Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Two Susans

I haven’t joined Outdoor Wednesday for a while…so I am doing the 2 Susan post tonight..

Susan at a Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday…  and

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday..

Thank you Susan and Susan…

Outdoor Susan said we could post Christmas..

Blog Labor 006

My outdoor Nativity..After the snow, even Joseph’s head was covered.. The stable blew away in the storm.. Gone with the Wind..:)

Maybe we will find it in the Spring!


After the winds we have had since last night, it is a wonder anything is still up!


 IMG_8294Mother Nature got carried away with the can of snow!


But it is time to go in and see tonight’s table..(actually it is time to put the dinner on the table..but that will wait a few minutes..:)

I found this tablecloth at CTS.  It was the only one, no tag or marking..

Blog Labor 068I loved the appliques and checked trim they had sewn to the edge..

No one could find a price, so she asked if 4.99 sounded good..VERY GOOD, I thought..

So I started from there..

Blog Labor 069


Red ceramic chargers from WSonoma, checked plates from Neiman Marcus via TJMaxx, red salad, WSonoma…

Blog Labor 089   

Flatware by Cambridge, Napkins from the china closet drawer..:), I’ve had them for years…

Red berry wreath as a napkin ring..

Covered Lions head soup bowls..WSonoma outlet..

Red stems from Lenox..


Blog Labor 092


Blog Labor 094

I used this..my extreme bargain from WSonoma Labor Day..Lions Head Soup Tureen.(marked 99.00 and sale was 13.00  :)  )

Blog 002

to make the centerpiece using fresh mums and baby’s breath from the store, and greens from my yard..



Blog Labor 090

Blog Labor 093

Those little things you see hanging down are from my chandy.  This is my kitchen table, so I use greens and these cute little soft cherubs..

Blog Labor 095


Blog Labor 082


Blog Labor 088


Blog Labor 072


Blog Labor 084  

I had a few emails about the Shredded Dough Apple pie I posted..


Blog Labor 053

Just freeze whatever dough you use and shred it with a grater over the top.  I could have used a little more dough on this one as it was piled high with apples..

Please stop over at Susan’s …A Southern Daydreamer, and Susan’s   Between Naps on the Porch to see the other entries.

Are you all resting up for the big New Year’s festivities??  It’s BJ’s birthday and she invited  all of us  to her party!  :)


  1. Kathleen,

    The outside of your home is just beautiful...and even more so with your decorations. I am so sorry about the nativity, I hope you find all of it soon. I know your area was really hit hard...

    LOVE the tablecloth. And there you go, you have the perfect dishes!! Love it. Love the tureen!! And your centerpiece is gorgeous...

    I wish you & yours a wonderful New Year!! Take care and enjoy, my friend! :-)


  2. It was so nice to visit here. Your pictures were lovely and your table is so inviting! Wishing you Healthy and Happy New Year! Cathy

  3. Kathleen, another fabulous tablescape! The red and white tablecloth is beautiful and your NM dishes are perfect to display on them. Perfection all of it - I am glad you showed the whole chandy display, I was wondering what those little feet hanging down were :)

  4. Ok Kathleen,
    If that tablecloth goes missing you will know where to look because it is one of the cutest ever! I love red checks, will never ever tire of them! Your table is stunning, what a great job and your snowy windows are so lovely! Happy New Year to you! Cindy

  5. Well, I just love this red and white table. Love the cute tablecloth, and you got it for a steal! Love the dishes and great job on the centerpiece!

  6. What an awesome tablecloth!!! You got it for how much?!!?! I love it with your red and white china! such fun.

    So sorry to hear that the storm blew part of your nativity away.

    Have a happy New Year!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  7. 4.99 for that tablecloth is a steal! Love it and I love the table you set on it. The red layered with the checks etc. is so eye pleasing pretty. Beautiful and the snow shot out the window is gorgeous. A very Happy New Year to you and yours...
    Happy O.W. and T.T to you, too...

  8. Great looking table, Kathleen! and it looks even better with all that snow outside your window :)

  9. Your cherubs are too cute hanging there. You sure got a good deal on that tablecloth.
    I so wish I had a front porch big enough to set up like that. It is just so welcoming.

  10. Kathleen, beautiful picture out your window, we are getting a little right now! Love your tablecloth, and the dishes...are they new? I am still looking for the lime ones!
    Thanks for the tip on freezing the dough and then grating it over the top.
    Happy New Year to you and Mike!

  11. Love the picture of the snow and table! I must get some colorful dishes...white is getting boring...

  12. Oh my Kathleen...this is almost more than I can bear! Beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL---inside & out!!!

    I love your home's entry decor....so very warm & inviting.

    Your table is just extraordinary! I covet those red checked dishes & searched the internet for them as soon as I saw them, to no avail. ;-(
    I ♥ red & with a Valentines wedding anniversary coming up, I could really use them.
    The centerpiece is superb as is your delicious looking pie. I will have to try your recipe soon.
    Thank you for sharing it & your wonderful home.


  13. I love your red and white table, Kathleen. Your new cloth is perfect with your red and white check dishes. Just lovely. And the mums make a wonderful centerpiece.

    We got snow last night and the whole city is a mess. Despite the huge storm we got last year nobody was prepared and roads everywhere were impassable. Guess I'll be staying home today.

  14. Hi K

    My little one was peaking over my shoulder when I was looking at your Nativity--she likes it! :0)
    The table looks great--how do you get such great buys at CTS? When I go to the one in DP, it does not have such nice stuff!!

    I changed my blog template--so scary but I love the look! PLease let me know what you think!

  15. First, I love your header picture. That would make a perfect Christmas card.
    Now, I want to go to TJMaxx. I love to just go and browse. They're not far from me so no big deal to run in there for a minute. I want some more red plates.
    You are very talented. I thought the centerpiece must have come from a florist.
    Thanks for joining in.
    Mama Bear

  16. That wind sure was something, wasn't it? The house looks just gorgeous ... I love that tablecloth and those checked dishes! Ohhh, I swoon! Sweetie, you are going to have to take me shopping with you one day!

    Hope 2010 is wonderful (and warmer!)

  17. You have a beautifully decorated home Kathleen! ~Gorgeous! :)

  18. Happy New Year from our house to your house. Cute tablecloth and besides that the price was right. I like your idea of starting off decorating from design in the tablecloth.
    Joyce M

  19. It was a ncie visit to your house. I love the outside and your tablescape is beautiful Great deal on the tablecloth.

  20. Hi Kathleen!

    I love the table cloth and your red dishes! If I could start over I'd make my kitchen red & white.

    Just curious as to where you store it all? My Brooklyn house is so small I can barely fit the two sets of dishes I own..lol

    I'd love a bloggers meet up! If we do it on a weekend I can meet you in Suffolk Co. as I'll send my hubby over to my brother's house. Iwan to go to the WS outlet and the CTS with you and let your karma rub off on me :-)

    I have enjoed getting to know you in 2009 and I look forward to reading you blog in '10. Hope you an your family have a very Happy New Year!

  21. Another Susan thinks your red-decor table is beautiful. The tablecloth was a great find and that tureen! You are the master at finding wonderful things at wonderful prices, Kathleen.

    Your little cherubs look like their doing a happy dance above your table :)

  22. Kathleen, I hope the stable turns up in the spring. :)

    I've always loved your red/white plates and the new CTS tablecloth is perfect. What a fun idea using your tureen for the centerpiece. Everything is very festive and the cherubs are adorable. Beautiful table ...

  23. I love that tablecloth . . . and the price! Great looking table!

  24. How perfect is that tablecloth with your dishes! Your pictures of the snow are so pretty, and your kitchen has a glow. Happy New Year!

  25. Well, your other friend named Susan thinks that this table is so sweet! Love the red/white combo and your lovely dishes and tureens. What a bargain on the table cloth. What kind of store is CTS? Hope you find the stable some time soon, before it blows further away down the street and into the air.... The two J's and Mary need their roof over their heads. Wishing you all good things for a fantastic new year, Kathleen.
    xoxo Sue

  26. Kathleen, I am just loving your red & white tablescape! It looks so fresh and crisp and perfect for this time of year. You coordinated the dishes so well with the lovely new tablecloth. (I never know how much to offer in cases like that - you did good!) Those lion's head soup tureens are terrific and what a deal. Fresh flowers always add a special touch. Loved seeing the outside of your house again too - beautiful! Snow makes it seem so Christmas-y, even if it is a pain!
    Happy 2010!


  27. Ok! There is so much here to love! The front door, the red and white....love it all!!!!

    Happy New Year!

  28. Oh - Am I loving that tablecloth! Your table is so pretty -- our snow is gone now, but it was pretty for Christmas -- and as far as I'm concerned -- that's more than enough for this Winter - Have a wonderful, happy and save New Year's.

  29. The mystery of the shredded pie crust is solved!! Girl, you got a deal on those tureens. I might check the one here tomorrow! You did a great job on the centerpiece and I love the cherubs. You had me smiling over the stable blowing away--it will turn up under a bush in April :)

  30. Hi Kathleen,
    I am in love with your tablecloth. It has that darling vintage look and I want it. Haha. Actually it is perfect with the dishes you used...I just love the whole table. And as always I so enjoy seeing pictures of your culinary creations. Yummy.
    Happy healthy New Year, I can't believe we are heading into 2010 already.

  31. Kathleen, that table cloth is darling. I can't believe $4.99. Amazing! I think your red chargers and red checked plates are the berries. Would love to find some of those red check plates for my dish pantry. Can you tell me who makes them?
    I enjoyed seeing the snow photos, especially looking out through your windows. Thank you for sharing! ~ Sarah

  32. It looks so beautiful at your house and so cozy.
    The wind was crazy here yesterday. We went to Mystic and I thought I was going to fly away...but no such luck!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  33. So beautiful looking out your window and your table looks awesome! Hope you have a Happy New Year! Sherri : )

  34. I was just rereading your post. When I was at the WS Outlet I saw they had those soup tureens back up to their crazy price. Thank you again for snagging one for me! I've never thought to put flowers in it. I've got to try that.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

    - The Tablescaper

  35. Oh everything looks just perfect. I love the pretty pics of your home and the snow and your decorations and tablescape are just gorgeous. I so hope you and all of your family have a very Blessed and Happy New Year. Hugs, Marty

  36. So festive and pretty. Your pictures are just lovely Happy New Year.

  37. Just beautiful! I love the plates with the red and white checks.

    Happy New Year!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  38. Love the new tablecloth. The table looks so pretty an cozy. I went bargain hunting today and came home with zero unless you count the bag of peanut butter pretzels hubby purchased. We dropped the kids off at the airport yesterday and just kept driving south to the beach house. Cool here but oh so quiet:) Out tonight for a dinner and a movie and back home to watch the ball drop from NYcity if we can stay up that late. Happy & Healthy New Year.

  39. I,m not leaving without wishing you a very Happy New Year Kathleen..:)

  40. Beautiful!!

    Happy New Year to you too!

    First time to join in the Table scape group~~~Blessings to you thank you for stopping by!

    Kay Ellen

  41. Kathleen, just sent you an email about the Santa figurine. If for any reason, you don't receive it, let me know.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  42. This is beautiful! Great tablecloth and the china is perfect for it!

    I've enjoyed your posts in 2009 and look forward to more neat ideas in 2010!

    Happy New Year!


  43. Kathleen...you are right...Mother Nature did get a bit carried away with the can of snow! LOL Can't believe your manger blew away! Hope you find it again.
    Love your tablescape...what a steal on that wonderful tablecloth! I would be in sooo much trouble if I had a WS outlet near me! :-) Love the red chargers...and those soup tureens are awesome!
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  44. What a pretty table you've created. I love the red and white theme you've used. The centerpiece is beautiful and the combination of dishes is perfect. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  45. Kathleen, your outdoor Christmas is beautiful (and again, the snow is beautiful too!). I want that tablecloth! What a deal! Your table looks so festive. laurie

  46. Beautiful table - wow! I also really like your opening banner photo. It should be in Martha Stewarts magazine, seriously!

    I think you will enjoy my photo, it looks similar to your tree outside the window

    ...I am berried!

  47. Kathleen, another fantastic tablescape. I've missed them while I was away. Nobody does it better!

  48. Oh my! I'm drooling over this tablescape. I love the tablecloth, love it! Love those NM/TJMaxx plates and the napkin rings! And, the flatware is gorgeous. I want it all:)


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