Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everybody Into the Pool, A Winner, And Food

Bargains 491

Yikes, what happened to Spring?  We didn't have much of one here in NY, it was cold in May, and today, HOT!

I didn't intend to do this table, in fact I was going to go shopping.  I have been cleaning the deck and washing and painting wicker for days, but I thought I would take a break.  I decided it was too hot for shopping, now you know I must be sick!

I washed and painted some more, then put this little table together.

Bargains 491

The little floating frogs light up when they hit the water.  I don't know if you can see it, but it is cute!  See on the left her tummy is blue, and on the right, his is orange?  They blink on and off.

I got them in CVS at the end of summer for maybe 50 cents? 

Bargains 480

I wanted to use my orange flatware, but I have no idea where it is!  I don't like orange so I may have packed it away with the Fall things.  So pink it was, from Bealls on line.

The napkins are from Savers. 50 each, I liked the colors.

Bargains 484

BEE glasses from CTS.

Pink ruffled charger and green round mat, CTS.

Salad plates, Home Goods clearance , and pink bowls CTS.

Bargains 477

Paper umbrellas ? and the beach umbrella votive, or in this case, Pool umbrellas, were from the Dansk Outlet years ago.  I also have sling beach chair votive holders, but I will save that for a Beach table.  :)

Orange plates from the Dollar Tree.  The Tablescaper picked 4 up for me, and then I got 4 more.  Good for Halloween!

I floated the frogs in a bowl surrounded by a swim ring.

I thought I was going to pop my eyeballs out blowing it up!

Bargains 483

Don't forget your sunscreen, and your beach hat!  I stuck a name tag in the beach hat.

Hope that scape cooled you off, or at least made you smile!

Bargains 400

This is a dish that came about to use up some things.  I had an opened bag of small shells.

I cooked them tossed them with some olive oil, s and p and feta cheese.  A few ounces of cream cheese too.

  I also had some  fresh spinach that had to be used.

I sauteed some red onion in a bit of  olive oil, then tossed in the fresh spinach, s and p, and that pinch of sugar.  Sugar conscious  use sweet and low.

Turn off the heat, then cover the pan and let the spinach wilt. 

Oil a baking dish , I use PAM, then put the spinach and shells in. 

Add some half and half, ( fat free is ok if you are going to eat it all, but it breaks down when you reheat it)

Slice some tomatoes and put on top of the mixture, then sprinkle with some more feta, some oregano and real bacon crumbled.

Bake till the tomatoes are hot, everything else is cooked, so don't over bake it or it will dry out.

Very easy!  You can add as much or as little cheese and  spinach as you like.  You really can't mess it up!

Next week, Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Bargains 451

I am joining Susan , BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday, Gollum for Foodie Friday, and Diann for Thrifty Things Friday.  Thanks for hosting, Ladies!

I'll be back Sunday for my friend ,The Tablescaper's , Seasonal Sunday.   I hope to have the porch finished so I can show you.  I have gone through 8 cans of Krylon on the wicker.  I don't like the new "all weather" plastic wicker, but this is getting crazy!  It takes days to get it all done.

Kate, at A Spoonful of Thyme is the winner of the star shaped pancake molds.  Kate email me your addy please!

Another little give away coming up, stay tuned!  :)


  1. What a fun tablescape, Kathleen..and I LOVE chicken cordon bleu! Can't wait to see your recipe.

  2. Way too hot here too! 96 today, 100 tomorrow! But then back to cooler (normal) temps. We need rain too!

    Those little froggies are so cute! I love them. Everything about the table setting is super cute!

  3. Those froggies sure did make me smile :-) Looking forward to seeing your finished porch project. It's very hot here too.

  4. Kathleen, you really have a knack of putting things together well and creating food that really looks and sounds delicious...

  5. I love those floating frogs! What a cute table. The fun colors make me smile.

  6. Cute centerpiece, frog's legs next week??? Love the colors and the little umbrellas say "party"! Stay cool:@)

  7. The floating froggies are definitely good for a smile, which I certainly needed today. (It's been one of "those' days) Really cute!

    NO tablescaping for me again this week due to chaos in the kitchen area. Since I have been ordered to stay off the ladder when Hubs is not home, I have been working on a slipcover for my vintage sofa.

    Can't wait to see your gorgeous porch.

  8. Kathleen - the frogs are way too cute! You always set the best table AND make the best food. I love the whimsical nature of this table and the umbrellas in the ramekins just are the icing on the cake. Never seen orange plates at my dollar store ;(. Joni

  9. This tablescape is just the cutest. You are the second person this week to say they don't like orange. I love orange. I don't decorate with it...but I did when I was a teen. It really is my favorite color. That is what makes the world go round!!

  10. Love this, Kathleen. The frogs are so darn cute. I love orange in all its glorious shades!

  11. I think this tablescape is wonderful! I love the whole playful theme as well as the pretty colors.

  12. Oh what a darling table -- those frogs are so cute!

  13. This table makes me feel happy. I have had a case of the table blahs lately, and this one gives inspiration. I love the little umbrellas in the buckets and the little hat place cards.

    And I'm looking forward to Chicken Cordon Bleu!

  14. I love floating frogs and all the great colors on the table!

  15. Not much of a spring here either. We've already had too many days that reached 100. But this table made me smile and cooled me off. You know I adore your sense of humor. Those floating frogs are really cute. Bet the grands have fun with them.
    Chicken Cordon Bleu ~ boy does that take me down memory lane. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  16. This is adorable! Love those frogs, darling centerpiece!


  17. Oh Kathleen, this table is soo FUN! Love those little froggies. They are so cute. I love all of the wonderful, fun and vibrant colors. I think you're better off that you couldn't find the orange flatware. The hot pink looks terrific.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Woo Hooo...where's my Sunglasses !
    Your table is so Colorful...and those Froggies
    are the Best! Love this fun Pool Theme - everything's so adorable.
    Looking forward to your Chicken Cordon Bleu.

  19. What a fun table...those frogs are adorable!

  20. Oh what a hoot Kathleen! I am loving those frogs! And the table, so cute!
    I need a CTS store by me.
    Maybe I could just send you in shopping for me!

  21. Oh My a pool sounds wonderful about now! "TOOO HOT"!!! I think I'll go look at my winter pictures! Your table is "Oh So CUTE" love the little frogs! EVERYTHING looks like SO MUCH FUN! and your "Cuisine Kathleen" looks OH SO GOOD!
    Thank you for the recipe AND sharing it with us.
    Have a great week,

  22. Thank you very much for the pancake molds! I am really excited. What a fun tablesetting...maybe they should provide a mini pump with the frogs!

  23. What a terrific centerpiece, so unique and fun! I've never seen anything like those light-up frog swimmers! And of course, everything else on your table goes perfectly with the theme - love the little tealight umbrella/sand holders, the hat placecards, the beach umbrellas in the ramekins and the orange plates with those napkins! To top it all off, a yummy looking pasta dish and chicken! Maybe Mike wouldn't mind if I sat in for him?


  24. So cute! I love all the bright colors of this table and the cute bathing frogs! And the food looks amazing!

  25. Smile? Try really good giggle. I love this post! I'm going to try the pasta dish sometime. Thanks! Cherry Kay

  26. This is so much fun and just so vibrant with all those great colors and I just want to go jump in a pool right now!
    I hope you get some rest, though, and some shopping time when things cool off!!!
    Oh, and that pasta dish looks like it would fit PERFECTLY into Italy here!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog!!!
    I'm your newest follower!

    Lana In Italy

  27. One of the cutest and most fun settings yet...Love, love my stops here....

  28. Kathleen, as always your centerpieces steal the show - this is no exception! HOW CUTE!!! I just love the little float filled with the lighted froggies! Delightful, and perfect for this preview of summer weather we're having. Keep cool - more predicted for today.

  29. So much fun coming to visit you. We were dying of heat yesterday and this morning it was almost frost. Very stange weather...that salad looks amazing.

  30. love your tablescape! I'll have to keep my eye out for those little froggies ~lol~ recipes look deliscious too!

  31. Your food always looks divine!...and thanks for the chuckle,the froggies are tooo cute!
    Yep we jumped right into summer,had a very short Spring down southeast Georgia.
    Love this tablescape! It is sure to cheer us up and think of ways to cool-off this summer!

  32. Too hot to shop? you? Pick me up I think I've fainted :)
    Cute table, love the froggies! And the pantry pasta looks so good. I am really looking forward to that Cordon Bleu, looks fantastic, Kathleen!

  33. Such a fun the colors. It's been hot here also, but TOO hot to shop??? NEVAH!!
    Looking forward to the Chicken Cordon Bleu, looks delish.

  34. Looks so good and I love salty feta but I can't wait for the chicken cordon bleu. Such a favorite but I don't like the premade ones from those little meat/appetizer stores. Taste like chemicals. ugh

  35. oh my do you make everything look SO amazing and appetizing! and what cute froggies!

  36. Your froggies caught my heart! They are sooo cute! Love your table. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  37. Hi lovely lady. I just love this summer Tablescaoes so cute!!! I need to know how to put together the Chicken cordon blue !!!
    I hope you have A GREAT WEEKEND.

  38. This is the cutest table ever!!!!! I LOLed when you said your eyeballs about popped out:):) You are too funny! The dish sounds delicious too! I love the idea of the pool ring for the centerpiece and I could see the frogs lit up! Adorable!!! XO, Pinky

  39. What a sweet and cheerful table! I'd love to come eat at your house.

  40. Your floating frogs centerpiece is so cute and so original, Kathleen. Nice colroful tablescape! And I want to try the pasta...Christine

  41. Those floating frogs are a stitch, Kathleen! I can see the glow in their little green skins :) The tomato, spinach and pasta dish sounds wonderful!

  42. Absolutely charming.. I love how your table says happy and summer in one voice. The straw hats as place card holders are perfect!! Very clever, and the umbrellas, well it's so much fun. I do love how the dishes are all different and yet go well together.. many blessings.. marlis

  43. Now this is a great and FUN summer table. I think those little frogs are a riot!
    You have really paid attention to sun and fun detail in this clever tablescape! I had a good giggle over the sun hat place cards. You did make me smile!

    And you food looks scrumptious! I'm making your use-up-what-you-have baked pasta dish. I think I have everything in my frig right now! Great idea.

    This was a creative, fun and delicious visit all rolled into one!
    xo Yvonne

  44. Such a creative and fun table. You have a great eye for things that would be cute in a table setting. I love those little frogs...I probably would have passed them by, but you saw a cute table with them.

    Have fun painting...I need to do the same with my patio table and chairs. I dread it like the plague. I JUST HATE TO PAINT.

  45. Kathleen I love this table! Those frogs are so cute. Your centerpiece gives me an idea. Of course I won't have those frogs, but maybe I can figure something out. The grandkids would love this.

  46. Such a cute tablesetting! This dinner looks very yummy! And I love Chicken Cordon Bleu, so I"ll be checking back in next week for sure!
    Yes, trying to get a little interest bubbling into what it might be. So come back in a few more days!

  47. The frogs are oh so cute! I love the little tummies! What a fun summer table and the salad looks so great. Everything is in such fun summery colors and so playful. I know this table would be a favorite at our house.

    How fun that you have friends to help you find enough plates. I need to start calling on my out of town friends to buy for me!

  48. What a cute table! Love the floating swimmers surrounded by a pool ring. That is just about the cutest centerpiece ever. Love all of the bright, summer colors. That dish you made sounds delish. laurie

  49. Once again, a great tablescape and dishes and food. Love it!


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