Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Greens of January~A Scape and Dinner

Sick of winter scapes?  Not ready for ♥day? Well then, here you go!  We could all use a little green!

Christmas 2009 , "A", known to you as The Tablescaper, gave me 12 of these lovely salad plates.  Very interesting color combo, but oh so hard to find things to go with.

Picture 1610

I liked how the green glass chargers by Gorham picked up the rim, and the small glass soup bowl.

Picture 1611

White cloth with dark green underneath, with matching white napkins.  Dollar Tree rings enhanced with a tassel.

A little ring of pip berries under the bowl.

Picture 1613

Gold trimmed flatware by Wallace.  Butter plates with a gold bow were from a long gone junk novelty store called Mace's.  You could find some treasures there, and when people asked where I got things, I said "Mace's".  Well, they always thought I said Macy's!  I never corrected them.  :)

Picture 1589


Picture 1599

The stemware is from Lenox.

Picture 1612

The centerpiece is in a green glass footed bowl from Villeroy and Boch.

Picture 1591

Candlesticks from Mikassa, a gift from a student many years ago.

Picture 1601

The compote bowl was a gift from an older couple we met on our honeymoon cruise, so it is about 39 years old.

It is so pretty!

Picture 1625

For dinner we are having Paillard of pork, ( which is sliced pork pounded out)  on a bed of spinach with a Balsamic reduction and Sweet potato whipped with apples, brown sugar and topped with toasted walnuts.

Picture 1481

Extremely simple dish!

Slice the pork loin and pound it thin between plastic wrap.

Picture 1479

Season it and dredge it in seasoned flour, and brown.  It doesn't take long to cook.  Overdo it and you will have shoe leather!

Make a salad of spinach, red onion, feta, and bacon crumbles.  Season to taste, I always use a little powdered sugar, (it  melts faster) and powdered mustard, s&p on the spinach greens.

Make a Balsamic reduction, and serve with the pork and salad.

Balsamic reduction ...http://www.ehow.com/how_4476187_balsamic-vinegar-reduction-sauce.html

Picture 1480


Very easy, and tasty!

Picture 1484

Inspired by  sweet Gail at Faithfulness Farm, I made cupcakes.  Gail posted a how to for a cupcake bouquet. ( Go see it, hers is way better than the demo ) I didn't make the bouquet, and I used cream cheese icing.

Picture 1618

I added a few leaves and displayed them on a green glass cake pedestal from Cmas Tree Shop last year.

Picture 1623

Picture 1619

Picture 1625

I am joining Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday, and Gollum for Foodie Friday.

and Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kathleen, I really like how you managed to coordinate dishes/accessories with those plates from "A". They are very pretty but like you said, not an easy colour to work with. LOVE those cupcakes! Look too pretty to eat...well, almost!


  2. the place settings are really beautiful but I have to say that your rose cupcakes are my favorite part! the meal looks delicious too:)

  3. I love this table setting, Kathleen. The greens go so pretty with the plates...you picked a great compliment for them. Your menu looks exciting as always. I'd like to try doing pork this way and making the salad. Do you just cook down the balsamic? The cupcakes are beautiful!

    Very nice!


  4. Lovin' your green and white K! Fun cupcakes and thanks for the great powdered sugar tip for salad dressing! Sounds like another sloppy day tomorrow, keep on smilin:@)

  5. Kathleen, your tablescape is beautiful (and is the centerpiece real flowers? They are gorgeous) I think those little silver butter plates are so cute. Your cupccakes are beautiful! I'm going to go see Gail's too. OOOO, your pork sounds wonderful and sounds so fancy. What you think is simple cooking may not be so simple for some of us. I promise you, I could mess it up! laurie

  6. You sure do tablescapes well! Always so beautiful. I tucked away the rose decorated cupcake idea too. Gonna make a bouquet next week for my husbands birthday.

  7. You always set a pretty table, Kathleen. And your dinners always look delicious - not to mention those lovely lovely cupcakes!

  8. Another beautiful tablesetting, Kathleen. I really love green glass and the emerald green bowls are very striking! You are an awesome cook, your meals always look so good. Great job on the cupcake bouquet but if it's okay, I'll take a 2nd helping of the sweet potatoes for my dessert :) I actually have a clipping from a magazine in my "to try" file of the mini cupcake topiary.

  9. Lovely, really. The dishes from the Tablescaper were definitely a challenge - but you rose to the occasion. You seemed to have just the right things to make it all work.
    I remember you sharing the bowl from the couple you met on your honeymoon before. What a wonderful thing to have.
    I saw the cupcake bouquet too. I'm a little afraid to try her set-up, but I think I could do it your way.
    Yummy dinner. Now I've got to go make ours.

  10. Love those layers of dishes, Kathleen. The ones A gave you are real pretty and they go so well with the greens you added. But your food, OMG! I just ate but now I am hungry again...Christine

  11. Hello Kathleen:

    Yes, those salad plates did provide a bit of a challenge, but clearly you rose to the ocassion (this year's are easier). Those little wreaths were the perfect touch!

    I love your dinner. The sweet potatoes in the little Lion bowl is a wonderful touch. And I'm with the rest of them. What you call easy and simple, are not what we call easy and simple.

    Totally loving those cupcakes. What with Valentine's just aroung the corner and two daughters... I best go check out the demo.

    As always, an amazing table.

    Stay warm and dry tomorrow - as we get hit yet again.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Oh my!!! I'm loving your Battenburg table cloth!!! Beautiful!!! Cathy

  13. That was lovely but I'm in awe of the cupcakes. Gorgeous.

  14. Such pretty pieces, love the full effect. Love your cupcakes, beautifully done! (And an idea I may have to try for Valentines day).

  15. Kathleen, your cupcakes are fabulous ... I love the tablescape, everything is so elegant & inviting.

    Have a beautiful eve ~
    TTFN ~

  16. Kathleen....although red will always be my favorite, greens are a close second. I love this table. Those Mace butter dishes are sweet. The meal looks wonderful and THOSE cupcakes are gorgeous and that green cake plate was just made to serve rosey cupcakes. Thanks for the nice comments :)


  17. Oh, I love your table, Kathleen...it is green! Those plates A gave you are gorgeous. The cupcakes look yummy...save one for me.

  18. Gorgeous table and your whole meal looks wonderful! The cupcake bouquet is beautiful. I think you did a wonderful job of A's gift!

  19. I want to come to your house for dinner. You always seem to have the yummiest looking dishes which just happen to look great on your new dishes as well. Looks like you did just fine finding things to work with.

  20. Hi Kathleen, your tablescape is beautiful.The meal looks wonderful,The cupcakes look yummy
    !!Always so beautiful!!

  21. The tablescape is lovely and the dinner looks delicious and the cupcakes look so pretty! Great job!

  22. I like all the clever layering you did for this table. Everything looks lovely.
    My Granddaughter would be very impressed with your beautiful cupcake bouquet.

  23. LOL, Mace's/Macy's! There was a Mace's over on 110, used to stop on way home from Adventureland!
    Beautiful dishes, really nice of the Tablescaper!
    Cool cupcakes, they came out great!

  24. I sooooo appreciate you explaining not only where & how you acquired your wonderful table items but the details on your food prep, too. The pork sounds delicious done this way & that salad has me drooling, too. Thanks for sharing all the of it!

    You could have saved all this green for March 17th, ya' know. LOL But I know you have much more! *wink*

  25. Your tablescapes are always so gorgeous!!!...have a wonderful day, hugs, Flavia

  26. Kathleen, those green chargers and bowls are such a yummy color! I think all your greens work great together, and that tablecloth is really gorgeous. Your food always looks so tempting, too!

  27. Nice table and your whole meal looks wonderful! Those cupcakes are calling my name! You did a wonderful job incorporating A's gift in your tablescape.

  28. OH How lovely Kathleen!
    What a nice gift those plates were.
    This could be tweaked and made into a St. Patty days table too.
    Those cupcakes look amazing....you are quite the cook!

  29. I am so happy you made those pretty cupcakes and added the link. I can't wait to make this for the next blog girl luncheon. Adorable.

  30. Kathleen, I love the greens and gold. So pretty! You do a great job with your tables and your food. Your flatware is truly lovely. Your guys are lucky, lucky, lucky! Although if they are like my guys, they don't notice the china, silver etc so much as the food! lol

  31. Hi Kathleen....such a pretty table...I love the green and I love when you post your recipes along with the tablescape...your cupcakes came great!....Are you getting more snow out your way like they are having in Jersey...

  32. Hi Kathleen, the green is so refreshing right now! I can't believe we are getting another 10 in. tonight. We got about 5 today already. I am going to take a look at the cupcake bouquet. Yours are very pretty. I can never make pork. It always comes out like shoe leather, no matter what I do. I will give yours a try! Linda

  33. Beautiful table in green, Kathleen! The tablescaper's gift to you was a great inspiration for the table. And I do love the tablecloth, too. Your cupcakes look every bit as nice as Gayle's bouquet and the dinner looks absolutely delish. drool drool.....
    hugs, Sue

  34. You did an incredible job of mixing and matching colors to create a fabulous table! I am so moved by the compote you received from that couple so many years ago. What a treasure! I love all of my new stuff, but the old stuff with a story behind it is always the best! Have a great week, Kathleen!

  35. OOh i love what you are having for dinner! The table looks so inviting and very beautiful. Your glasses are perfect with the china.

  36. Kathleen, I just finished eating dinner, but I could easily sit down at this table and eat again. What a wonderful meal! The green accents make a lovely table! ~ sarah

  37. Ooooh, those plates ARE tricky, but you did a great job working with them. My favorite today ... that sweet compote and the cupcakes! Thanks for sharing. Hope you'll stop by and enter my celebration giveaway!

  38. Oh I always love the green and white combination. Your "going green" is lovely. A beautiful tablecloth and I love your berry wreath at each setting. The dinner looks delicious and those cupcake are beautiful!

  39. Beautiful green and white table Kathleen!

  40. Now, I am IMPRESSED! Dinner sounds very good and very involved no matter how easy you say it is. Love the plates. Of course, she gave you 12! :) I would expect nothing less. I have to check out the cupcakes--gorgeous! Sorry you were not impressed with what passes for a blizzard around here :) Stay warm!

  41. I am going to have to quit reading your blog late at night -- it makes me very hungry! Beautiful table.

  42. This is a very pretty table scape! I would like to invite you to link this up to my new link party, Masterpiece Monday, at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week. Take care, Mary :O)

  43. Such a beautiful tablescape. I love the little green soup bowls and all the greens. Coordinates very well with the gifted salad plates. Hugs, Ginger

  44. Recreating the look of roses is not an easy thing to do. Your cupcakes are amazing! Great choices to highlight your salad plate set. Leather...yep...mine would definitely taste like leather. Thank you for sharing your marvelous meal. Cherry Kay

  45. Kathleen,

    Just beautiful. Everything is perfect together and I love the cupcakes. Cupcakes seem to be the hottest thing right now.

    Have a great weekend.


  46. Whenever I feel like I need to eat virtual calories, I come visit.....
    Everything looks so yummy - especially the cupcakes !
    I am ready for green everything :o)

  47. A beautiful meal, served on a lovely table...can't get any better. :)

    Hope your snow has melted and it's not so cold.

  48. The table is beautiful, the dinner looks incredible, and those cupcakes are charming! Wow! Fantastic job!

  49. Can you believe I forgot it was Tablescape Thursday.....
    A beautiful table!I agree some plate colors are hard to match but your table is perfect. The cupcakes look yummie!A great tablescape!!!

  50. Kathleen, the first word that came to mind reading your post was "Wow!!". Your table is gorgeous and I love how you combined the shades of green. You mentioned it was hard to match the coloring of the salad plates, but your table makes it look effortless. The food looks scrumptious. Please pass me a plate!

  51. Beautiful tablescape and dinner. I have those mini lion head dishes too, and I love how you used them for the sweet potatoes. Clever! I'm going to try this.

  52. Hi Kathleen

    Wow, what a great tablescape...how are you doing out there? Gosh, 19 inches last night in Central Park and another days home with the kiddies...argh! Losing 2 vaca days :9(
    You know how it is...oh no, you don't! Haha!

  53. Kathleen, I love your table, and A's plate gifts are divine. The whole table looks great, and what's in those dishes... YUM! Oh, Kathleen, that soup, that soup!!! I could reach through the screen, and that would be gone in about a split second. Not to mention those cupcakes. Lovely. I was in awe when I saw her bouquet, and yours are equally lovely. But you will get a kick out of this, when your last screen rolled up with your white centerpiece, at first I thought those were the cupcakes, and I was like WOW! Kathleen has taken this to a new level! You have, though, and your tables are always wonderful.


    Sheila :-)

  54. Your food looks delectable! And the greens of the table (both edible and otherwise!) are beautiful.

  55. Green is my favorite color, and this is my favorite tablescape using my favorite color. This dinner looks super delicious, and those cupcakes are almost too good to eat. Thanks for sharing! how did you make out with this last storm? We had 15 inches here! AGHHHHHH.

  56. I am enjoying your green today. Very nice table and as always a great spread to enjoy with the beauty. Those flower frosted cupcakes are pretty. Hope you are managing in the weather that's pounding you...

  57. Kathleen...

    Your table is beautiful!! I don't have any green, but green and white is such a lovely combination. I love your header as well (I'm really partial to red). But then, all of your tables are beautiful. Dinner looks scrumptious and I hope you have enough cupcakes to go around all of TT!!!

    Downton Abbey is on PBS. The last episode of Series I is airing Sunday. But the dvd is available through PBS...well worth it!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.


  58. Such a beautiful table with so many, many pretty dishes. Loved seeing this. Oh!Those cupcakes are so cool!

    I am in LOVE with the tablescape in your header..Oh my..


  59. Green is refreshing anytime of year. I love the plates, but I can see that color of green would be harder to find things to go with. Your cupcakes are beautiful. I will have to go and visit Gail and see hers. I haven't made any for way too long!

  60. What a pretty green tablescape. Makes me long for spring when everything will be bright green around here.

    I think your cupcakes are beautiful! Great job :)

  61. I shouldn't have read this just before lunch...now I'm starving. Your little potato pots are so darling! I think the dessert plates are really pretty. I can see they would be hard to match, but you did a great job with it. I can also picture them with lots of creams and aqua. You can take those several different directions.

  62. Lovely table Kathleen! Love seeing some green, beautiful colors. The food looks delicious. The cupcakes are gorgeous! I also see the yummiest little sweet potatoes? That looks good too.

  63. Hi lovely lady. Kathleen I love your table and all the great food look so good. ~~~Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Tablescape sweet lady. I hope you and your family have a great weekend ~~~

  64. oh so beautiful! love the glasses and china for this setting! and the food.. yumm!

  65. The plate reminds me of the dinner plates from Ala Mode by Oneida. Love how you put everything together.
    I've never used apples in with sweet taters, but they look delish.
    Great job on the cupcake bouquet..I will have to try one of those.


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