Saturday, August 28, 2010

White Eyelet, a Favorite thing on a Summer Sunday

I was going to do a new  table outside today, but it was too bloody hot!

So a little snack for one will have to do!

These little lavender roses were my perspiration, I mean inspiration.It truly is a wipe your brow day!  :)

table 4749 In a little lavender ceramic pot from CTS…

table 4750These are my favorite dishes from my friend Marigene at In the Middle of Nowhere from a few years ago.

table 4755  A paisley napkin in a silver starfish ring, a cool drink in a purple stem, and a little snack.

table 4754

Fall shmall, it is still summer and I am off to the beach!

table 4759

Let’s see what this looks like when Earl gets closer!  :(

Last week I showed you a table I was working on.

table 4670  Many years ago, I bought these white eyelet bed canopies, knowing they would be good for a large rectangular table.

table 4747

They have a pretty lace edge with a pale blue satin ribbon running through it.

They were 5.00 each.

I have some white with blue and lavender striped too.  And I have used them dozens of times for parties.

table 4674

The china I have had for years!  My mom got it for me when I was getting an apartment to go to graduate school at Villanova.  Made in Japan, called English Garden, and bought in the supermarket each week!  I have a ton of it.  Pale blue flower and a silver trim.

I found them, still available  on the net…can’t believe it!

table 4732

I used a pale blue napkin, also ancient, and the stems were a shower gift from my mom.

table 4740

The centerpiece is a vase of blue and white Baby’s Breath. It smells so sweet!

table 4680table 4743

I tucked some into the napkin too.

table 4735

table 4739

The candlesticks are by Empire, weighted silver, and I got them at Savers, for 4.99.  :)

table 4708

table 4703

I used my silver chargers you have seen before.

table 4696

A favorite thing to do on a Summer Sunday is to sit on the porch , enjoy the flowers, and be thankful for the fabulous weather we have had the last few days!

table 4725

So come on up, have a seat…

table 4716

And relax till dinner is served!

table 4745

I am joining Laurie for Favorite Things, The Tablescaper for Summer Sundays , Marty at a Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday, and Susan at a Southern Daydreamer  for Outdoor Wednesday , and Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

table 4316

Also, Porch and Garden Party at First a Dream,. Thanks to all the lovely hostesses!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going Ape over Green and Bloggy Thoughts

For those of you who use Blogger they have instituted a new spam filter.

When you go to your comments  you will see a SPAM box.  If you look at your  dashboard, there is a notice about the new SPAM filter.

So you might want to give it a try and turn off that identification word thingee that takes forever to do!

My friend Carol  at There’s always Thyme to Cook was big on those id words no matter how I begged her to turn it off.  She has, and reports no wonky messages!

Just a thought…:)

(now if I can only get my volume  control icon back so I don’t have to listen to music , I will be sooo happy!)

See these?

table 4636

I borrowed them from The Tablescaper .  Last time we went shopping we stopped at the Dollar Tree.  She bought 12 of them, I resisted.  So she lent me 4 so I could do a table with them.  What a gal!

Remember these Monkey place card holders?  Wm Sonoma Outlet.  The leaf placemats too.

table 4631

Last time I used those little monkeys I got several emails from brides to be asking where to get them to use for their weddings!  Really.  Well, they had them again this year.

table 4652

I used to Lily stems as the looked like the leaf on the plates, as well as some green hydrangea  as the centerpiece.  I stuck it in a black leafy metal bowl from HG.

table 4638

I used that green swirly flatware again, CTS 4.99 for 12 pcs by Gibson.

I was going to use those green glass banana/chili pepper bowls, but I used them Tues here, so enough!


table 4659

I added the green Bee glass at the end, but it was bloody hot out there, and there were real bees hovering around!

table 4641

The square white bowls are by Pfaltzgraff, and the black stemmed glasses are from there too.

table 4660

table 4640 Way too hot in the sun,

I am headed over to sit on the shaded part of the porch!

table 4664 Coming soon…

I know sweet  Sue at Sullivan and Murphy is Falling into Fall, but it is still summer on LI, and will be for a few more weeks.

So I am working on this table, using white eyelet with a blue satin ribbon. It is in the shade so the pic is dark.

table 4663

Don’t forget Jane at Blondie’s Journal is having a Target gift card give away!  Hope over and join in! I can’t wait to win it!  :)

And of course, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch has tons more tables for you to look at!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Strawberries on the Table

Marty at a Stroll Thru Life hosts Tabletop Tuesday.  It is supposed to be vignettes or mantels and such.

My mantel holds family pictures, except for Christmas when the Holy Family moves in.

table 422

I am really not a vignette person, and there is nothing on the top of my frig as there is a cabinet there.

So, I am showing you a table I did today cause it is raining, and I had STRAWBERRIES.

table 4604

And, I had these STRAWBERRY napkins from WSonoma Outlet I bought, and hadn’t used yet.

table 4608

I just realized they are white strawberries!  Oh well, maybe that is why I got them at WS Outlet for

table 4621

4.99 /4 less my coupon.  :)

White cloth, red chargers also WS outlet, red flatware…

table 4625

Red polka dot bowls for all my dotty friends out there…

table 4617

table 4627

The green glass dishes I showed you last week  from Savers will be used for salad.

Green bee glasses…

table 4619

table 4618

The strawberries are in a white pail with some Diamond Frost poked in between, on a ruffled red plate from the clearance in HG.

table 4615

I forgot to take the label off that bowl!

table 4622

Here’s another little buy from Savers…$3.99

table 4605

table 4629

Perfect for a Strawberry Shortcake.  I’ll save you a piece! :)

Thanks for visiting!  Stop by a Stroll Thru Life for some more entries.

I am also joining Centerpiece Wed at The Style Sisters.
Psst…check out the details for the Barnyard Bash.  It’s Lynn’s first ever meme, sounds like fun!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Sunday by the Bay

It really was Saturday, but I know you won’t mind!

A beautiful summer day!

table 4214

Perfect for company, lots of food and fun!

table 2930

Freshly dug clams from the Peconic Bay  here in Southampton.

Steamed in this pot that was my mom’s…

table 4577 Put some water in the bottom, lay some cheesecloth over the holes on the top, and steam the clams.

You can use drink the broth, or use it to make chowder.

table 4576

Some people enjoy them raw on the half shell with cocktail sauce.

table 247 (Small) I make the New England style, and Mike makes the Manhattan Clam Chowder.

table 1865

table 1861

Or baked…

Perfect day for a boat ride…

table 4280

As the day ends, you can wait for the sunset.

table 4296

Each night it is a little different.

Walk back to the house for dinner.

table 4579

Cantaloupe from the farm, wrapped in prosciutto  for an appy.

A big salad with juicy chicken chunks…

table 4590

I lined a large wicker basket with heavy duty aluminum foil to serve it.  Lots of room for everything, and easy to pass at the picnic table.

table 4589

And for dessert?

table 4582

Freshly baked blueberry pie.

Here’s a slice for you!

table 4602

Some Favorite Things on a Summer Sunday, or any day!

I am joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie, and The Tablescaper for Summer Sundays.

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