Monday, April 6, 2009

Blue Monday

I happened upon Sally's event, Blue Monday.
It is raining here today, so very appropriate and decided to join in...

You can see the other entries at Smiling Sally's blog.


Sally mentioned when she had to tell truths about herself, that she didn't like long winded posts! I feel the same way about some church sermons. I love meaningful, not meandering..:)

She didn't say the post couldn't be full of pictures! I will spare you BLUE food, can't wrap my head around that!!

So here's some blue..

My favorite blue..hydrangeas..

My blue antique wicker set on the back porch..It is HEAVY! The sofa has springs, so you know it is has been recovered.

My everyday dishes, Fiance Fruits by Dansk

My somewhat BLUE covered casserole from Villeroy and Boch. I was the first one in the store the day of the sale to get it half price..:)

And finally, an old blue bike I got for free. I walked down to the beach, and it was sitting in front of a neighbor's house with a FREE sign on it.
I couldn't resist. It works, but veers to the left, so I have to have it "righted"
I was going to paint it and fill it with flowers for July 4th...maybe this year!

Thanks for your visit, and I hope you'll come back for Tablescape Thursday!


  1. You are loaded with blue! Thanks for sharing. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

  2. I've seen this event and then forgot about it! Glad you reminded me I will try and join in sometimes. You did a wonderful job with your blue post..maybe it will chase away some of the blues!! Look at that gorgeous blue sky..soon it will be back. You know I love your hydrangea. And I am so envious of your wicker. I can remember being in high school dreaming of wicker..weird little girl I know. lol I would clip photos out of magazines of wicker just like yours. I WANT your bike! Add that to my bequest in your will. I won't even ask for the wicker..I'm sure someone has already laid claims :-) Great post my sweet and savory friend.

  3. Blue sky, wicker, flowers and bikes - your posts doesn't make me blue :) Soon it will be warm enough to see all of those things again!

    I'm second in line for that bike! It would look so cute painted and filled with flowers!

  4. So glad that you decided to post this today. I am a big fan of white wicker, and love the set on your porch. I also have a thing for Villeroy and Boch dishes since I saw them being used so much in Europe, Germany and Alsace especially. and that bike is just fabulous. Love it all!
    ♥, Susan

  5. Your pictures are just delightful!

    Happy Blue Monday


  6. Very nice blues! I'm envious of those who can grow such beautiful hydrangeas!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  7. Oh my Kathleen
    Welcome to Blue Monday. Your blue wicker is to die for.
    I see that you LOVE to cook.
    Do you live in the Hamptons?
    My sister and brother in law lived in Huntington, Long Island for 25 years. He played for the Islanders while winning 4 Stanley Cups..Oh the good old days.
    Love your blog.
    Love your TT and all your bunnies.
    Love Claudie
    P.S. Could you please change your "Choose an identity" so girls like me can come back and visit.
    Thanks so very much.
    1. Go to: Settings / Comments

    2. Find the following option: Who can comment?

    3. Choose "Anyone - includes Anonymous Us

  8. Hi Kathleen! Nice to meet you~!
    I must say that between the Snickers bar you mentioned and the photo of your salad with its accompanying description, my tummy is truly grumbling now!!
    I think Hydrangea are one of my favorite plants. We keep planting them in our yard.
    I noticed that Nelson Demille is a favorite author of yours. Both my husband and I love his style and have read nearly every one of his books. My husband just finished reading The Gate House, and I will be reading it next.
    Thanks for stopping over at my site.

  9. Kathleen, if you fix the bike and ride it to W-S, I'll be sure to recognize you! It even has a basket for the shopping spree :)

    Great post! Hopefully tomorrow you'll get some blue skies!

  10. Carol, if I had to ride that bike to WSonoma I'd need a casket not a basket! That would be a long ride!

  11. Beautiful post! Love the hydrangea the most.... coming in a close second would be the casserole!!

    Pretty soon I hope that beach will be full....

  12. Oh, I love love your blog, Kathleen..
    and I am in love with your free bike..I would dearly love to find one like it!
    Happy Blue Monday..

  13. Love your blue monday post Kathleen! There are no limit rules for Blue Monday that I know of. I post more than one thing, or two things, or three things. WEll you get the picture. Have a great week....

  14. What lovely blues...No singing them here! Cathy

  15. I LOVE that wicker set! I want to come and have a snack with you! Happy Blue Monday!

  16. I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of your fully grown hydraenga plant. I love the bike, so many possibilities! Happy Blue Monday.

  17. Welcome to Blue Monday.

    Great blues. Love the variety!

    Barbara Jean

    If you'd like, come check out my giveaway!!

  18. Kathleen, I LOVE all your blues! No blue food though and I was sure there would be! LOL!

  19. Your blues were gorgeous & the bicycle is fun...cute idea to plant flowers in it... ;-) Bo

  20. Kathleen, I LOVE all your blues! Our neighbor has a bike like yours, and it looks pretty in the garden. It will remind me of you when I walk by each day!

  21. Kathleen, beautiful blues ... the trike is too cute.

    Hope that you weren't blue over lousy weather.

    Love your hydrangeas.

  22. I love all the pics especially the cute. I want to see it full of flowers.

    I wish I could have blue hydrangeas!

  23. Oh, I love your porch set with those lovely blue cushions. So fresh and inviting! laurie

  24. Oh I'm just loving the covered casserole. Ok, I have to be truthful. I'm really close to coveting the casserole! Confession is good for the soul.

  25. The placesetting is perfect! I like how you used the checked (love checks!) napkin with the yellow and blue plates! Just gorgeous. You have a lovely table!
    Have a wonderful Easter!


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