Monday, November 9, 2015

Thinking Ahead!

Hello!  Hope everyone is well and making progress on the holiday preparations.
I found these Saturday at Michael’s.  They were 40% off and then I had another coupon they took.
I have the plaid plates from PB, and I know WS has a plaid charger, but I am not investing over 300 dollars in seasonal chargers.  These will do fine for about $2.25 each.
I played a little with them.
The plaid plate from PB is a bit much with them!
I found a plaid tray at CTS for $1.00 after my coupon.  Good to fill up with treats and leave for the hostess.
I am having computer problems, especially with pictures.  I hope this works.  I am working on the solution!
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy October! Nordic Brownie Bundlet and Harvest Bites Pan

September flew by!  We had beautiful warm beach days, so no thoughts of Fall here!  Now that it is October I will have to force myself to think about Autumn.

I haven’t been tablescape shopping, but I couldn’t pass up these Nordic Ware pans.

Nordic Ware Bundt® Brownie Pan

Item image


I’ve tried the first one.  It’s called a Brownie Bundt Pan.

It is smaller than the mini bundt pan.


I tried brushing with oil as they suggested, rather than spraying, but they did still stick a bit.


I dipped them in melted chocolate.  Half with sprinkles, and the others with pumpkin candies.


Lots of possibilities!  There’s a little indentation in the top so a dab of something sweet on a plain pound cake would be good too.

I haven’t tried the Harvest Bites Cakelet pan yet, maybe this week.  I have the acorn cakelet pan, but this has a mix of Autumn shapes.  I know I gave the acorn pan as prizes a few years ago.


Look around before you buy!  I saw the Harvest Bites pan for $88.00 on EBAY!  I paid $18.00 at Christmas Tree Shops.  I have picked up several Nordic ware pans there , much cheaper than elsewhere.  Walmart sometimes has a good deal on them too.

Nov. 15th is National Bundt Day!  Last year we did a challenge, you can see it here.  Anyone interested in doing it again?  You can always freeze your entry for Thanksgiving!

Hope you are all well and having fun Fallifying your homes. 


I was so happy to see some mums next to the outdoor shower  survived the horrible winter we had here in Southampton last year.  Lots of things perished, but these look very healthy.  This week the Montauk Daisies should be in full bloom. 

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

I’ve Been MIA…

Hello, Ladies, hope all is well with you!  It is hard to believe I haven't posted in so long, but life had non blogging plans for me.

Several health issues for my dh and myself took precedence, and preoccupied my time.  I am working on them, but I am not ready to blog regularly at this time.

I did some party planning over the summer for my community.

The first was Fourth of July and I used those navy and white tablecloths I had shown you.


100% cotton, and a great deal at $6.60  The centerpiece was simple, hydrangeas, red geranium and baby’s breath with a flag and tinsel pic. Red basket for each table filled with chips, etc.


We had the Fire truck Pizza Guy, and the residents were served many varieties of wood fired pizza and salads.


140 attended, and many stayed till dark when the fireworks over the Peconic Bay lit the sky .  A perfect spot to celebrate July 4th!


The next party was to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our beach colony.




Five of the tables had the sailboats I have used before, filled with hydrangeas, mums, pachysandra and baby’s breath.

The other 5 had metal sand pails with the same flowers and shells, as well as the Happy Birthday sign.  They were placed on a mirror, surrounded by votives and each table had real shells filled with candy.

I did go shopping once with Alma over the summer.  I bought NOTHING!  I am trying to unload, not fill up, that time has come.  She bought a few several things, I am sure she will post about them eventually.  It was good to see her, and we went to a lovely place for lunch.  Forgot to take pictures! 

Many of the schools here on Long Island are opening this week, early, due to Labor Day falling the latest it can be.

For all those heading back to school, teachers and students, Happy School Year!  This year, all 5 of my dil and  son’s kids will be in school, from Nursery School up.  Good year to L, M, S, D, and E! 


I didn’t do a table for back to school this year, the way back machine provided this one.

Thanks to all who emailed to see if I was ok.  I am, and hope to see you again soon!

All the best,


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ladies Night Challenge!

Good evening, Ladies!  Cathy from Cathy’s Cupboard Calamity suggested this theme for a challenge.  She thought it would be fun to do a whimsical table using girlie things to have a night out party. 

I had some plates I had hoped to use, but due to appointments, I didn’t have time to find them in the basement.  Next time!  Smile



Ladies’ Night Out

Your work day is done

Forget all your troubles

It’s time for some fun!



We’re not doing games

I think we’ll just talk

Now this only rhymes

If you come from New York!



Who’s heard a good joke?

It  has to be funny

Or tell us your bargains

That saved lots of money!


Spending time with your friends

Gabbing for hours and hours

Is as good for your spirits

As some beautiful flowers!

Let's Dish 103

I’ll wine you and dine you

With good foods I’ll regale

But whatever I serve you

You know was on SALE!

table 2483 (2)IMG_6164table 2490




Speaking of sales, 3 things are making their debut tonight.

The red stems are from Pier One,


Originally 7.00 I waited till they were marked down to 1.98 I got 12…good for Christmas, Valentine’s and Patriotic

IMG_0124  IMG_0125

The Tablecloth is a fabric shower curtain, $2.50 from Christmas Tree Shop


The green flatware by Cambridge was in the clearance at Cmas Tree Shops.  Only one box, and with my coupon I got it for $4.00

At each place is a little flower pot post it pad, a take home.  Since there were Hyacinths on it, it had to be for Sarah!

Green pitcher…gift from Alma

Green stems…Christmas Tree Shop ...White butter domes CTS

Orange plates…Dollar Tree   Red salad  WSonoma OUTLET

Green lily of the valley napkins, WSonoma OUTLET

Lace chargers, Ikea

Green soup bowls a gift from Karen, a friend from where I first started tablescaping on the Garden Web many years ago. Smile

Centerpiece is an enamel pail filled with fresh lime green flowers.  I stuck in a few faux red and orange poppies.  HINT…take the faux flower off and use the stem of a real flower to place it in the arrangement.

Thanks so much for stopping by to look even if you couldn’t take the challenge tonight.  I have a few more ideas for May, June, July and August.  Let me know if you are interested.  I’ve noticed tablescaping seems to have waned, blogs that used to get over 100 entries rarely get half that.  It is a lot of work, I know!  Some like it, some don’t!

Same rules apply.  Stick to the theme, new post, link back to this party and blog name first.  If you have word id, please disable it,  people don’t like to bother with it to leave a comment.  Please visit at least 5, if we have that many, lol, entries.

Happy May!

Challenge Link Up


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Girls Night Out Challenge Wed.~ Ugly chair update and a Great buy!

I know that’s a lot!  I don’t blog daily or weekly, so indulge me! 

If I start doing daily posts about nothing, you can scroll on by, LOL!

Remember this?


I got it on Craig’s List for $35.  There was a lot of damage to the top left.  I scrubbed it, and used a wire brush to get rid of the chipped paint.  Repaired the top the best I could.


Reunited with the one I have had since 1990! Still too soon for porch cleaning and setting up, the pollen invasion doesn’t finish till end of May.  I will cover these till then.  I still have about 15 more pieces to scrape and paint.

My bargain…

You may remember, (probably not Smile) I have done 3 outdoor  community parties in the last few years.

Augyst and dinner dance 155

Augyst and dinner dance 174

I made the cloths with fabric I got at Duralee.018

I made these for another event for our beach colony.  Again, fabric from Duralee.



The last was a Labor Day Party. I made the tablecloths from fabric I got in Walmart a few years ago for 1.00 a yard. 

Let's Dish 1321

Let's Dish 1320

This year our beach colony will celebrate its 100th Anniversary, and we will have a party on the 4th of July.

I found these navy and white striped 100% cotton cloths on line. I love them! They look lighter here, but they are a dark navy.


Mitered corners and pretty nice for $6.60.  They are 60x102.  I will use them for this year’s party. Sadly, when a friend asked me to send her the link, they had gone up to 21.99!   Thinking about centerpieces, low cost of course!

Don’t forget Wed. is the Girl’s Night Out challenge.  I think it is going to be small party!  Are you ready for the challenge?  I m still thinking about what to do!  If you are up to it, please join in with a NEW post.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you Wed. for the challenge.

I am joining Susan for Met Monday.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I’ve Lost that Bloggin’ Feeling! Peony Cake

I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted.  We had snow right up until Palm Sunday, so it was hard to conjure up bunnies and daffodils while shoveling snow!
I think we are done with that white stuff for this year!
I have many Spring projects to keep me busy.  Many of you know I love white wicker, the real kind, the kind I have to paint every year.Sad smile
I am actually thinking of buying a paint gun, I have been doing some research.
If you have one or used one, any advice on brand, etc?  I’d love to hear from you.
My son bought me this rocker in 1990 at a store we had in NY called Pergament. I think he paid $99, a fortune for a teen to spend at that time.
It is still in good shape, and it stays out on the covered porch all winter.
Dec 2012 064
You may remember a few years ago I donated  many pieces of my wicker to a yard sale for a charity.  I thought I could replace it!  It wasn’t so easy, as the plastic variety has taken over.
I was lucky to find this piece last year at a yard sale for a very good price.
It had been gently used in a sunroom, very clean. It was $100 for the chair and ottoman, including the cushions.  Believe me, that is cheap!
I found this one at a consignment shop, no cushion and needed a little repair.  I believe it was a little over 100.
Now meet the ugly relative.  I found it on Craig’s list.
It needs a lot of work! It is sturdy, and it is the exact match to the first one I showed you.
I worked on it with a steel brush a little today.  Can’t wait to get it all prepped and ready to paint.  I’ll show you when I am done.  It needs some repair on the back of the top.    I paid $35.  I knew I would never find a match again, so I had to get it!
I hope you all had a good Easter.  I didn’t host, but brought some of the meal.  Some breads…
I made death by chocolate as requested.  I made some cupcakes for the kids, and mini black forest cakes for the adults.  There were 18 adults and 13 kids for a sit down dinner.
Cute flowered plastic  tray is from from Christmas Tree .  It was a dollar, so I left it for the hostess to use this summer by the pool.  Aren’t I a sport, lol.  I did give her other hostess gifts too, don’t worry! Smile
Last month was my only gdau’s bday, so I tried to do an Ombre Cake, peony style.
I have to work on getting 3 different shades.  Hard to tell from this picture, but I only did 2.  Practice, practice.
That’s about it for me, nothing too exciting here.  Hope all is well with you!
I have had a few emails about an April challenge.  Cathy from Cathy’s Cupboard Calamity,  suggested a whimsical one…Girls Night Out.  How about the very end of April , the 29th?  I have never had a Girl’s Night Out, so I will have to imagine something wilder than dinner out!  Smile
Thanks for stopping by, always love hearing from you!
I a joining Sundays at Home
Don’t forget to give me your opinions on a paint sprayer, I have a lot of wicker to spray, and using the cans is very tiresome!


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