Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mosaic Monday, Blue Monday and Porch Party

I have joined Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. She takes wonderful pics. Please stop there and visit some of the other entries..
This is my first, and I don't have the hang of it yet..I wanted the sailboat in the picture it that way..:) And the title is..Summer Sails In..

I know what I am doing next week, so I will be ready, and my friend Debbie at Mountain Breaths told me how to get the pic I want in the middle..Thank you!


I am joining Sally for Blue Monday...there's a lot of blue in the mosaic, and add this Blueberry Cream Tart ...


Take a sheet of Puff pastry and press in to a square tart pan with removable bottom.
Mix some cream cheese, vanilla and sugar together till smooth and soft.
Spread on the puff pastry.
Top with fresh blueberries sweetened with sugar and a dash of cinnamon..
Bake till crust is golden...When cool dust with conf sugar, or not! I did..
Simple and blueberryie..( I know that's not a word, but I like it..)



I also love a Porch Party, and Rhondi is having one...please stop over and see some of the entries at Rhondi's Rose Colored glasses...

We are still under pollen fallout here, ie, everything is covered with green pollen, so I have to wait till next week to set up the the washing and spray painting of the wicker etc... So just one pic with a view of the back porch..I hope there will be another party to attend when I am all set up..


This isn't a porch, but a pavilion. You can sit here and have your breakfast or whatever, and at dusk watch the sun set...
You need no decorations, as Nature provides them...




It's very peaceful, you can look out and watch summer sail in!


Thanks for coming!
Please visit Sally, Mary and Rhondi..thanks for hosting , Ladies!


  1. Kathleen, you really get around :)

    Great Mosaic! Love the Blue Monday! and the Porch party, and that last shot of the beach is great! Wish I was there!

  2. Oh my oh my. Your collage is very lovely but your porch is to die for! I love it!! The blueberry cream tart looks like something I'd really enjoy!! Happy Monday to you!

  3. Kathleen, I love how you combine MEMEs in one post.

    The mosaic is gorgeous ...

    The blueberry tart looks delicious. I'm surprised how the design on the edge of the tart turned out so well with puff pastry.

    And I never tire of seeing your porch and ocean pictures.

    Lovely post....

  4. Your mosaic is so pretty Kathleen, the blueberry tart looks delicious and your porch is gorgeous, love the beach, the sail boat and the sunsets, happy Monday, Kathy.

  5. Great mosaic - love all your blues! The tart looks delicious..the only tart pan I have is a silicone one and have never used it!
    Wish I had a porch like yours - and now with the outdoor shower all you need is an outdoor kitchen!!!
    Beautiful sunsets!!

  6. I'm out on the water for Mosaic Monday as well.

    Mmm mm - wish I had a bite of that blueberry tart - it looks yummy!

  7. great mosaic.. pretty flowers! and blueberry puff pastry looks delicious! yum!!!

  8. Lovely floral mosaic collage! I'll be right over to try that yummy looking blueberry tart!!


  9. Love your mosaic and the title... I pictured the sail boat in the middle... *grin*
    If you want the sail boat in the middle next time, put the sail boat photo in slot number 6 when you are building your mosaic... Your blueberry tart recipe is going to get made on the 4th of July (I'll also add strawberries tho) Its just perfect!
    Have a happy week!
    ~Really Rainey~

  10. Wow, a triple! We'll get that sailboat in the middle next time, but what a great mosaic.. pretty flowers and porch! And that blueberry puff pastry could be my breakfast! Great post Kathleen.

  11. So very wonderful. It all looks soooo delicious! Have a grand day~ Cathy

  12. Your property always looks just so..Love both pavillions..Yours and the beachy one..and the tart too!
    Our weather has been frightful..cold and hail yesterday.. Rain the last 5.

  13. So many beautiful pictures, Kathleen. Love the collage, and your blueberry tart! Gorgeous. How lucky you are to live by the water. I've always dreamed of it but don't think its going to happen.

  14. Oh Kathleen, what a pretty mosaic! Are all those flowers from your garden? Wow! And the blueberry tart recipe sounds so easy and looks SO delicious! Thanks so much for joining the fun at Mosaic Monday. :)

  15. Your mosiac looks good to me; I've never attempted one!

    I love that blueberry tart. Please box it up and send it to me--QUICKLY! Happy Blue Monday.

    Ah, summer. I think we should all vote to MAKE it last!

  16. Great recipe -- going on the menu soon! And I love the soft pink and blues of the mosaic. . . but the best? That beachside pavilion. Brings back so many memories of childhood summers -- the beaches on Long Island Sound we went to all had pavilions. One required a long walk through what I remember as palm trees (well that's how I remember them!) and my Dad had us convinced we were visiting Africa when we went!
    Lovely post -- thanks!!!

  17. Beautiful photos, Kathleen! I can picture the sailboat in the middle of the mosaic and had to smile at blueberryie :) Your tart looks so good!

    You live in such a gorgeous area! Happy June 1st!

  18. Oh my goodness, you memed away today! I love your blue mosaic with all the wonderful blossoms and your blueberry tart is making me hungry! But I love the pavillion and beach photos for the porch party too...Your photos are just fabulous and I love the choices you shared today!

  19. Your mosaic looks great and loved your post.

  20. Wow!!! You have outdone yourself today!!! 3 meme's in one post!!! Amazing;)!!!

    All of your photos are wonderful...the mosaic is lovely!!!

    I want a piece of the yummy blueberry goodie...please!!! I absolutely love anything with blueberries!!!

    I became a follower of yours today and plan to return for many more visits!!!

    Have a wonderful MM!!!

  21. Beautiful and delicious post as usual Kathleen. I can always count on you for great recipes and ideas. I am going to have to figure out how to do such a beautiful mosaic. I hope your week is wonderful.

  22. I am missing L.I. when I see the photos.

  23. Beautiful photographs! Thank you and Happy MM! ~Arleen

  24. Oooohhhh, Kathleen! Sounds and looks yummy! Blueberries are my favorite fruit! They are little encapsulations of summer because...I know you will understand this one!...they come into season just as school ends and go out when it begins! I used to look forwrd to seeing them in the store!! Great that where you live? Heaven!!!...Debbie

  25. Hi Kathleen,
    I love all of the blue! I know I've told you before that blueberries are my favorite fruit and looking at the Blueberry Cream Tart makes my mouth water...I'm does. I grew up in Michigan, we had lots of blueberries and my mom had to stop taking me to pick them because I ate them instead.

    I have a fellow do my upholstery work. I haven't tackled that task and don't believe I want to. He is too reasonable and does such a fabulous job, I'd rather be working on other projects.

    Have a wonderful week!

  26. Kathleen, I came to visit via Rhondi's Porch Party, and I am so glad that I did. I do believe this is the first time I have visited your blog, and I am so glad that I found you.

    Your porch looks just lovely, and I know just what you mean about all of that nasty pollen. Ours ended a couple of weeks ago, and I am so glad that it is gone.

    Your tart looks delicious, and sounds easy. I will definitely give it a try. And, we all know how good blueberries are for us. I think that will make up for anything - like sugar.

    I just tried my first mosaic which I plan to post next Monday. I had the same issue with the photo in the middle. Would you please share what you learned about placement?


  27. Kathleen

    So glad Mary led you to me! I am on the island too, right near the water--where else on earth would you rather be? So glad it is finally June so we can enjoy this beautiful island we live on!

    Your blog is just lovely, what great tablescapes! I'll be back for sure! So nice to meet you!

  28. Hi Kathleen
    I'm glad you joined the party. Your porch looks wonderful and I'm sure it must be amazing when you have all the furniture in it. That pollen is such a nuisance isn't it?
    Hugs, Rhondi

  29. If I had the ingredients for that tart right now, I'd be making it and shoving it in my face so fast no one would ever know it was made LOL

    The pavillion is wonderful, especially the views! I love your yard too.


  30. The view from the pavillion is just stunning! How wonderful to be able to go out there and enjoy a cup of coffee!


  31. Love the view from your pavillion, Kathleen, and I think that blueberry tart looks like a DREAM! I can sit under tha pavillion and dream that someone (hint, hint) will make one for me!

    Happy Porch Party...


    Sheila :-)

  32. Ahh, those blueberry tarts look mouth-watering!

  33. Hi there, busy lady! 3 memes in a day! Your mosaic is so pretty. Your porch yard looks so inviting, and the ocean and beach pictures are awesome! That tart sounds like something even I might be able to accomplish, but I'm sure it wouldn't look as pretty as yours. My family doesn't seem to mind about the appearance; they just want the food to tast good! laurie

  34. Are you had me from your Header pic. But then I scrolled down!!! How does it feel to live in heaven? Just beautiful!

  35. What a lovely post, beautiful and oooh so yummie!



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