Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Dish~ Tablescape Challenge~ Harvest

Hello Ladies, welcome to the Harvest Theme Tablescape Challenge!

Tonight in order to linkup your table has to follow the theme, fruits or vegetables.  I am sure we will see a lot of pumpkins! Bring them on!  :)  My first scape of the Fall season.

Let's Dish 1420

I had these beautiful pears, so they became the centerpiece.  I nestled them in to some asters from the garden.

The cloth is a  pale lavender matelasse throw by Ralph Lauren.  I got it at the Springmaid Wamsutta Outlet , long gone now.

Let's Dish 1442I used this rattan type pedestal from WS Outlet to hold the pears and flowers. 

Let's Dish 1441

Alma, The Tablescaper, picked it up on sale in the outlet, 12.48 I believe.

I can't do  links on Live Writer as it doesn't allow it with Windows XP.  I am having trouble with this old computer, so if I am not here next week, I tried to hook up the new one by myself and failed!  :(

Let's Dish 1435

I used  a round rattan charger, octagonal plate by Johnson Bros.  They were ONE DOLLAR a plate in CTS, and I got 12.

Let's Dish 1437

Since they are loaded with fruit, perfect for a Harvest table. 

Let's Dish 1434

Next came a purple plate, Circle of Friends by Pfaltzgraff, via CTS.  I love the edge.

Let's Dish 1433Next a small square plate with fruit and a green edge to match the dinner plate.  They were a 1.00 on dollar days.

Let's Dish 1430Purple stem from HG and green from CTS.

Let's Dish 1439 

Flatware from World Market.

I used a deep purple napkin wrapped in a burnt orange one I made from dishtowels. TIP...check the dishtowel section for colors and patterns that may work.  If it is large you can get 2 our of one towel. 

Tonight is the next edition of Yvonne at Stone Gable's TTT, stop by and get some great ideas!

Let's Dish 1425

The fruit and berries napkin ring is from BBB, and was .99 in clearance, but now they are back up to 2.99.  I knew they would work well with the Johnson Bros. plates.

Let's Dish 1426

Let's Dish 1424

The hurricanes have leaves etched on them and they are from Villeroy and Boch.  The butter domes are from WS Outlet when they were on sale.

Let's Dish 1423

To go along with the Harvest theme, I got this head of red leaf lettuce from the farm down the road.  It is huge!

Let's Dish 1414

For our Harvest dinner, we had the "Big Salad" with tomatoes from our garden.  DH had them, I don't like tomatoes, but LOVE ketchup!  I know, I am strange.  :)

Let's Dish 1445

Shrimp, chicken, red onion, feta cheese, bacon, tomatoes, carrots and toasted pecans.

Let's Dish 1440

Farm fresh!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Dish # 27 ~ Check It Out!

Welcome to Let's Dish, so glad you came to our meeting tonight.  Thanks to all of you who left comments for the entrants, I know they appreciate them.  We all do!

What's black and white, and black and white?  My table!

Let's Dish 1396
It starts with a b and w check cloth sent to me by a sweet blogger friend!  Thank you!  The napkins were from the .99 cent store.

The charger and salad plates are from Pier One, years ago.
Let's Dish 1394My centerpiece is a PB lantern from the Outlet a few years ago.  I think it was 14.99.
I filled it with some small potted mums, that will get planted when I am finished.  A few battery operated votives were tucked in.
Let's Dish 1399
Treble clef flatware from B B and B, was 30.00 for service for 4.  I found it in clearance and had a 20 off coupon.
The lion head bowls are from the WS Outlet when they were on sale a few years ago.  I made name tags from a black gift bag .
Let's Dish 1401
The black footed glass is from the Pfaltzgraf Clearance Store .96  long gone.  The ribbed tumblers to match the ribs in the stem were my mom's.  They must be 70 years old or more.  Very thin glass.
Let's Dish 1393
That's my table for tonight, I could have done a summer one outside, but I was too lazy!
Let's Dish 1404
I have posted my banana bread recipe before, and I often add chocolate chips.  I had a mother lode of ripe bananas, so I made this...
Let's Dish 1408
in my Heritage Pan.  I made a few dozen muffins too.
I found this little tray in a really junky junk store.  Actually, Alma found it, but it needed scrubbing and painting, so she passed.
Let's Dish 1405
I love white wicker, and I thought this would be great for cupcakes or cookies in summer, which it still is, :), or decked out for Christmas filled with cookies.
I am sure you will see it when Dec. rolls around. Christmas is less than 100 days away!
Let's Dish 1200It was tattle tale gray, as my mom called things that someone had neglected to clorox!  I cloroxed it, scrubbed it, and gave it a coat of spray paint .
Let's Dish 1410
I paid 2 dollars for it, tried to get her down to a dollar, but she was firm!  :)
I think it will look very pretty on my porch with my other white wicker. 
Let's Dish 842
Let's Dish 1016
Summer ends Friday, so I guess I have to give in and bring out the Fall decorations.  But I do so, kicking my feet. I love Fall, but it is what comes after that !
Next Wednesday is the Tablescape Challenge at Let's Dish.
The theme is Harvest, so bring on your pumpkins, or any other fruit or vegetable.
I look forward to seeing what you come up with, there will be a gift card give away.
Please stick to the theme if you plan to link up, it's a challenge. :)
Thanks for visiting, now it is your turn!
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I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday
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Thank you Ladies for hosting!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's Dish #26 Apples from the Big Apple!

Live from NY, It's  Let's Dish!

Don't forget the next tablescape challenge is Sept. 26th.

Theme is HARVEST TIME...fruits, vegetables.

Let's Dish 1349
I have had this set of dishes for about 10 years.

Let's Dish 1388
Service for 12, 5 piece place setting, for $15.00!  We were in R.I. visiting my friend, and stopped at CTS.
Cheaper than paper plates.

  Unfortunately a few of the pieces were broken in the box, and no way were we going back to RI to exchange them at that price.  :)

I have used them several times in posts.


Let's Dish 1374

I started with a pale yellow cloth, as I wanted to use the pale yellow towels with an apple I recently got at CTS for .64.
Let's Dish 1361

I used an apple basket and filled it with white mums, fresh green apples and some apple pics.  Checked bow to give it a pop.
Let's Dish 1345

Apple core scatters, I don't remember where I got them.

Let's Dish 1350

Stem from CTS, and the water glass is by Anthropologie, marked 8.00. but I got them at the .99 store.

Let's Dish 1346

Square bright red plate , 1.00 from Pfaltzgraff Dollar Day Sale is used as a charger, Dinner, Salad , and red apple bowl, last week, 1.29 at CTS.

 Flatware by Cambridge.  Small green leaf dish ,apple candle, both from CTS.

Let's Dish 1389

The larger apple bakers I got last year for .29 at the end of summer sale at CTS.
Let's Dish 1390
Let's Dish 1387
Apple salt and pepper shakers, .99  store.
Let's Dish 1353
Let's Dish 1366
Let's Dish 1370
From the past, and indoors.
table 1105
Picture 536
Picture 704 
Guess it is time to go pick some apples, dip them in chocolate, drizzle them with caramel, and roll them in nuts!
Or maybe some mile high apple pie with shredded dough crust.
(just freeze your dough, roll it up,  and shred it on top of the pie)
As you know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
I'll have 2!
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's Dish # 25 End of Season Party

I live in a Resort Community and the end of the season is Labor Day.  People close up their homes and go back to where they live the rest of the year.  The season opens on Memorial Day, and Labor Day there is a mass exodus of summer people.

To end the season our beach community had a Family event, a Fire Truck Pizza Party.
Let's Dish 1318
A retired fire truck refitted with a wood burning pizza oven arrives at your house, and serves up several kids of gourmet pizza.

late Aug early Sept 043
The crew tossed the dough and made the fresh toppings and popped the pie into the oven.
Let's Dish 1316 Let's Dish 1317
Besides, regular pizza, he had, shrimp and broccoli, clam, buffalo, pepperoni and potato and bacon.
He also served a garden salad and pasta salad.
Let's Dish 1321

As it was Labor Day, I went with Patriotic tablecloths.  Plus the table number kept changing, and I had to go with fabric that I had enough of!  I bought  bolts of this several years ago in Walmart for $1.00 a yard.

Let's Dish 1320
A small pail of dried and sprayed hydrangeas, a pinwheel, and a polka dot bow served as the simple centerpiece.
Let's Dish 1313
As we are near the Bay, I filled the pail with rocks so the breeze  wouldn't knock them over.

My neighbor hosted this party, his property accommodated the truck, and the 130 adults and 50 kids .

We have private roads, so we just blocked off this little street, so there were no cars going by and the kids could play safely.

Let's Dish 1328
Let's Dish 1334
It was a beautiful evening, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

There are only 40 homes in our community, so you really do know all your neighbors! 

It was a wonderful way to end the season, and wish everyone well for the winter.

I am already starting to plan next year's event!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of Americana from Southampton, NY.  No celebrities showed up, just The Tablescaper who was scouting out the guy to hire for  a party .  :)

Before you go, here is a little bargain I picked up at the thrift shop.
Let's Dish 1342
There were 4 new dinner and salad/cake plates.
Each has a different scene.
Let's Dish 1344
Certified International, by Betty Whiteaker.  As you can see, .99 each.

Ebay has them for 20 bucks a plate!

I guess people collect them. I will probably donate them back when I am done.

I am skipping Fall and going right to Christmas!  :)

No, I just thought I would show them to you before they get put away until December!

Thanks for coming to the 25th meeting of Let's Dish!

I still have a few visits to make to those who linked last week and left comments.  I am slow this week!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day, and remember summer doesn't end for a few more weeks!

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Only ONE link please.

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Link back to this party, and please leave a comment.

Blog name first, then you can give the title, the number of letters is unlimited.

Thanks so much, and Let's Dish!


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