Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday and The Worst Customer Service Award...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!! For those who are working, you are half way through another week!


My H "whatever" Young clematis is blooming. I am new to growing clematis, and there are 1000's of varieties with wonderful names..that I can't remember. I put the little sticks next to them, but somehow many of them disappeared, so they will remain nameless...
When they bloom, I'll post a pic and you can tell me!


The Northern Lights azalea are starting to bloom, it is the only yellow one I have...



And the "you tell me" clematis are blooming on the arbor.....


I am sure next week I'll have more blooms to show, the iris are popping, and lilacs and rhodies too..
Please visit Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for more Outdoor Wednesday posts...

Speaking of outdoors, we have a 12x12 wood lattice gazebo we got at Sams Club several years ago. Even though we take the cover off during the winter..2 yrs is all they survive...
Which brings me to the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD...

In March, I contacted the company who makes the covers..Sams no longer sells the gazebo.
I was told they didn't have green, which is what I wanted, but they had natural...
send my check, they don't take credit cards...
So I think about it, but finally in April, send my check.

I don't hear anything, so I email them about my check...
They don't know anything about it..when did I send it??..
I tell them..
ask them to let me know if they get it..nothing..

The next week I get a phone call..
They are back ordered, they will mail it by the end of May...but no green..ok ..

Yesterday I email them, what date will it be shipped...
Email back ...what are you talking about?? Send your phone number..

So I send my phone number and tell them they must have it as they have called here...

Now the best..
tonight I get a phone call. Young woman says, they never called here..
I go through the whole thing and tell her the cover is supposed to be here by the end of May.
She tells me if I don't listen she will hang up.
Mind you I hadn't raised my voice, just explained the sequence of events! I couldn't believe it!

That it is a courtesy that they are selling the covers.
That everyone ( she says they have had 1000 calls) wants it right now and are being demanding..
I calmly say, I don't think ordering in April and expecting by the end of May is demanding...
OH NO!!! she yells, you will not get it till mid JUNE.
She tells me they are sending me GREEN...
"But you told me you had natural, and I said I would accept that so I wouldn't have to wait."
Now she tells me she doesn't have to sell it to me, they are just being kind to do so!!

So I have saved all my emails from her, and I send them to her, showing her what they did indeed tell me! Now she will probably be like the Soup Natzi in Seinfeld..
So next time you buy something and plunk down your hard earned money..realize they are only selling it to you as a courtesy to be nice!!
The company ???located in Santa Ana, CA. PSI...they get the NO Customer Courtesy Award..

Dinner tonight..

Chicken Cordon Bleu, glazed carrots and baked potato..



Thanks for visiting..:)


  1. Hi Kathleen! What a beautiful clematis in that last shot. Yikes...such pretty blooms! So sorry about your cover problems! Ugh!

  2. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Kathleen! I love clematis! I have jackmani and a couple others.... sigh.. that I didn't save the tags for....Sorry to hear about your gazebo troubles. I usually get stuck with that kind of thing around here...guess because I can be as obnoxious as the service people!

    I know you threw that Cordon Bleu in there to drive me nuts (and make me hungry)...looks yuuuuummmmmmy!!

    Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  3. Kathleen, I love your clematis, and I can't believe what that woman said! Is she in customer service or customer send-offs???

    I hope you get your cover.

    Happy OW...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Love that last clematis on the arbor - I'm sure Susan will know what it is!
    You were much kinder than I would have been to the customer service rep! I do believe my "Irish Temper" would have taken over!! LOL
    The Cordon Bleu looks heavenly... especially next to my cold turkey breast sandwich I had!

  5. Your clematis are just wonderful. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    Love your clematis. I tried to grow it once and my husband ripped it out thinking it was a weed. I guess I didn't do a very good job.
    Where in Santa Ana? I hope you get your cover. Happy OW

  7. Hi Kathleen,
    Your clematis is so pretty, I am hoping to start growing some. I am sorry about your woes, reminds me of my dh on the phone today talking to another well known company about service. What has happened to customer service??? Thank you for sharing that delicious looking recipe too.

  8. Hi Kathleen,
    I love your clemantis! I have some too, very similar looking although they won't bloom for awhile yet. Your food and tablesettings are always so gorgeous. Cindy

  9. Your clematis and azaleas are so pretty!
    That's terrible about the customer service you received. I work as a CS rep for a game company and would be fired on the spot for treating our customers even a tiny bit like that. How horrible! I hope she's no longer with the company, wow.

  10. The young lady sounds bi-polar!!! Makes you want to wrap the poles up and sent them back! You are too kind to give an "award!" HEHEHEHE Cathy

  11. We call that "customer no service" -- what an experience but your flower photos were beautiful.

  12. hey, Kathleen, send her your pot pie with a message on it!

    Pretty clematis, LOL, I'm with you... names?

  13. The clematis is beautiful. Is it a vine? Hhmmm to surround oneself with those flowers. :-)

    So sorry bout the problem you have to face.

    I would love to try the chicken cordon bleu. yum!


  14. What a story. Best to look for another company, I guess. Oh, and I used to love Cordon Bleu when I was a kid (a long time ago). But now I'm a vegetarian, and the only thing left for me to eat is yummi cheese.

  15. Oh that chicken looks devine! MMMM! Now I NEEEEED some... Chicken Cordon Bleu! ;) Nancy

  16. What an ordeal with the cover!! Amazing!

    I don't know the names of our Clematis either. I saved the sticks too, but I still don't know.

    Yours are beautiful!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  17. Your pics are beautiful and the dinner looks yummy. I hate bad customer service. Maybe you should have told her you have a very popular blog and as a "courtesy" you will let people know not to bother them with demands for their products :)!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  18. These businesses underestimate the power of the consumer nowadays. You have managed to spread this tale of lousy customer service around the world in a matter of minutes. Ouch. They should send you one free.
    Back to your pretty clematis. Who cares what the names are. It is a beauty and thanks for sharing it.

  19. Kathleen, your clematis are beautiful..I can't believe yours are blooming already. I have that HF Young too but don't recognize the last one.

    That is one terrible customer service story! I hope that you got to speak with her supervisor and report how she talked with you. What happened to your canvas? That's disheartening to know they only last 2 years! We just bought one last season.

  20. Funny (or not so much) you should comment about the table on my blog. Two years ago the exact same thing happened here. Ours wasn't even up just left in the table. I got up and went to the grocery store and my son phoned me to say the table had exploded. We had glass everywhere in the yard. That storm was so severe that I could barely maneuver the shopping cart of groceries back to my car. That is unusual weather here.

  21. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!
    What beautiful clematis blooms!
    So sorry to hear about all the trouble with your gazebo cover. I hope you get it straightened out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Oh, I love all the flowers in your yard. Very pretty!!

  23. Well, that was SO rude! She wouldn't have a job if people weren't ordering those covers! There are nice people out there looking for jobs. One of them should take hers! Sorry to rant, but that is just horrible.

    Your flowers are beautiful, and with customer service like that, you need all of the beauty you can get!
    But I NEED that chicken Cordon Bleu! It looks so good. laurie

  24. I would send a letter to management. You deserve an apology at the very least!

    On a nicer note, your garden and azaleas are gorgeous - as well as the chicken Cordon Bleu!

  25. Love your clematis, and your dinner looks delicious!

    Wow, what a time you've had trying to get your gazebo cover. There's something sort of similar that I'm going through right now with some bedding. I know how frustrating it can be!

  26. I am pretty certain that is a Royalty clematis. I grew quite a few different ones in the North. Sorry to here about the disgusting customer service. Your food always looks so good.

  27. Kathleen, what a despicable way to treat a customer. I'm surprised that after her first rude comment that you didn't ask for a supervisor. I agree with Susan ... definitely write the company ... I think it has a greater impact.

    I like your new blog decor. The azalea and clematis look gorgeous. ... Good looking chicken Cordon Bleu ... one of John's favorites.

  28. Lovely, lovely clematis. Thanks for stopping by to visit. I have no idea what the name of the white clematis is that my sister grows. She has so many of them. White, blue, red, pink and, I think, a yellow one. They all grow beautifully for her. I've never tried to grow them before so I don't know what my success would be but you seem to have the same green thumb as my sister!

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  29. Isn't it amazing that some companies (most?) seem to specialize is BAD CUSTOMOR SERVICE? what happened to the old "the customer is always right?"

    SO frustrating. Off with their heads.


  30. I once heard a saying and it goes like this: Stupid is as stupid says. That girl wins the stupid award hands down. You need to send all copies to the President/CEO of the company to get results. I think we can all write a book on these customer service things. The cable company called to tell us the guy was running late..but he was scheduled for the next day so I told them then he should be on time:) Duh!

  31. YOur clematis are so pretty. I'm a zone 4 so mine are just starting out - so I get to see what I am looking forward too. I can't believe how they treated you - unbelieveable! I just jumped through hoops for my $50 rebate from Home Depot. I bought a Magic Chef Beverage Cooler BEFORE Christmas. Sent in the rebate form and UPC's etc. (thank gosh I made copies) they claimed them never received the info, sent in more copies, again they claimed they never received them, the third time I threatened our attorney general after them and FINALLY they coughed up the $50 - IN MAY!
    Good Luck to you - I hope you get your Green cover and everything works out fine! ~ Robyn

  32. The clematis is magnificent! We keep saying that we are going to get lattice for under our back high deck and plant them there, but so far haven't! Am planning on re-constructing our back bed this season...maybe then??? Nancy


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