Saturday, June 11, 2016

June Jottings…

Almost mid June, the pollen invasion continues.  Ready or not I have to get the cleaning done outside, it will be the big holiday before we know it!

My sister, who lives in TX, visited over Memorial Day.  I haven’t seen her in 3 years, so I was so happy to see her!  She only stayed for the day, other family obligations prevented her from staying longer.

I set the table in honor of her visit, first time in a long time I did a tablescape!


Red, white and blue braided mats, from Kohl’s years ago, red square plate from Pfaltzgraff when they had $ days, and yes, one whole dollar!  Salad plate from the thrift store, by Warren Kimble, napkins from Kohls, the same year as the mats.  Napkin ring .25 at Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago.  I got them in r, w, and blue.  For .25 who wouldn’t? Smile

The white flatware was from Horchow when they had a good sale.


A blue sundae dish from Pfaltzgraff holds some white mums, and a few roses from the garden.  The blue stemmed glassware is from Dansk, I’ve had them for ages!

This is the first year my New Dawn roses did well.  They finally climbed the arbor.  There are clematis on the arbor too!  They have to battle for territory.  I had planted 2, but only one survived.  I can’t find them around here, I had to get it on line.




I hope all of you are well!  I don’t spend much time at the computer these days.  I wish I could tell you it is because I have an exciting new career, but that would be a lie!  Smile

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  1. It is fun to see your tablescape. I haven't done one in a long time myself! Pretty garden.

  2. It's always good to see a new post from you, Kathleen, and all those delicious details on the table. I hope your visit with your sister was a memorable one.

  3. You do red/white/blue tablescapes better than anyone in blogland!
    Your roses are gorgeous, Kathleen.

  4. Your tablescape is beautiful. I love all the details. I am sure your sister thought it was stunning. That arbor is gorgeous and magical!

  5. Cute Kathleen! So nice to hear from you!

  6. Hi, Kathleen,
    So good to hear from you! Love your table: happy and patriotic!! Your arbor is welcoming, romantic and lovely. Thanks for sharing. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  7. It's always good to hear from you dear Kathleen. Glad you and your sister had a wee visit! I just pulled out the red-white-and blue bins today. Beautiful arbor! Blessings...

  8. How nice to see your dear sister if only for a day, Kathleen. Your table, set in her honor, sure is festive and patriotic. Your arbor looks gorgeous. Hope your summer is going well (oops, I guess it's still Spring!). It's been so humid here, that I forget summer hasn't officially arrived.

  9. How nice it must have been to see your sister after 3 years! You certainly made her visit special with this lovely Memorial Day t'scape. Those plates and napkins are terrific! Your roses are looking wonderful as well. No matter how often you are able, we will always look forward to a post from you. Take care, Kathleen.

  10. Kathleen,
    A welcomed sight, dear friend!
    Love your red, white and blue tablescape done in honor of your sister's visit!
    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your lovely Garden, too!

  11. What a treat to see a new post from you! Glad you had a visit with your sister and I know she enjoyed your table setting. Your arbor is lovely. Careful with those climatis. I planted one at our mailbox and didn't think it made it through the winter so I planted two more the next spring. Apparently the first one DID make it and now there are so many plants children have asked me, "What that eating your mailbox?!" Wishing you a lovely summer, Kathleen! Zenda

  12. Kathleen, So nice to see what you have been up to and find out about the bargains we missed. Those flag plates are always in demand. I can't believe you found them at the thrift store! Your roses look like they are enjoying this beautiful spring weather. I'll be watching to see how they do in the summer heat. I'm sure you were thrilled to have time with your sister, even if only for a day. Time for a dish party so let us know the next theme! Linda

  13. What a fun, flag honoring tablescape & your roses are to die for! A bride should get married with those in the background. I'm so happy to hear you got to visit with your sister. It has been several years since I've seen mine in CO, too. Sad. Life just gets in the way. I hope you're feeling pretty good these days. Think about you often & remember all the inspiring tablescapes you've created. You inspire me so much!

  14. I finally gave up doing tablescapes...we are so informal around here that it just became WORK to do tablescaping ....when we all get together, our family is so large, we all opt for cute paper....if we have just a couple or two for dinner, I still have a few dishes to make a pretty table.I love your colorful table...hope you and your hubby are doing well. xoxo

  15. What a lovely table, Kathleen! And...your roses are beautiful!

  16. Oh I adore your tablescape. I am sure your sister loved it and it made her feel really special. Wish you gals could have spent more time together as I know how important our family is. LOVE your roses! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Your sister must have appreciated the pretty table you set. Too bad her visit was for just a day but I'm sure you both made the most of it. I love New Dawn roses, they have such a lovely fragrance.

  18. Kathleen, I'm late seeing this post. It's great to see a table from you. I've missed your pretty tablescapes. I admit, I've not set a table in ages. I did pull out my Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty pieces today to get some tabletops in a patriotic spirit. I'm sure you have plans for the 4th. Have a good one!

  19. Hi Kathleen! I haven't seen you for so long but as usual, you have set a beautiful tablescape. I love the plates and your climbing roses are gorgeous! Happy 4th!....Christine


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