Sunday, May 15, 2016

Where Does the Time Go?

Hello, Ladies!  I know I haven’t posted since the St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl.  Thanks to all those who participated and commented, it is always fun!

The winner of the Polka Dot Flatware is Linda from More Fun Less Laundry.  Linda, please email your address and I will get it out to you this week!


I have been keeping busy, but nothing exciting like wonderful vacations like some of you.  Just the day to day things that take so much time.

DH’s car died on the way to turn it in for a new one, (literally the alarm  light went on and smoke started pouring out, I thought it was going to explode!) and we had to get towed.  That was an experience.  Needless to say we aren’t trading in just purchasing!  Sad smile

Another Gson made his First Communion last week, so I was busy doing the take home breads and goody bags and centerpieces.


In between my first cousin passed away so there was that, and Tues is the Memorial Mass and I will be doing Irish Soda breads for the guests for the luncheon that will follow.

Spring has finally arrived, so lots of chores for me outside.  I have to wait till the pollen invasion ends, so I can’t wash the house and set up the porch yet!  Actually, it has been chilly so I can’t plant the annuals yet for fear of a frost.


But June is coming, so I am looking forward to porch sitting!


table 2577

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate all of you! I hope all of you are well and enjoying this beautiful time of the year!

Talk to you soon.  I found a bargain at CTS shop I want to show you, perfect for all the red white and blue coming up!


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Your backyard, though not ready yet...looks great to me. That color coming off your trees is wonderful! Congrats on the grandson's milestone also.

    Have a great week and don't forget to put your feet up and take a rest!

  2. Hi, Kathleen! So good to see your post in my email! You have been one busy lady. I know how family things can overwhelm and make time fly! Enjoy the summer to come: looking forward to your red, white and blue table! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  3. How wonderful to see a post from you, Kathleen...I miss them!
    My deepest sympathy on the loss of your cousin. I am sick of funerals & losses.

    Loved seeing young Declan all spiffed up for his First Communion! He looks so cherub-like...knowing little boys, I'm laughing. So full of spunk!

    Would you believe it SNOWED here in Ohio today??? We've got frost warnings for tonight, too. All my flowers are safe in the garage. I don't want to plant them anyway till the window/house power washers complete their work. True that spring brings so many chores for us all.
    I hope you're feeling up to all your entertaining obligations. I've cut waaay back but its still fun to see all the lovely tablescapes.
    Hugs to you & yours,

  4. Happy to see a post from you pop up on my sidebar. Declan is adorable in his suit. I know you are proud of your grands! Hope you get to enjoy your porch soon. We are living in our sunroom with our wonderful spring weather. All the best......

  5. He's so handsome Kathleen:)
    Sorry about your loss..

    and sorry about the car..

    But I must tell you everything looks totally pristine there:)
    Jacques BBQ'd tonight and it wasn't a raindrop on his head..but snowish:( It's32 as I type..Blech.Everything was starting to sprout.

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    I was so happy to see your post come into my inbox earlier today and I decided to wait until I could sit and relax after a tremendously busy outdoor weekend before opening it. And now I not only have news from you, (finally :) ), but I see my name up there as winner of your flatware and I'm so delighted!! I'm humming teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini but I promise you I won't be wearing one if we manage to get together this summer!!
    Congrats to your adorable grandson. He probably doesn't like that description so I'll say handsome instead!
    I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. I always feel that the after--Mass luncheon is such a healing time and I hope it is so for your family and friends.
    We are freezing here too but I have done some of my pots. We are headed to the Cape now so I hope we don't get any of the snow that Rett had today!
    It's so good to see you posting and I hope we hear from you again soon! Time for another Let's Dish party. And THANK YOU so much for the flatware. I can't wait to play with it!

  7. Lovely table setting. My DD Alex has those pretty chargers, if I'm not wrong they're metal.
    Congrats on another G'son's First Communion. I too will have a G'girl doing her FC this year.
    I'm so happy to see you back and to know about you. Take it easy, you're a busy lady... and baker too.

  8. Nice to hear from you Kathleen! Busy times!

  9. So enjoyed seeing all the pics in your post Kathleen and getting caught up on what you've been up to. That must have been scary when M's car was on its "last legs"! Blessings to Declan on his first communion. So sorry for you on the loss of your cousin. You must be able to make Irish Soda Bread in your sleep! Hate to say it (to you) but we've had the earliest spring here that I can remember and now it feels like summer in May! Hope you'll be back with a little blog post before too long...take care! PS - Congrats to Lucky Linda winning that gorgeous flatware!

  10. Congrats on your grandson's event- so special! Your porch looks wonderful. Happy May :)

  11. Hello Kathleen, nice to see a post pop up from you. Congrats to your latest grand and his First Communion. So sorry about the demise of your car. Hope your weather steadies with no more freezing till winter! Have a good week.

  12. So happy to see your post, have missed you! You are a busy lady. We've been busy around here too, that impromptu tea party last week kept me busy! I hope you come around more often!


  13. I'm so sorry about the loss of your cousin, Kathleen. However, the joy of Declan's First Communion, must've bee such a blessing. You're always busy baking and preparing goodie bags, which must keep you so busy!! Congratulations to Linda for winning the cute polka dot flatware!

  14. Love the polka dot setting - lucky Linda!! And what a handsome little g-son you have there!! I am also happy that spring has arrived and look forward to sitting outside!!

  15. Condolences on the loss of your cousin, Kathleen, and your DH's car! Glad to see a happy event though with the First Communion :) He is so cute as are all of your grandchildren! The flowering trees are gorgeous! No planting here yet either but this weekend things are going to finally warm up here, thankfully.

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  17. So much bad and so much good, I can see why you've been missing. Love the photos of your beautiful outdoor blooms and of your grandson…he is a handsome young man.

  18. I've been away such a long time, too. It's great to touch base with you again. I think of you often, and I hope that all is well with your family and you. I know that you will have fully earned every moment of porch sitting that you can glean. Enjoy them! Cherry Kay


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