayer for those who have died, those who are injured and the ones who do their job everyday protecting us.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's Dish # 10 WSonoma Soft Green & White

Welcome to Let's Dish, the place to show your fabulous  flatware and lovely linens!
Next challenge, June 20th!
Theme is ...At The Beach
Let's Dish 639
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Another rainy day here in NY, so the pics are a bit dark.

This beautiful green  tablecloth with banded edge  is from WSonoma Outlet.  I waited till they marked them way down a day before Easter. They were disappearing quickly!

Let's Dish 620
It is a very pretty green, accented with white flowers, perfect for Spring, as it Spring for another month, but I think it could be used in Summer too.
Let's Dish 619
I used green and white hosta leaves, white azaleas, lily of the valley, and another white flower from a neighbor's shrub in a white pitcher for the centerpiece.
  I placed it on a square green and white toile like plate.
 Let's Dish 642
Let's Dish 643

My neighbor let me cut some to try and root, but he, nor the few nurseries I took it took it to know what it is.
Let's Dish 642

Let's Dish 636

 White charger from Noritake, white square plate from CTS, Green dinner from Reading glass, .98, thank you Alma!

 Green leaf plate from WS Outlet, at the same sale.

Let's Dish 637
Let's Dish 635
The napkin matches the cloth, and the pretty green beaded napkin ring is from CTS. I tucked some Lily of the Valley in the ring.
The flatware is by Cambridge from CTS, and what luck with how well the color went with the cloth!  Greens are hard.
Let's Dish 631
The very tall stem is from CTS, and the wine is from a set I have had for years.
Let's Dish 623
Candlesticks by Mikassa, Bird salt and peppers Pier One, and white porcelain shells for butter from WSonoma Outlet as is the green cabbage bowl, marked $48 but I got it for $11, the platter too, not shown.
Let's Dish 622
Let's Dish 616 
Let's Eat~
Let's Dish 451
Memorial Day weekend is coming and this is perfect for a crowd.

I lined a deep rectangular basket with tin foil, and placed the mushroom and cucumbers around the edge.

Many people do not care for them, this way they can dig in to the center of the salad and not have to pick them out!

I filled the center with chicken.

Cut the cutlets into small chunks, season and shake in flour.
Brown them in a scant amount of oil.

When they are done, you can drain, and toss in terriyaki, or duck sauce or whatever you like.
Mound in the middle of red leaf lettuce.

Something for the non meat eaters this holiday weekend.

Simple Fish Tacos

Filet of Flounder done with Panko, topped with home made cole slaw.  Me?  I'll have a Hamburger!

Let's Dish 645
I missed Seasonal Sunday last week, but plan to do a Memorial Day post, in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and their families who are forever changed.

Now it is your turn, show us your dishes!


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's Dish # 9~ Which Came First?

Welcome to Meeting 9 of those who delight in dishes and table trinkets!
Last week without warning, the link disappeared!  Alycia and Lulu informed me, and I got the message while sitting in the eye doc's office waiting . I couldn't believe my eyes!  :)

Seriously, I got home and sure enough it was gone.
 So I added the code again, and reposted.

Three hours later the original link showed up!  I deleted the duplicate.
  So in case you thought you saw something that wasn't there, it's ok, it was!  Blame inlinkz, I had nothing to do with it!

On to tonight's business.
Let's Dish 251
Put all your eggs in one basket!  Well, I did, brown and white!

The inspiration for this table was this whimsical egg salt and pepper shaker from my friend Barb at Foley's Follies.
 Life is very busy for her these days, so she doesn't blog very much, but one of these days she will be back!

Let's Dish 252
Don't they just CRACK you up?  :)
I used a brown striped linen cloth from my favorite Duralee Outlet. ( remnant, $1.00)
Let's Dish 249
Treble clef flatware from the clearance at BBB, and then my 20 % coupon.
Rattan charger from Pfaltzgraf Dollar Day sale.
Brown plates from clearance at Pier One.
White from Century 21
Napkin from HG and alabaster napkin ring from WSonoma Outlet.
Let's Dish 259
Love these basket weave candles that were in the clearance at Michael's .

I used a black stemmed glass from Pfaltzgraff clearance outlet, and a tumbler that is about 70 years old that was my mom's.
 They are very thin, and ribbed, amazing they survived!
Let's Dish 251
No flowers and pastels tonight, but I am sure they will be back soon!

After all it is Spring till June 20th!
 Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary.  Our plans for the day got rained out!  Oh well!

The winner of the challenge give away for followers who left a comment  is Diane at Confessions of the Obsessed.

Please email me your addy and let me know if you are more interested in Recipes or Home Decor .
Next month's theme?
 How about something beachy since we will be welcoming summer...  
 June 20th, see you...    AT  THE BEACH!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! I Love My Gift!

I hope everyone is having a good time this Mother's Day.
Let's Dish 566
My Siberian Iris greeted me with a smile this morning!
Let's Dish 567
The other varieties are starting to pop also.  I really have to move some of them up closer to the house so I can enjoy them.
Let's Dish 575The clematis are blooming away happily.  Surprising since all of the clematis got some kind of disease last summer, and I had to cut them to the ground and hope they would recover.
Let's Dish 578  My red maple that I raised since it was a tiny seedling is doing well.

This little kerria japonica bush was from a clipping  I took from my mom's house before we sold it.  I have it in a few different spots.  She was a wonderful gardener!

We built our home 11 years ago, and had to start from scratch, there was nothing!

Let's Dish 581
Everything is looking green!  And the pollen is killer!

Let's Dish 580
I just love my gift.  The person who picked it knew exactly what I wanted!  Well, almost!  I would have preferred the real deal, but it is getting harder and harder to find!

And the best part is, the buyer waited for a great sale, cause anyone can pay full price, LOL! 
Want to see it?
Let's Dish 593
A little bistro set I have been wanting. 
Who gave to me?  ME!

It was a great sale at Home Depot.  I had been watching it for a few years, but there were never any left when they had sales at the end of the summer.  It was 104.00

It isn't real wicker like all the rest of my porch furniture is, it is faux, read plastic, with a glass top. I think I will find something I can slide onto that shelf and put a portulaca in it.  A blooming Bistro!  :)

Hard to find wicker for outdoors these days, most companies have gone to this.  At least I won't have to spray it with Krylon like I do all the rest of the furniture.

That is a week long job awaiting me once the pollen invasion has stopped!

I picked some Iris...
Let's Dish 557
Added a white Battenburg cloth, some pretty lavender plates, and we had breakfast out there this morning.
Let's Dish 559
Let's Dish 560
Dh made us some fresh blueberry pancakes and bacon.
Let's Dish 563
Mother's Day is the day we can start planting annuals, as hopefully, we will not have a freeze.
I planted my little cart, and a few pots so far.
Let's Dish 564
But there will be many days of planting ahead!
Let's Dish 576
Let's Dish 571
We have a huge deer problem, so it is either fence these in, or leave them some salad dressing so they can enjoy my plants to the fullest!  We spray constantly with Deer Out!

I hope to see you Wed at 7 for Let's Dish.  No theme this week, just show us your dishes!

Come see who won the give away from  last week's Mother's Day Challenge and the June topic!  There were some very touching and beautiful posts.  You can see them here.

(The dishes above were a gift years ago from my friend, Marigene at In the Middle of Nowhere.  They are discontinued from Neiman Marcus and too bad, cause they are really sweet!)

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